Temerity Jane
10. 02. 2011

Internet, I am not going to beat around this pile of pillows. Yesterday did not go as hoped, or as assumed, or as I violently and repeatedly demanded that it should.

I’m actually at my OB’s office right now, doing my three hour glucose test. The woman who will be taking my blood three more times today is the first person in the history of ever to miss the big fat vein in my arm. Seriously. Ever. Today’s going to be awesome.

But let’s talk about yesterday. You guys, I Butt Rusted my butt off over the week leading up to my appointment yesterday, focusing on the fact that lowering my blood pressure would lead to me being released and everything going right back to normal. I put on PANTS. And BLUSH. I was so excited to get out of the house, I was practically bouncing the whole way there. And then bouncing out of nervousness once I got there. I don’t think I was so wound up about an appointment since our anatomy scan.

Phil came back with me, and we did all the normal stuff – weight (it was down about half a pound, which I thought was funny – I assumed I’d be up from a week of lethargy and snack boxes), sample (any place, any time at this point), and then, finally, blood pressure. I asked her to tell me what it was, and it was right back to where it had been for the whole pregnancy. If I could do a fist pump without looking totally awkward, I would have done it. I thought about dethroning Phil as the King of Butt Rust. I rule at Butt Rust.

So the doctor came in to talk to us, joked around a bit about how my blood pressure had obviously been up since I saw one of the other doctors last week instead of him, as he had been off delivering a baby, and then checked out Garlic Bread’s heartbeat, which was perfect, as always. Then he said, “Now, let’s all go into my office to discuss the plan.”

“Discussing the plan” has not been a featured part of any previous OB appointment.

We went into his office, and the doctor pulled up my records from the hospital visit last week, to check on the test results from my big orange jug of shame. As soon as he said the words, “not normal,” I threw myself on the ground. “I WORKED REALLY HARD ON THAT TEST,” I bellowed. With the words, “continue on bed rest,” I did this amazing round house and kicked everyone – the doctor, Phil and myself – right in the face. I think I even got a nurse out in the hall. It was really something to see. I’m sorry you guys missed it.

I wish we could have just left it at that. Something like, “Hey, let’s do another week or two of bed rest and see where we stand.” And that would be the plan. I would have gone home upset and round housing everyone I came in contact with, but still. That would be an annoyance. A big one, but an annoyance none the less.

But that is not the plan.

The plan is that I will rest VERY hard for these next two weeks, specifically. Because these next two weeks will take me up to week 28, after which point my doctor is perfectly comfortable removing Garlic Bread from the oven if need be.

I did not go to the doctor yesterday expecting to hear the doctor reassure me that any time after two weeks from now, he’d be okay with me having a baby.

I am not okay with that. I am not a little okay with that.

After those two weeks, he kind of skipped around the subject a little, but it is pretty clear that this case of Butt Rust won’t be clearing up until after the baby arrives.

I want to present this information in some kind of coherent, understandable way, mostly for my own benefit, but it doesn’t seem very organizable to me.

I had more blood work yesterday, to compare from my blood work from the hospital last week. If it’s significantly worse, I’ll have to repeat the jug of shame test as well.

Let me back up. When I first got the Butt Rust a week ago, I went to this forum that I found that was designed for women on Butt Rust. I poked around a bit, but pretty quickly in my explorations, I found one person telling another person that unfortunately, once you go on bed rest, it’s not likely you come back off until the baby is born.

So I left that forum and didn’t go back, because, pft.

The number one question I wanted to ask my doctor yesterday was something like, “How likely is it that I can go back to how it was before and have a completely normal pregnancy?” I mean like, diet or medication or whatever – I was having a perfect pregnancy a week ago and now I’m not, but it doesn’t seem TOO major yet, so how do I get back to that place?

It turns out, that’s not going to be possible. The big thing that I took from our conversation with the doctor yesterday was his very plainly stated sense of inevitability. I’m having comparison blood work done so he can evaluate how quickly I “will get sick,” as he put it. I could decline at a very slow rate, or it could drop off very quickly over the duration of the pregnancy, but the only cure for this – preeclampsia – is to deliver a baby.

So it’s a balancing game, where we pit my health as the baby’s life support system (and as a person who doesn’t, you know, want to have any strokes or seizures or deaths in the near future) against the baby’s growth and viability outside of her hut.

Anyway. So two weeks and I make it to 28 weeks and we all sigh in relief a bit, and maybe, if things look good with the blood work, as in, not dramatically worse, I’ll be allowed to “run an errand” or “sit in the sun for a while!”

If the blood work and jug of shame test show a dramatic drop off in my health, I’ll go from Butt Rust in my own bed to hospital Butt Rust until the baby comes.

If I can make it to 28 weeks, he said, it would be good. Babies born at 28 weeks have problems, but not necessarily anything long term. She’d probably stay in the hospital for a couple of months.

If I can make it to 32 (and believe me, all of these dates are marked prominently on my calendar), that would be even better. Then she would mostly just need to learn to breath and eat and fatten up a bit. She would stay there for a few weeks.

If I can keep her in until 36-37 weeks, she would get to come home with us when she popped out. That’s ideal. That’s the goal, obviously.

But her May 17th due date is out the window. My doctor said, we don’t need to sit on the train tracks and wait to get hit by a train to know that a train is coming. If she makes it all the way to full term (between 36 and 37 weeks), I’ll be induced and she’ll be coming out.

While technically the doctor is “okay” with her being born any time after two weeks from now, we’re aiming for between April 20th and 27th. I get to skip the whole crappy end of pregnancy, which is some small consolation for the fact that this entire pregnancy is now a crappy pregnancy.

This whole thing is very hard to comprehend. I am mostly stubbornly understanding it as, “I will have the baby between April 20th and 27th.” Acknowledging the possibility of her showing up in early April, or March oh even later this month is not something I’ve spent too much time doing. I feel so mostly normal. This all just seems impossible that it even happened.

I don’t want to leave Phil out of this. While he’s been the King of Butt Rust for the last week, neither of us were planning on this being our new life. It’s not just that his kid is coming early, it’s also that he’s got to continue bearing the brunt of everything – the dogs, the house, the errands, the food – everything. For 10 more weeks. It’s a big deal.

And I feel guilty. I feel like he’s going to start to resent me (he won’t), and I’m already trying to figure out how I can help out, like FOLDING LAUNDRY in bed (I do NOT fold), and making my own breakfast in the morning when I let the dogs out, and not CLEANING, but tidying just a tiny bit as I pass through each room during my two out of bed hours.

And I also feel guilty towards Garlic Bread, of course. No matter how many “not your faults” I hear, that’s not going to change. One jillion pregnant ladies before me, one jillion pregnant ladies after me, and most have done it just fine. TEENAGERS do this. And then make MONEY on TELEVISION from it. And I have fucked it up somehow. I know. I know. Not my fault. But me and Garlic Bread are incompatible with long term cohabitation, and I will continue to feel badly that her life supporting hut is inadequate.

There’s also more serious things for both Phil and I to consider – the reality of having a preemie, or the very real threat to my health and things that could go wrong. I already made him swear not to give the baby to my mom if anything happens to me, and I expect you to hold him to that, Internet.

Plus shallow things. We’re not done shopping. I haven’t gotten to hang up all of her little clothes. I’m already lonely after only a week. There’s no small amount of tension between Phil and I at times – no one’s fault, but we’re both under strain. The fact that we both have to take turns reassuring my mom that we have everything under control. I haven’t bought her coming home outfit. I’m going to ask my mom to do it. I don’t want to shop online for it. I don’t have a diaper bag. I wanted to stick my face in all of them before I picked one.

Anyway, end of wallow for me. Let’s wallow about you guys for a second. I’m sorry that this went from a normal blog to a pregnancy blog over the last week. I’m sorry it’s gone from a pregnancy blog to a high risk pregnancy blog overnight. I never intended to be so focused on what was going on in my innards, because just like my wedding, I know that no one finds it as interesting as I do. However, the view from my bed is somewhat lacking in inspiration. So, for both your sanity and mine, from here on out, I’m going to be doing my best to just leave it at, “She’s still in there” and find other stuff for us to talk about.

My entire real life is now consumed by pregnancy, and what the hell is the Internet for if not for creating an entirely new reality for yourself, amirite?

So. That’s the State of the Hut. Now that we’re all updated, I am totally open to suggestions as to what the hell else we can talk about for the next few weeks.

169 responses to “I have exchanged my Jeans of Triumph for Floppy Pants of Defeat”

  1. Kate says:

    Aww, that sucks, I’m sorry. I like the crappy day present idea from above. Can we organize a drive?

    My niece was born at 24 weeks and is almost a year old now and doing fabulously. My friend’s baby was born at 30 weeks and spent a bit of time in the NICU, but is one now and not even delayed or working off an adjusted age. Babies can be born super early and still be just fine, and it’s better if their early arrival is not a surprise. And not that you need me to tell you, but it’s so so so not your fault and I’m sure I’m not alone in being very happy to read 10 weeks of complaining about butt rust if it would make you feel better.

    TJ Reply:

    You know what I think is so strange? It’s so amazing that these early babies benefit from so much medical advancement that they survive and thrive even with barely a question as to whether they will or not, but when it comes to me and my condition, all they can do is say, “Try laying there for a while? Eh? We don’t know.”

    DOn’t get me wrong – I’m grateful for the advancements that allow premature babies to do great. But the rest of it just feels all primitive.

  2. Vronak says:

    My first thought was to send a /hug, but I remember that you’re not fond of that. I’m sorry you’re going through this. We’ll keep you and Phil and GB in our prayers.

    TJ Reply:

    We not only appreciate the concern, but I always deeply appreciate good thoughts delivered without physical contact.

  3. Rachael says:

    Ugh. Sucky, sucky, sucky. You don’t have to apologize for your blog’s current state of talkin-about-babies, we obviously all still love you and it!

    I wish there was something that I could do to make this easier. It’s just so… not awesome. Stupid butt rust.

    TJ Reply:

    That is the perfect way to sum it up. “So Not Awesome.” Maybe I will have myself a little craft day and hang a banner saying as much directly above my bed.

  4. Kelly says:

    That is completely sucky. I’m wishing you and Phil and Garlic Bread all the best. You will totally OWN butt rust.

    This is just making me entirely too emotional, so pardon any perceived inappropriateness as I send all three of you a bunch of love.

    TJ Reply:

    We have really appreciated everyone’s thoughts and concern and I swear, if I had real people feelings, they would totally be touched that so many people care so much about our little almost-family.

  5. melissa_413 says:

    Shitty. I’m not the praying type but I’m definitely sending positive thoughts your way, hoping for the best for you and Phil and Garlic Bread. Now’s a good time to start Outlander I guess – it’s a GREAT series.

    TJ Reply:

    If I am ever going to make it through that first book, this is definitely the time that it will happen.

  6. Rhonda says:

    I always thought pregnant ladies should automatically get some kind of PA/servant person to help them out. In the case of Butt Rust it would be even more betterer.

    They could bring you stuff, entertain you, shop for you bringing all kinds of stuff back for you to choose from. And then of course just disappear when you don’t want them around, but telepathically know when you needed something.

    Someone needs to build a robot like that. Surely Phil’s military connections could get that put on the priority list.

    TJ Reply:

    Maybe a new national healthcare bill could include such a proposal.

  7. Holly says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that, truly. As someone who is maybe less on the fence about the whole baby idea than she once thought (and hates it), I’ve been following your baby stuff with inappropriately intense interest.

    We all know you’ll kick ass at Butt Rust, and I suspect that any baby genetically related to you will also kick ass at the whole staying in the hut until the right time thing.

    In the interim, netflix instant watch has tons of stuff. I recommend Slings and Arrows highly for a start.

    TJ Reply:

    Slings and Arrows. I have no heard of that, but the Wii with access to Netflix has been moved into the bedroom for my use, so I will check that out.

  8. Ruune says:

    Thoughts are with you and Phil (and the dogs).

    Things to talk about
    * how your dog parenting styles will translate to parenting Garlic Bread (Husband and I don’t even have kids and I have a million of these)
    * I reckon you should make something that will last – like a big crochet rug or patchwork quilt or something – so that when garlicbread is older and you want to screech at her, you can be all “You made me so sick that I had to stay in bed long enough to make that rug!!! In fact I made rugs for every bed in the house!!” I think that would be cool.
    * Why you should get a gold star for butt rust even though you don’t approve for participation awards
    * A series on why you would be good at particular careers based on your own personality strengths and weaknesses.
    * More Settle This (I love those)
    * more pictures of sheldon caught up in a set of curtains (I love those also).

    Okay, I’m

    TJ Reply:

    I am saving all of these ideas and will totally claim them as my own should I end up using them. I have Butt Rust. You have to let me. Those are the rules.

  9. Arina says:

    Sucks. I’m so sorry that you’re stuck in bed. Boo, hiss. Thinking of you and Phil, and of course Garlic Bread…

    TJ Reply:

    Thank you!

  10. Kristin H says:

    Eesh, I got nothing for you except my utmost sympathy. Butt rust would be terrible. (uh…this is helpful, right?)

    Sending good thoughts and positive, blood-pressuring-lowering energy your way.

    TJ Reply:

    Hey, anything is better than the people who say to me, “Bed rest! Luuuckkkkkyyyy! That sounds GREAT!” Haha.

  11. Sarra says:

    I’m delurking myself. Take care of yourself, the stronger and healthier you are, he better chance Garlic Bread has. It’s easy to get frustrated and impatient with the inactivity. But he more you butt-rust your ass off the better for both of you–not sure about Phil.

    Netflix instant is awesome–I used our WII for that when I was on bed rest. I liked Dollhouse, Dead Like Me, and old episodes of 90’s shows, Buffy, Angel. Anything to distract me.

    You could watch things you’d never have watched before and tell us what you think—it’s always fun to discuss other people’s guilty pleasures.

    You could create new WOW characters. I felt like a bad-ass driving my goblin roadster all over. Great way to deal with frustration.

    Good Luck to your family!

    TJ Reply:

    You know, I have never gotten in to Buffy or Angel. It’s very possible that my time has come on those two fronts.

  12. drhoctor2 says:

    That stinks. Pre-clampsia sucks and it must be scary. You seem to have a perfect attitude towards all this aside from the guilt. Try to dump that soonest. Some of the “getting ready” you’re worrying about can be done after the birth. really. And still be fun. I prescribe list making!!
    I like the pregnancy blogging. Have at it. Turn those crappy floppy pants of despair into happy floppy pants of DESTINY. And junk.
    you can do it allllll right for 9 months ..and go down to the very end of a perfect productive labor and the unexpected can always occur..( me, back in the day… med less labor for 180 hours ..(am dam hippie !!) cesarean anyway…during the last 15 minutes of birth due to placental abruption..still bitch the boy out about it..the drugs .. I could have had them allllll.) Anything can happen in this exciting reproductive sport.
    I’m pulling for you. This can be done. April 20 or after…thumbs all the way up.
    As for something non preg related to talk about..I can’t get enough of Sheldon’s stories, really.

    TJ Reply:

    Oh man, I just got SO FRUSTRATED on your behalf for that birth story. You know, I have a check up on Tuesday, and I’m just going to ask them to give me my epidural then. Let’s just go ahead and get it out of the way. To be safe.

    drhoctor2 Reply:

    I like the way you think !! Tell your ob I said it was ok.. If I could get a do over I believe I should have started drinking the minute my water broke :P Drunk babies are so funny !!111!!

    Oddly, it was still like my “favorite” birth because my midwife was so so so awesome…I’m so happy with the way the laboring part went not to mention the whole live baby ending that it didn’t screw it up as much as you might think..
    Thanks for feeling me with the frustration .. forcing myself to be all healthy and mature and hippie birthin warrior, only to find out I could have had that utterly anesthetized crackhead mom birth of my dreams hours (like DAYS) earlier…well..my pain is obvious, I’d say.

  13. A'Dell says:

    This just….sucks. Am thinking about you, GB and Phil and sending good thoughts toward you all.

    Ugh, so frustrating when shit like this comes up and throws off what was previously normal.

    TJ Reply:

    That is a good word – frustrating. It definitely sums it all up, because there are things wrong, and there’s nothing I did or CAN do to really UNwrong them, and I am just SO FRUSTRATED!


  14. Jeanne says:

    Oh bollucks, really?

    that is completely crappy and yes,yes, and yes to everything you wrote… The serious and the shallow. Wishing both you and Phil well during this time. Pregnacy is stressful even under the best of circumstances and this is a lousy hand to be dealt.

    Personally, I would never get bored of your buttrust/pregnancy writing, because you write it well and crack me up over subjects which are generally not to be joked about… By far my favorite type of humor.

    So, more good vibes from a complete stranger in the computer TJ.
    Chin up, ass in bed Darling.

    TJ Reply:

    It is good to know that people aren’t yet sick of my dispatches from my sick bed. I can only hope material will continue to present itself, but I can usually be counted on to pull something out of my butt if need be.

  15. Jess says:

    ahh hon this sucks.

    BUT I will teach you to knit via the internet should you want to. I know it sounds odd but …hopefully you’ll have a lot of time on your hands for a while! in that..way that hopefully means garlic bread stays in until the 27th.

    Also, netflix rulz.

    And I totally agree with Swistle, I love to read about babies so if you -do- feel like talking, you aren’t boring us.

    TJ Reply:

    I have tried to learn to knit and crochet so many times, but I just do not have the control over my fingers that is necessary to do it. This WOULD be a good time to learn a new hobby of some sort, though.

    Jess Reply:

    I am -not- trying to be patronizing or dismissive, I had a lot of problems too, my hands wouldn’t make the stitches it looked like crap..

    BUT the thing is, it’s muscle memory, it’s just like..learning how to write? or how to style your hair, or put on makeup, or tie your shoes, or touch type.

    It was for me (if there is something I don’t know that might stop you please forgive) a matter of just repetition until I got it down.

    I have a lot of good resources should you like, if not I’ll look for other hobbies! maybe cross stitch? you could do some of those wicked ones that always make me laugh!

  16. Mel says:

    Here are my suggestions for upcoming posts:

    1. Passive Aggressive ways to deal with a horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE coworker. (But, for more flexibility, insert any type of person here.)

    2. The difference (and greater than/less than relationship) between Snuggies and the Slanket.

    3. Why certain words and phrases have fallen out of vogue. Ex.: Davenport, it is so much cooler than sofa, no?

    4. Tell us about your new computer!

    5. How about a post, through the eyes of Phil, Sheldon or Brinkley? (I loved the ones you did with Brinkley and Phil and the space in the bed awhile back.)

    6. Can you tell me how to tell my five year old, the person he calls ‘Michael Jackson’ is actually Justin Beiber? I don’t understand it, especially considering we don’t listen to either one in our house.

    7. Create a Google Search Story on YouTube.

    8. Tell us what the relationship is like (behind the scenes) between the Tooth Fairy, Cupid, Santa, the abdominal snowman, etc.

    9. Do a TJ take on Conan’s ‘In the Year 2000’?

    Thinking of you. And in a completely non-stalkerish way, of course.

    TJ Reply:

    It’s okay if you think about me in a stalkerish way, too. I mean, as long as it’s just THINKING.

  17. kirk says:

    Hey, I don’t post here very often. I’m sorry to hear about your crappy news. My thoughts are with you, your husband, and your baking bread for all that that is worth. Also for what it is separately worth, I at least don’t mind the pregnancy posts, I come for your writing style, not any specific content. so heres to a happy ending!

    TJ Reply:

    Thank you, I really appreciate that!

  18. Lara says:

    Oh, poop (for lack of a better word). I was really hoping you’d get the news you wanted yesterday. Hang in there – am sending good thoughts your way.

    TJ Reply:

    We really appreciate all the good thoughts.

  19. Ellen says:

    Ugh, I’m so sorry! What a disappointing and scary OB visit. Hoping that Garlic Bread stays put for another 10 weeks or so, and that you don’t go out of your mind with worry and boredom.

    TJ Reply:

    So far, the Internet is doing a pretty good job at keeping me entertained, as usual!

  20. Alorina says:

    Boo! Prayers headed your way.

    PS at least now you probably won’t have to buy an organ purse.

    PPS http://listsgalore.blogspot.com/2009/03/time-well-wasted-25-fun-things-to-do.html

    TJ Reply:

    That is a good point, about the organ purse. Maybe delivering between 36/37 weeks will leave me some kidney space!

  21. Moonmagick says:

    I’ve been on Butt Rust twice. Both of my pregnancies started out normal textbook pregnancies. And somewhere around the middle dived into high rusk territory. I am incredibly familiar with the jug of shame. I know it’s little comfort, but out of sheer stubborn will and the desire to prove that I could in fact have full term babies regardless of what the doctors said while shaking their heads at me and my unwillingness to listen to reason, I had two “full term” babies. Both are quite healthy. We stayed in the hospital a week with my son and a week and a half with my daughter. But they came home with me. They actually could have been released before I was thanks to the stupid high bp. Hang in there. :-)

    TJ Reply:

    I really enjoy the solidarity from other women, ESPECIALLY with regards to the jug of shame. Because that is SHAME.

  22. TJ, this coming from a man and a father. From reading your blog now for quite some time Phil seems like a great guy. I know your worried about the shifting of house hold responsibilities that have occurred, well don’t my wife and I went through this as well and trust me when I say this for the most part men are helpless on every avenue of pregnancy. While I hated that my wife had to go through that I relished the opportunity to pamper her and take care of her. Let Phil do this for you it will allow him to feel he is contributing more to the pregnancy other than being a DNA donor, I know I did.

    I do hope your family the best and I hope that you will allow Phil to pamper you and Garlic Bread over the next few weeks.

    Lindsay Reply:

    I love this, what a good man! Listen to him….

    TJ Reply:

    I’m going to remind him how much he should be relishing this opportunity whenever I can. Heeee.

  23. slynnro says:

    Ugh Ugh UGH. This sucks. I’m sorry.

    TJ Reply:

    Well, you know, it happens. You’ll understand when you CHANGE YOUR MIND.

    Because my experiences are helping, right? Telling you all the terrible things about pregnancy and the most annoying parts of child rearing is what’s really going to make you CHANGE YOUR MIND, am I right?

  24. Tarrant says:

    Ugh. I am sorry. I hate the fact that kids seem to take control before they even get here!

    TJ Reply:

    Seriously. I feel steamrolled by something that barely weighs 2 lbs at this point!

  25. Becky says:

    I hope you take joy in knowing that you are the 3rd google result for “Butt Rust,” right after Urban Dictionary. I tried not to read the urban dictionary definition, but I saw it and now I can’t unsee it.
    What other topics do you think you can get into the top of google results by discussing? This could be a fun challenge!

    TJ Reply:

    I avoided the Urban Dictionary definition. I don’t want to know. I am SURE I don’t want to know.

  26. Angie says:

    I know I’m posting “after the fact” but I just wanted to say two things. Firstly, I wanted to add my “it sucks, thinking of you” sentiments to all of the above and secondly (because you said it helps), I wanted to to mention that I too went through the whole pre-eclampsia thing. I spent a couple of weeks on bed rest at home, another couple a hospital bed before having an pretty well toasted 34 weeker. He had no NICU time and he came with us when we left the hospital. He’s 19 now and apart from having to remind him that he can’t pass his uni degree from underneath his doona and that a simply “won’t be home tonight” text will save me an uncomfortable night on the lounge, he really is pretty well put together & doesn’t harbour any ill-will towards his less than stellar pre-birth accommodation :)

  27. Amanda says:

    So very sympathetic to you forced bedrest, I KNOW you’ll make it till 27th of April because thats my birthday too!!

    On the topic of diaper bags.. It probably won’t soften your disappointment any, but I bought the most awesome of awesome diaper bags and then failed to ever use it. It hit my knees when pushing the pram, had to be packed just so and just generally annoyed the hell out of me. All his stuff ended up just going in a crappy ‘save the world, byo cloth shopping bag’. Said bag can be squished in the pram basket and generally manhandled into any particular shape I need it to be! If it gets dirty, spilt on or I just feel like a different colour this week.. 99c and TADA!

    Fingers and toes crossed for successful butt-rust and for yours and Phil’s collective sanity <3!

  28. taylor says:

    Hi–delurking for my first comment. Just wanted to tell you I had bed rest for 10 weeks for pregnancy-induced hyptertension/pre-preeclampsia with my now two-year old. It sucked giant donkey balls, but we survived it somehow. I also had gestational diabetes, which somehow sucked worse (thank baby Jesus for Breyers carb smart ice cream bars). Try to invite people over for visits as much as they’ll come to see you, avoid sleeping too much (makes you feel worse), and if your docs will let you get some resistance bands to do some light exercises, which should help with the achiness. I’m sorry you’re going through this. If it helps, once the baby comes you’ll slowly forget how awful the bed rest/pregnancy was and you’ll have a sweet little monkey to snuggle with and forever guilt-trip about how you spent X weeks laying on your side watching crappy daytime tv.

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