Temerity Jane
05. 03. 2013

Okay, Phil and I are moving to a new place and we’ve decided to take Penelope along with us. We spent the weeks leading up to PJs looking for a new rental, and we got the keys last Thursday. The house we picked was one of four or five we had seen in one day, and they did all blend together in the end, but even that is no excuse for the fact that when we walked in, we were completely shocked to discover an entire room we had forgotten existed.

I know finding a surprise extra room in your house is a very first world problem to have, but it does present some problems. Which I’m not going to describe. Because you know what, some people don’t even HAVE KIDNEYS and would just LOVE to PEE THEIR PANTS, let alone find a whole extra ROOM in their houses.

The other day, I put a whole bunch of pictures of the house on Twitter, to show the kind of… weird things… that are in the house, but I’ve lost my boner for displaying them here. After going on my BIG MAKEUP SHOPPING TRIP WHICH WAS SO EXCITING (oh, did you come to PJs? No? Then you might not have known that the lovely ladies who did kindly gave me some gift cards to Ulta IN ADDITION to the very self-validating Cosmo gift card), Brooke and I went by the house and met one of the neighbors, and when I asked him if anything weird went on in the house, he said, “Oh, you mean, the paint?”


Anyway, the moving truck comes the day after tomorrow, guess how much of the house is packed. No, don’t. Because either you’re going to guess too much, and I’ll be flattered but depressed, or you’re going to guess too low, and I’m going to be offended but have to admit that you’re not too far off, or you’re going to guess right on, and I’m still going to be offended, because, come ON, have some FAITH in me, but you’re right not to really have any faith in me.

See you on the other side, THOR.

OH. PJs.

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PJs 2014 – is not announced yet! But will be in 2014! Will almost 100% definitely be in February! Will remain small in size! Is a problem for future Kelly! Are you thinking about coming? Let’s talk about it this summer!

Let’s talk about this instead!

So this is what-all I bought on my recent Ulta-spree. Some of it is boring but most of it is NOT. Let’s discuss this INSTEAD (after you are done gorging yourself on recaps, if recaps on eventless weekends are your thing). MAKEUP. I’m moving into a two bathroom household, finally. The ensuite master has dual sinks, which is great, and something we really wanted, but NO ACTUAL COUNTER SPACE. And the drawers? The two large ones are FAKE and only the skinny ones open. USELESS.

They distracted me with a tub I can get my entire self into, but look at the counter and drawers. USELESS.

So I am taking all of that new makeup (which we will talk about in the comments, right?) and the rest of my not entirely insignificant maybe bordering a little on ridiculous collection, to the guest bathroom, which is weird and not worth a picture insertion (it’s like a hotel, sort of, with the sink  and counter in a room and then the toilet and tub in a separate room) and taking it over for my OWN SELF. It’s not like anyone ever comes to visit anyway. Except when they do. In which case, they can admire my makeup. And it will be the best place in the whole house. Except for maybe the green and yellow kitchen. Which you have to admit is kind of delightful.