Temerity Jane
23. 05. 2012

1. Airplane reclininess. Do you recline? I do not. I am not a lifelong flier. I’ve only been flying since my first job out of college. I think my first flight anywhere was from DC to Boston, and it was kind of a nightmare, but that’s not on my list of things we need to discuss today. That was on one of my lists of things we needed to discuss in 2005, which, knowing me, is probably crumbled up in a ball in a half-broken cheap knockoff Rubbermaid-ish (probably, like, Rabbermaid, or Rubbermood or some shit) container in our storage unit as we SPEAK. Even in my short amount of flying time, which I was just illustrating, seat space has shrunk.

I’m starting a new paragraph because that one was long.

Seat space has shrunk! But you can still lean back! So. Do you? I don’t, as I said. You buy a ticket, right? And a ticket gives you a seat, which is essentially space. A space for you. But which space is your space? Is it the space where your legs are, and maybe your tray table and your puzzle book? OR is it the space where the back of your seat is able to tilt INTO? Because if it’s THAT SPACE, that would mean that the person behind you has not purchased the entire leg/tray table area, because part of that is yours. For your leaniness. And okay, leaning is comfortable. I assume. And your seat CAN lean. So you SHOULD. I know that. You can and you SHOULD. Because why SHOULDN’T you be comfortable? And I am not EVEN being sarcastic when I am saying that, despite the fact that that’s how you may be toning me in your head. I’m not. But your comfort WILL take away some comfort from the person behind you. You have to take your comfort, KNOWINGLY REMOVING IT from someone else. But that someone else may be, AT THAT VERY MOMENT, removing comfort from the person behind him! How do you know? You don’t! So does HIS act of comfort removal justify YOURS? Does the very fact that reclination is possible justify it?

But is it even something that should have to be justified? I mean, lean back. You can lean back. Why shouldn’t you lean back? I want to lean back. I always want to lean back. I want to spend my entire life in a continual state of recline. I was born to lean back. The closer my person comes to 90 degrees, the more of a bitch I am. It is to EVERYONE’S benefit for me to lean back. But I don’t. Because I’m not sure if I’ve purchased that space behind me. And I can’t bring myself to be the person who encroaches into the leg area of someone who may be of the understanding that HE has purchased the leg area and that I have purchased MY leg area and should stay out of his. And then the guy in front of me leans back and I can’t make myself lean back, and I sit there and fume about the AUDACITY. I cannot convince myself that leaning back is okay. Is it?



2. Okay, 50 Shades of Grey. I read them, and I’m kind of annoyed. Not that they’re being called Mommy Porn, and not that they’re poorly written, and not that the author had the audacity to let them become popular and make a bazillion dollars. I’m annoyed that so many people are annoyed.

I keep seeing people saying shit like, “Don’t people know how POORLY WRITTEN those books are?” or, “It’s so sad that women are picking these up and thinking it’s GOOD EROTICA,” or “It’s ridiculous that this author has gotten popular when so many talented writers HAVEN’T!”

To which I present my rejoinder, oh my god, shut UP.

The 50 Shades series has sold about a berzillion copies. Do you think they were all sold to idiots, or just mostly idiots? Come on. Seriously. Get over yourself. People read them because they liked them. And that’s okay. It doesn’t matter if it’s trash. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Twilight rip off. It doesn’t matter if someone else wrote something better one time or every time. The world isn’t as full of poor sheepy idiots as some over information-stuffed perma-internetters have a tendency to believe at times. Please add,

“Poor ladies, too stupid to know that’s not real erotica/poorly written/embarrassing for them.”

to the category with the rest of these,

“Poor fat people, too stupid to know fast food is unhealthy/exercise is good for them.”
“Poor Christians, too stupid to know God isn’t real.”
“Poor flyover states, too stupid to know how to vote the way I would.”
“Poor everyone who isn’t me, too stupid to know how awesome I am.”

ALSO? Life is too short for shitty books, so I refuse to believe people who say that once they started the series, they haaaaaad to finish it, even though they were probably going to die from it at any moment. Come on. It’s three books! You read THREE BOOKS because you’re stricken with a very specific, very hobby-based form of OCD?

Also, lay off the people you see reading it in public. It’s not like there are boobies on the cover. You know what’s in that book and she knows what’s in that book, and the only other people who know what’s in that book are the people who have READ THAT BOOK, so there’s no shame if it’s shared shame. Give her a wink and a nod or a thumbs up or a fist bump or something… not as awkward as I am. In the words of a great poet of our day, ladies is pimps too. Middle fingers, gripping your balls, etc.




4. Number 3 was originally part of number 2, but you know what? It stands on its own.


5. From: Penelope
To: Kelly
Subject: Proposal


As I am a year old, I propose that I become a one nap a day baby. Support for my position as follows:

– I have pushed back my morning nap.
– I now take a later, extended nap.
– This extended nap serves to replace the two, smaller naps on my previously existing schedule.
– Extended nap allows you, the mother, time to both shower AND nap yourself.

As you can see, clear benefits for all involved.

Look forward to your response,

(Also, I go by Pen now.)

From: Your mother
To: Pen
Subject: Re: Your proposal



Support for my position as follows:

– You have indeed pushed back your morning nap, but only by 90 minutes.
– Your later, extended nap varies from 2.5 to 3 hours long and since you still get up at 5am, ends by 11am
– You are a big fat jerk by dinner time
– You are a delusional ball of asshole-ish exhausti-fury by bed time.
– You are still flinging your raging form around your room two hours past bed time.

– Also, this:

Oh, and this:

– Not just no, but hell no.

Your mother
(I go by your mother. Still.)

6. Remember my last entry when everything was going all to hell and I had strep throat and exploding eyeball? Well, the next day, Pen and I had to take Phil for an outpatient procedure on his back, and then we all came home, and then Pen got a million degree fever and I had to take her to the emergency room. LIFE, YOU GUYS, AM I RIGHT?

43 responses to “These are the things we need to discuss.”

  1. Jen says:

    We need to discuss these things:
    1. Pen, she’s going by Pen? How much more frickin adorable can she get.
    2. Hell no Pen, you may not give up that nap, I say that as a mom to an 18 month old attempting the same shenanigans. That sh$t is not gonna fly.
    3. Your watermark is the best ever.

  2. Brooke says:

    – It makes my day when you post.
    – I feel bad leaning, too
    – Nice use of “not just no, but hell no”
    – Another argument in your favor: nap time doesn’t count if she’s “decorating” her room

  3. 1) THERE SHOULD BE NO LEANING. This topic caused the WORST Facebook fight I have ever participated in, actually, topping even political discussions about abortion. I am still holding a grudge against someone who I thought was a perfectly nice person until she insisted, repeatedly, on her right to LEAN even after I pointed out that leaning people caused my 6’6″ actual, physical pain. Her solution? He should not fly. Yes! He should keep himself and his 36″ inseam home so that SHE could have the extra 3 1/2 inches of lean space that she felt was due her.

    That’s when I realized that the pro-leaners have a level of self-regard that I simply will never comprehend and I better stop thinking about the whole issue.


    2) I don’t care what anyone reads, ever, but sweet jesus I wish the next trend would hit just so I can stop hearing about this one.

    3 & 4) Agree.

    5) I’m gonna side with Pen just because I love the single, longer nap. It frees up the morning! It makes the afternoon go faster! I’m banned from the site now, aren’t I?

    6) Totally. Life.

  4. Christy M says:

    I tried to start the airplane seat discussion with my husband, who said, “You think too much. Just recline if you want to.” So I try to just DO IT and not get all indignant if someone else does/does not. But now I travel with a toddler, so I don’t recline ever, b/c we need CONSTANT VIGILANCE.

    And I’m totally going to steal “exhausti-fury.” Phrase of my week.

  5. Dawn says:

    1.My husband is 6’5″ and always ALWAYS has the person in front of him recline the seat ALL the way back. And now I’ll never do it because I know what he’s going through PLUS the folks in the las row get screwed as their seats DON’T recline so they end up with about 8 inches of space and GAH.

    2. Haven’t read it. Won’t read it. Don’t care enough about it to have an opinion other than if it’s not YA dystopian post-apocalyptic in nature, it don’t get downloaded.

    3&4. Agree. That is all

    5. Eh, I can go either way. In the end I think that Mommy wins as she controls the food and OMG, the places they manage to fall asleep.

    5A. Holy crow you make cute babies

    6. Yes. That.

  6. Cayt says:

    No! No leaning, no way. I fly frequently (well, roughly six flights a year) and have since I was about four years old so clearly I am an expert on this, and just because your seat CAN lean doesn’t mean that you SHOULD lean it. It messes up the tray table of the person sitting behind you, if there are screens in the seats then it alters the angle of those, and it makes it hard for the person behind you to get up from their seat when they need to pee. I have STRONG FEELINGS on this.

    50 shades – meh, who cares. People should do what makes them happy.

  7. cindy w says:

    I do not recline my seat on airplanes, ever, for the exact reason you stated. I will not be That Asshole who infringes on someone else’s personal space. And I harbor an active hatred of people who infringe upon mine.

    Lucy has transitioned to a one-nap-a-day schedule. Originally I resisted it. But then she started going to bed at 8 p.m. and sleeping until 8 a.m. the next day, and hell freaking yeah, I can get on board with that schedule. (Her sister put me through YEARS of sleep deprivation. God owed me a baby that would sleep.)

  8. Elle says:

    Oh PLEASE, can we also discuss the very specific topic of to whom does the under-seat storage space belong under the bulkhead row of an airplane?

    Every time I have flown and been seated in the bulkhead row (back before you had to pay extra a la carte for premium seats, including bulkhead), the flight attendants advised me that I would HAVE to stow ALL my carry-on items in the overhead compartment because the bulk head row does not have a row in front of it and therefore the bulkhead passengers do not have any under-seat storage areas. The under-seat storage underneath the bulkhead row belongs to the second row back in the airplane, just as their under-seat storage belongs to the third row back and so on and so on to the back of the airplane. I always understood this to be a trade-off. To sit in the bulkhead seat, you have to choose more leg room in exchange for storing all carry on items in the overhead compartment. Not a bad trade since you are obviously free to stand up and retrieve those items after take-off and throughout the flight.

    However, on my last flight — a five hour flight — I was in the second row and I put my backpack and purse underneath the row in front of me. (I pack them small enough so that they both fit in the under-seat storage without creeping into anyone else’s feet or aisle space because I prefer to avoid having them out of reach in the overhead bin. And since I did not choose to sit in bulkhead, THIS IS AN ACCEPTABLE PREFERENCE.) Five minutes later, prior to take-off, the man in the bulkhead seat in front of me pushed his backpack underneath his chair, forcing my bags onto my feet and said, “do you mind pulling your bags back a bit more so I can get mine under there? Thanks.” 1. Is it really a question if I mind if you thank me before I can even respond? 2. YES, I DO MIND, because 3. The man got the benefit of extra foot room AND under-seat storage space while I got LESS foot room due to his bag pushing my purse onto my feet even AFTER I moved my backpack up to the overhead compartment.

    I quite obviously still feel very strongly that I was wronged. Thank you for the catharsis.

    Life of a Doctor's Wife Reply:

    You were wronged. This gives me some serious Vicarious Plane Rage right here.

    Peregwyn Reply:

    You should have moved HIS backback to the overhead compartment. Everyone but asshole there, knows the underseat belongs to the person behind.

  9. Elle says:

    P.S. 99% of the time I do not lean back. The exceptional 1% being during overnight and overseas flights. I lean back when the flight attendants turn off the cabin lights (because basically everyone leans back and goes to sleep) and I lean forward again when the lights come back on, in case whoever is behind me wants to eat breakfast or just be awake or whatever.

  10. PinkieBling says:

    I no longer lean. My halfway step was to turn to the person behind me and ask their permission first, but then I figured that was maybe guilting/surprising people into saying yes when they really wanted to say HELL NO, STAY OUT OF MY SPACE THAT I PAID FOR.

    Also, I dated a guy who was 6’5″ tall, and I have never seen someone so miserable on a cross-country flight. Although, it turns out he’s kind of an asshole and deserves it. But OTHER tall people are probably NOT assholes.

    I haven’t been able to get through the first 50SoG yet, but I don’t judge anyone who has, is trying, or wants to. Go on with your bad self. Or, alternately and perhaps more appropriately: Do you.

    Favorites from this post: Rabbermaid or Rubbermood, big fat jerk, delusional ball of asshole-ish exhausti-fury, I go by Pen now, and the second photo.

  11. I lean back only very occasionally, and only once I have checked that the person behind me is sleeping or pretending to sleep. But it is RARE. And when people lean into my space I spend the whole time thinking, first, that this person is a huge space-invading jerk and I hate him and, second, that I am being ridiculous for getting upset because the seat reclines for a reason and he has every right to recline! and first again and then second again and so on and so forth. It makes me insane, is what I’m saying.

    Pen. Oh dear. That is just too cute. And the random sleep locations? Adorable.

  12. Kara says:

    1. Recline- not on a day flight, but on an overnight? Sure. Also, I usually have to fly with kids, so what I lose in recline, I gain in extra butt space, and not caring that I’m hogging leg space. Because, hey, I brought those kids into the world, I can take their airplane leg space.

    2. Shades of Grey- Haven’t read it yet. It’s on my Kindle…

    3. Gonna go get myself a bombpop from the ice cream truck tonight, thank you very much.

    5. Naps- my oldest stopped napping all together when she was 18 months old. Which was not awesome, because child #2 was born when she was 19 months old, and child #2 had colic and didn’t sleep for 6 months straight. So, yeah, major exhaustion, and longing for naps of any kind. Plus, none of my three have been willing to nap since they were about 3 years old.

  13. Mama Bub says:

    If I’m on an overnight flight, AND the person behind me is reclined, then I go ahead and lean away. Otherwise, no.

  14. Maggie says:

    I don’t lean back because (1) I don’t want to be “that guy” (woman) and (2) I fly with my kids and constant vigilance is required.

    I really couldn’t care less if other people want to read and enjoy 50SoG, Crime and Punishment, or some other thing. Honestly, why do so many people even care? Irritating.

    Oldest took two naps until daycare’s schedule basically made him consolidate at about 20 months. Youngest started taking one nap on her own at about 14 months. Both were fine as neither resulted in a kid who was a delusional ball of asshole-ish exhausti-fury by dinner time. If that had been the result, two naps would have been enforced by tranq dart if necessary…

  15. Swistle says:

    I don’t recline, because I hate so much when the person in front of me reclines, so that makes me not want to do the same to the person behind me—even though I think that everyone is allowed to recline. I think I’m allowed to recline, but that with that allowability comes the responsibility of having done so, knowing how miserable it makes people. So I don’t. But! Weigh this against whether I WOULD recline—like, if no one were behind me? Because I’m not sure I WOULD! So how many points is THAT, then, if I’m not even necessarily INCLINED to recline?

  16. beylit says:

    1. I’ve been flying all my life as I come from a family of pilots and my parents lived half a country apart. As a small child I am sure I leaned, as an adult I do not. Mostly because if I have the option I sit in the very back row of the plane, but really because I am 5’10” and am miserable when the person in front of me leans, I can only imagine how horrid it is for taller people.

    My husband is 6’6″ and he will not allow the people in front of him to lean. He politely informs them that it is not an option for them and if they have a problem with it they can move seats. They can attempt all they want but it turns out his legs are stronger than the chairs and should they try, well the seats don’t go anywhere.

    Flight attendants have attempted to chastise him for it, but when he points out that leaning the seat back would require a)breaking his legs, b) breaking the laws of physics, or c) placing his legs in the aisle which is a strict no-no, the flight attendants relent and shuffle people around.

    Also they are always nice to him because he is so massive and intimidating that they assume that if anything goes wrong on a flight they can use him as an anti-terrorist meat shield.

    2. Isn’t erotica sort of supposed to be bad? And really, who cares? Get over yourself. If you are an expert on ‘good erotica’ I am sure there are plenty of arguments to be made that your choice in literature is pretty lacking.

    I had honestly not heard of these books until I was in a Barnes and Nobles the other day picking up Shel Silverstien books for my cousins graduation. I had no idea that they were a thing.

    3. Amen sister friend.

    5. Ridiculously adorable.

  17. jonniker says:

    I always recline because the person in FRONT of me always reclines, and then I feel like I have to recline to reclaim the space I lost by the recliner in front of me. It’s a very confusing system.

    WORD WORD WORD on the 50 Shades. I have had the same post/thoughts brewing forever. Yes, can we quit the condescension? QUIT IT. Are we really going to get UPPITY about TRASHY EROTICA? No. NO. Get over yourselves and shut up.

  18. Maria says:

    I have weird, conflicting opinions on 50. I want to PUNCH people who wank on the author. Like JFC dudes, she wrote it, she’s banking on it, she wins. So what if she wrote it as a fanfic first and there are 3o498039483 copies floating around on the Internet already. SHE WINS. EVERYTHING.

    On the other hand, I’m super tired of reading about it everywhere as if this woman invented porn.

  19. Staciepo says:

    Yes,thank you, yes on the 50 Shades thing. I wanted to be witty and re-phrase what you said, but it was perfect, so I won’t. I have read better, I noticed mistakes, but it did not stop me from wanting to know how the story turned out. I am so sick of hearing all these high and mighty critics acting like all books need to be the best to be enjoyed. Don’t like it, then shush and don’t read it!

    Reclining… I agree with with recline if person behind me is reclined. Otherwise no.

    Penny is some darn cute. It gets better every post :)

  20. MLE says:

    I will recline about an inch just so the small of my back is not aching by the end of the flight. Something about the angle of the seats is really painful to me in full upright state, but the teeny amount I recline is, I feel, hardly noticeable. I only ever do a full recline on long overnight flights when the cabin lights go out and everyone is reclining/sleeping, or if there’s nobody seated in the seat behind me.

    In re: 50 shades: I have no personal opinion on the books themselves, but my response to the people who snark on anything popular is this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0la5DBtOVNI

  21. S says:

    Sometimes when I read your rants, I get so passionately annoyed in agreement with whatever your ranting about, that I want to skip to the end and comment a give “OMG ME TOO!” without even finishing the post. But, I’m glad I didn’t, because, cute Penny pictures!
    Seriously though, I HATE leaners! I always feel like I want to tap the person in front of me and seriously thank them at the end of the flight if they didn’t lean back. I just feel like one leaner ruins it for everyone, unless EVERYONE does it. No matter what if one person leans, they are either uncomfortable, or they have to lean. Of corse if they lean, then the same dilemma happens all the way to the back of the plane, all because of one stupid seat leaner! I honestly don’t even know HOW to make the plane seat lean.
    (My super tall boyfriend doesn’t even lean. We will switch seats though, if the person in front of him leans, because it hurts his legs too much.)

  22. Carrie (in MN) says:

    Ditto, amen, sing it sister!

    p.s. thanks for the adorable Pen pictures!

  23. LemonFresh says:

    I love this blog, and I love the commenters on it. Seriously get just about as many laughs reading the comments as I do when reading the post (and it is a generous amount of laughter)!

    H Reply:

    YES! And I keep coming back to read more.

  24. Dan says:

    Hilarious that people angst about 50 shades of grey, particularly the ones that are all about how it is not right that it makes so much money because it is not “quality”. Has everyone forgotten Dan Brown?

    Oh and Pen is adorable.

  25. Andrea says:

    I’m a recliner. But I do it very carefully, and almost never the whole way. I’ll also only recline right when first allowed to recline and put tray table down, so I don’t disturb anyone’s food/drink/reading. What I do hate is the asshole who will jam his/her seat back with such force that it spills drinks and sends anything on the tray table flying.
    Only slightly unrelated, I also hate people who grab on the back of my seat when they get up and down.

  26. gift4gab says:

    Oh Pen, you are so darn cute.

    Leaning – no. Reclining should be banned for all of the reasons folks mentioned above. If one does it, then all need to do it in order to maintain SOME amount of reasonable breathing room – but then that last row gets really screwed.

    Suck it up, sit up straight, and maintain your shit within your own tiny assigned airplane space and we will all get thru this flight together.

    Rude people suck.

    I mean, where am I supposed to put my book, or iPad, or beverage. I don’t want to see the top of your head, and if I do, I might be inclined to let you know just how much your hair is thinning up there. And I will certainly get passive aggressive and bang the shit out of your seat because, helloooo! In my lap! A$$holes.

    Sorry, I just got off a plane last week and there *may* have been an incident.

  27. H says:

    I hate it when people make judgments about others. It is probably my biggest pet peeve. You’re right on about 50 Shades!

    I recline sometimes, but only the tiniest amount (an inch or two) if I am extremely uncomfortable sitting at the angle of the seat when it is in the upright position.

    Your daughter is such a doll!

  28. Hillary says:

    There should be no reclining. It’s just plain rude to the person behind you and recliners, you know it, you just don’t want to admit it.

    My friends and I preface all comments about 50 Shades of Grey with “I’m mean I know you have no idea what I’m referring to…” since everyone likes to pretend they haven’t read it. Well, we did. I’m not sure we have anything left to say, although I haven’t read the 3rd one yet.
    Pen is adorable :)

  29. Josefina says:

    (1) No reclining for me. Also, no flying. But when I did fly, no reclining. And if I flew again, especially no reclining because of my newish back condition which reclining would greatly aggravate.

    (2) Yeah, I’m pretty sick of the THING over 50 Shades of Grey. Just read it or don’t read it, I say.

    (3) I love, love, LOVE those Penny pictures. Pen. Whatever.

  30. Leslie says:

    Hate hate hate leaners. I never lean, but I always seem to end up behind a leaner. Sometimes I am passive aggressive and accidentally bump the shit out of the back of the seat. Actually, not sometimes. Always.

  31. Amy K says:

    1. Why do airplane seats even recline? It’s not enough to make it easy to fall asleep, but it’s enough to make the person behind you feel squished and grumpy.

    2. Cute baby! Squeee!!!

    3. I’m a little baffled by the 50 Shades craze and controversy. I stopped reading the first book around the halfway point because it seemed like the same 10 sentences rearranged in different ways and I got bored, but whatever floats people’s kinky boats. Maybe there’s some well-written erotica out there that can come out of hiding now that the genre has become mildly “acceptable” for the time being.

  32. Meinemo says:

    Your posts make my day. I love them. The end.

  33. Amanda says:

    50 shades of Grey is erotica???
    Holy shit, now you tell me. I gave that series to my mother for Mothers Day!!!

  34. Rosa says:

    I’ve spent too much time shunning daylight; I didn’t know I wasn’t the only one who HATES leaners. I’m 6’3″ (or so Google tells me (189 cm)) and I find it difficult enough to squeeze into an airplane seat without the person in front of me being an ass. I love how beylit puts it because yes, I do feel those are the only options… I don’t care if you can’t sleep, I can’t bend my legs that way! So I NEVER lean myself.

  35. Jesabes says:

    I kept intending to comment on EVERYTHING in this post and I never get around to it, so I’ll just say this:

    I consider reclining your seat on an airplane to be the height of rudeness. I don’t care if both me and the person in front of me recline (which doesn’t happen), so I have the same amount of space as if no one did – it’s way more uncomfortable. You can’t even use the tray table! Don’t be a jerk. Keep your seat up.

  36. Rachael says:

    I am so glad you’re back, I totally missed you. Your blog is the best one. And I agree and never recline. Ever.

  37. Recliner says:

    Ohh boy.

    I recline (ducks the things being thrown at me).

    But here is the thing. I don’t recline because I want more space, I recline because I’m short. Those bucket airplane seats? The ‘head rest’ is terrible for me. The part that would hit a normal person at the back of the neck, to support the head, hits me about mid-way on my head. I either spend the entire flight with my chin tucked into my chest, or I change the angle of the seat the the head rest is in a better place for me. I always un-recline when food or drink is served and then I have to sit forward so my back is not touching the back.

    This is also an issue in most vehicles. I can’t make the head rest short enough to be comfortable.

    Sorry tall people, I know there is not a lot of room. At least your feet touch the floor when you sit.

    Just so you know how short I am, I can stand on a plane and not hit my head!

  38. Rose says:

    The first dress that Penny is wearing is sold by the company that I work for -flail-
    and no matter how many times I whine about how stupidly overpriced our clothes are, I still think it is amazingly adorable on her!

  39. Leaning back on a flight is UNCONSCIONABLE.

    Yes, I said it. Because I’m 6’3″ with a bad back and arthritic knees (at the ancient age of 32), flying is already torture for me.

    It’s in your power to make it much worse.

    I LITERALLY (not figuratively) cannot have both my butt flat on the seat and my feet flat on the floor at the same time. The space is too little. My legs go all the way to the front end of the chair in front of me, and then even if they rest on the floor or the bar there, it pushes me UP inside my seat. If I try to sleep, I wake up with my butt sore from the pushed-up-edness of my rear end after having my legs fully extended.

    How can you make this worse? By jamming your seat into my arthritic knees, which, by the way, have NOWHERE ELSE TO GO. They are already crowding the aisle and the seat next to me no matter how I sit, and will be flush against your seat.

    When you lean back, you crush my knees. There is no other word for it.

    So to all those who have done this to me before, thanks.

  40. @Kara,

    “1. Recline- not on a day flight, but on an overnight? Sure.”

    Good to know that you won’t injur me on a 90-minute flight to the midwest but when I have to fly 8 hours to the UK you’ll make me miserable all night.