Temerity Jane
20. 11. 2013

I have such big plans for such good posts, but yesterday’s turned out so well that I’m kind of just going to limp off and leave that one there and do something really good tomorrow, I PROMISE, because remember that thing I said I was going to post about but then I couldn’t because I had to wait for the heat to die down? WELL, IT’S DOWN NOW, so I’m totally ready to do that. Except not right now, because at some point during this commitment to post every day for a month (every single day I wonder, “Is today the day? Is today the day that I just let it go? Do I have to… announce it? Or just not post? And if I announce it, do I do it on Twitter, or on my blog? And if I do it on my blog, isn’t that a post? Are there rules? Who is overseeing this whole thing? Is there a number I can call? You know what, no, today isn’t the day.”) I got into the habit of posting right before I went to sleep, and it’s just really dragging my whole day down, and I can’t say it’s been doing much for quality control, either. So it’s 10pm right now. And my bedtime is usually about 7pm, because I got in the habit of going to bed when Penelope went to bed two years ago and I haven’t stopped and I’m kind of fine with it.

AND ALSO? I HAVE A COLD. And if I have to have a cold, I feel like this should be a decent time to have a cold, because I’m on a medication that’s super dehydrating, so the general… goopy unpleasantness associated with a cold should be somewhat mitigated. And it is! Too much. Too mitigated. Over mitigated. Mitigated to the point of misery. I’m a rattly husk. A wheezy huff bag. My entire day is cycles of lip balm application and lip balm evaporation. I’m trying to learn how to do things one handed, in fact, so that I can just not ever stop the application part of the cycle. Every little drop of moisture that goes into me foofs out around me a little PigPen-style cloud of germs, pestilence, the dust of what was probably once my immune system, and terrifying farts. (“I need to run away.” — Penelope) No matter how much I drink, I am unable to absorb anything into any part of my body that might make product use out of it. It’s all just gone away, except for one teeny little bucket of hateful grossness hanging out somewhere in my left ear tubes. It’s been there for days. I feel like this isn’t going to end well.

IN SUMMATION. Yesterday’s post was awesome, through no actual effort of my own, though I intend to behave as though it was through my own hard work and slack off slightly today because I have a COLD, which has all been said in order to lead up to this:



5 responses to “In less words – I have a cold, more tomorrow, here’s old Penny.”

  1. Sister says:

    I almost died at “I have to run away.”

    And HOLY BUTTMOUTH, I forgot how much she looked EXACTLY like Phil, compared to just looking strikingly similar now.

  2. Sister says:

    But seriously, not only is that Phil’s face, it’s his expression. DANG.

  3. Matti says:

    Stealing Penny’s line. Thieving the hell out of that line. :O) Feel better!

  4. april says:

    So small, and yet exactly like Penny! I almost dropped out last night, but I pulled it out of my ass and there you go.

  5. shin ae says:

    No, I can’t. I still can’t get over her. That face, the whole head, really, and attached to the tiny little body. She’s perfect.