Temerity Jane
22. 11. 2013

I had a doctor’s appointment today that put me in a bad mood, but I did not Rachel Green my eyedrops.

I don’t really feel like talking about anything, but since I finished my Thanksgiving cooking today (ordered all the food, going to warm it all in the containers it comes in, probably use paper plates, spend all day in elastic pants), I’m ready to move on to talking about Christmas. I’ve seen a couple of people doing gift idea lists, so here is what Santa, Mama & Daddy, and Grandma & Boppa are bringing to Penelope – two and a half years old. I know seeing what other people are doing helps me get ideas for what I should or could be doing, more like, so if you’re stuck for ideas, here are… some.

Oh, completely out of order of the last paragraph, I’m hoping to round out all of my shopping by the end of November, and I know I’m cutting it close now. I feel like Pen’s really at the right age to be Christmas-aware for the first time, so I’d just like to have it all done before December so that we can spend the bulk of that month doing stuff. I’m not making ANY firm plans this year, because, hey, see my last post, but I’m gathering up some ideas. You know, basics. Make some cookies, decorate a little tree for her bedroom with some homemade ornaments of some sort, go see some lights, do Elf on the Shelf, visit Santa at the mall. You know. Festive crap. Due to a bunch of circumstances, we weren’t able to get it together to travel for Thanksgiving this year, but we decided a while ago that even though both our families are pretty far off, we’re not travelling for Christmas for the foreseeable future. We want Penelope to wake up in her own home on Christmas morning, Santa comes here. So I’m looking forward to taking advantage of the fact that we’re kind of settled in for the rest of the year here.

So! Right! I’m cutting it close now with getting all the shopping done, but at this point, it’s really just a matter of picking and buying, picking and buying. I’ve got no real specifics left on her list. I just want to add a couple more things to round it out and we have had her specific Christmas budget set aside for a long time now. I don’t need to go to any stores, all I need to do is sit here, pick some stuff, and push the appropriate buttons. It’s just DOING it. I have to DO it.

Here’s where we are so far.

Penny is getting one big gift from Mama and Daddy this year:


I’m jealous of my toddler.
Picture from Land of Nod.

That’s the Jenny Lind style twin bed in Azure from Land of Nod. We haven’t figured out yet how we’re going to do the reveal. I’m pretty big on no early gifts, and it can’t be assembled anywhere else in the house, like under the tree, and then placed in her room later in the day. It’s in pieces in our garage right now. I don’t know. We’ll figure it out later. Probably I’ll distract her with new stuff under the tree while Phil sweats and curses in her bedroom alone and she’ll see it at nap time or bedtime. New bedding will be coming courtesy of Grandma and Boppa.

We’re going to rearrange her room just a little bit when the new bed comes, too. I know my mom also got her this fun little carpet from Land of Nod, too, so that might go in her room, or possibly in the playroom. I think I want to pick up a lamp, maybe something like this? She has a pink one in her room now. I might get one or two accessories for her room somehow. I don’t want to redecorate her room totally, because I don’t decorate at all, but we’re just going to change it around a little bit, enough to signify, hey! Big girl room!

That’s pretty much it from us, I think. Everything else is a hot competition between the grandparents and Santa.

Penny is also getting one big gift from Santa:


I had one of these when I was Penny’s age, but this one looks significantly less deadly and less tetanusy. Whatever. I’m sure it’s almost as awesome. We probably won’t bother to wrap this. Maybe I’ll stick a bow on his head. This is her “big” gift from Santa. Everything else is kind of lame.

Other things Penelope is getting from Santa: light up sneakers in the next size up, some clothes and costumes for her dress up collection, a book of Bible stories because I told her Santa might bring her her own special book if she would please stop stealing and drawing in Mama’s, a really cute personalized mailbox we’ll mount outside her bedroom door because she loves getting post – okay, wait, you have to see that one.


It’s from Pottery Barn Kids, link here, and on sale!

Also, Santa is bringing some BluRays we don’t have (Nemo and the Monsters Inc movies) AND a box set of the “f You Give a Mouse a Cookie” books. That’s what he’s giving her so far, anyway. I have a couple more things I want to buy, and keep not buying.

I need to finish up her stocking, which I think is actually going to be a backpack, because… I bought her a Minnie Mouse backpack. Ulta was (and still is) having a 5/$5 sale on a lot of cute holiday-themed bath and body products, some of which are two year old appropriate, so I grabbed some of those for her – a lip balm, some cupcake-shaped bath fizzies, and some gingerbread-scented face wipes. She loves to wipe her face with Boogie Wipes, which are most certainly NOT a dollar a pack, so we’ll both be delighted for her to have those. I’m going to get her some underpants like I mentioned in my last post, and I’ll pick up some stuff in general grocery shopping trips – the traditional plastic candy cane of M&Ms, some fun band aids, maybe a glitter nail polish. What are you putting in toddler stockings?

Also, I need to buy clothes. She’s still at the age where family really likes to buy cute things, so I’m just going to order some basics in the next sizes. I already grabbed two pairs of fleece footie jammies at Costco. I’ll probably hit Kohls or Target or Crazy 8 if their current “themes” appeal to me and get a bunch of mix and match leggings and long sleeved shirts. Maybe those will be from Mama & Daddy, too.

Oh, I also want to get some more books. I keep thinking I bought them, and I didn’t. Mo Willems is still the big winner here, so Pigeon and Elephant and Piggie and Knufflebunny all the live long day. I have a couple others on my list, too. As soon as I make an Amazon order, I’m going to snag a bunch. I was going to send my mom a bunch of money to buy presents for my baby cousins on that side of the family, but they’re all around Pen’s age, so on second thought, Mo Willems for everyone.

ALSO ALSO, I feel like I maybe want to get Penny one more toy. I just threw out a ton of her stuff. I’ll think about it. Maybe a doctor’s kit. I’m just not sure. I’m trying to think along the lines of her interests, but they don’t make toys designed to harness a budding interest in Mama harassment.


Grandma and Boppa have come through with toys in a big way, sending the Melissa and Doug shopping cart, along with several sets of tiny food AND a cash register, because my mother remembers how seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY HUGELY Penelope enjoyed the “shopping” at the Phoenix Children’s Museum.


Seriously, she went nuts for that. And she still pretends to shop around the house, using a tiny doll stroller as her “cart.” So I imagine Grandma and Boppa might kick Santa’s butt this year. That has nothing to do at all, of course, with why Santa doesn’t plan on wrapping that shiny pony front and center Christmas morning or anything. Nothing at all.

Grandma also sent some Duplos and a couple of the building boards – these things – because blocks have been pretty big since last Christmas, but they’re taking off even more lately, as her style of play evolves from just building a tower as high as she can to instead, building actual things, or things she says are things, that actually sometimes even look like the things she says they are. So more blocks are always more better.

I really feel like I have enough for Penny, but not enough for Penny for me. I mean, she’s going to go flat out insane, and she would go the same amount of flat out insane for even a fraction of the stuff she’ll be getting on Christmas. But I don’t feel like I’ve found just the right last thing yet to feel done. I know I still want to get some clothes, some books, and some stocking stuff. But on top of that, I feel like there might be one little toy, one even really SMALL THING that is just perfect for HER, and I haven’t come across it yet. Have you run up against this this year or any other year? You have STUFF and it’s FINE – MORE than fine – but just feel like you’re missing something?

I know I’m way too early to be stressing about it, but gift guides are already popping up all over, so maybe you’ve seen a really good one, or maybe you wrote a really good one, or maybe you have felt the same way and have solved this issue before and it takes an entire month to solve, so THANK PETE I WROTE THIS POST JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME.

10 responses to “I stole this ideas idea.”

  1. Ginger says:

    I am no help on the gift front, but I wanted to say something about the bed. I don’t know how heavy Penny sleeps, but when I was about 4 or so my parents got me a waterbed for Christmas, and it BLEW MY MIND that I woke up in the bed. I swear, that one act made me believe in Santa a good 3-5 years longer than I would have otherwise. Because honestly, I woke up in my christmas gift, and how else but Santa?
    Well, how else but my parents moved me to their bed after I was asleep, put the bed together in my room, then put me back in the new bed. According to my mom, I did that sort of half drunk wakeup thing when they moved me, but basically just passed back out without any real understanding of what had happened. And then woke up to MAGIC in the morning.
    Long winded way to say, if Penny is a decently heavy sleeper, that might be an option.

  2. tortoiseshelly says:

    I had to stop midpoint, because part of me is really hoping the title of the mouse book is missing a comma and not an “I”.

    Okay, now to finish reading.

  3. Haley says:

    The big gifts for my three year old are a trunk of princess dress up gowns that are offered at costco every year and a plastic “rollercoaster” that I think is Step 2 brand? Its about ten feet long and you ride a little car down a slope. Not terribly expensive, and I’m hoping it has a big impact seeing it under the tree. Thanks for all of your ideas!

  4. shin ae says:

    I kind of always feel like I’m missing something, but I think I’d feel that way no matter what.

    That bed is gorgeous. I’d kick my husband right out of bed if I could sleep in that.

  5. Matti says:

    Santa’s getting my girls (3 and 5) this that, art supplies, purple unicorns, books, jeweled head bands. But Mommy and Daddy are giving these:

    One for each. And the hardware to hang them. If you don’t want them hanging from your ceiling they also sell a stand. There were some very bloody arguments about that stand.

    Those post boxes are no longer available! Love this list!

  6. Veronica says:

    If Penelope is into arty/crafty things, this was the biggest hit of Josie’s stocking last year, and we might have to get more this year: (rainbow crayons) http://www.orientaltrading.com/rainbow-design-crayons-a2-56_10-12-1.fltr?Ntt=rainbow%20crayos
    They have them at the library and kids actually get into physical fights over them even though there’s more than enough to go around.

  7. Swistle says:

    For toddler stockings I like little mini board books and handheld musical instruments. Actually I hate the instruments because then they USE them. I let them take the mini board books on outings or in the diaper bag, because I don’t really care if those get lost. I don’t even know if they have those anymore, or how to search for them. They used to have some Maisy ones, and some Bright Baby ones—they were like 2 or 3 inches by 2 or 3 inches, maybe 6-8 pages each.

  8. april says:

    I have a couple ideas for the boys (Spencer, 5, is likely getting a Kindle Fire and Henry, 3, is probably getting a large Imaginext Ship of some sort) but I don’t really know beyond that. We usually get one large thing and a couple little things and that’s it because the extend family SPOILS them and seriously, I only have so much room in my house.

    Also, Ginger’s parent’s idea about the bed is pretty awesome.

  9. Amanda says:

    I bought these for one of my daughters when she was around 2. She played with them every single day for a year. I loved the idea that they nested together, which meant less clutter in the room. Easy way to learn to count and recognize colors too.


  10. K says:

    When I was little I refused to participate in the springy, bouncey rocking horses. It was like ASKING for your leg skin to be snagged and pinched.

    No, thank you.