Temerity Jane
26. 05. 2010

If there was such a thing as the Passive Aggressive Olympics, I am pretty sure I would qualify to represent the US in any event titled anything like Poorly Concealed Assholery or Solving Minor Issues With Over the Top Ridiculousness When a Simple Request Would Do.

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Phil, of course, would medal in Refusing to Solve Long Standing Issues Because Why Don’t You Just LOOK BEFORE You Turn On the Shower and Then We Wouldn’t Have This Problem as if That COMPLETELY NEGATES the Fact That I Get a Soaking at Least Once a Week Due to HIS NEGLIGENCE Because Blaming the VICTIM is Always the Correct Course of Action – IN SARCASM WORLD. GOD.

11 responses to “And the Canadians would fail to field an adequate number of competitors.”

  1. Skraps says:

    In other news, a man left the toilet seat up and a woman failed to look before sitting.

    Adlib Reply:

    That is one reason I am a big fan of separate bathrooms. From now on, my husband & I will make sure that is a requirement of all future homes. :)

    TJ Reply:


  2. Adlib says:

    HAHAHA! That was great. Phil’s FB picture looks like he just walked into the room and got surprised by the camera.

    HokieJayBee Reply:

    i think that’s from when they went to a hockey game, complete with glass and blue line for authenticity.

    IIRC it was one of TJ’s early favorite pics, before she started the “phil’s the guy” series.

    sincerely, not a stalker. just a guy with a near photographic memory.

    TJ Reply:

    That is exactly right.

  3. Amy says:

    I have this SAME problem. No matter how many times I get a face full of water, I can’t seem to “learn” to check the direction of the shower head before I turn it on!

    TJ Reply:

    We shouldn’t have to learn! They should leave it in a neutral position!

  4. DDStL says:

    *unsolicited advice coming – feel free to ignore*

    For the sake of your own mental health, you may want to add a hand-held shower to your list of work bribes. You can get a decent one for around $40, they’re non-permanent & simple to install (and uninstall when you leave), and then you just have to grab the shower head from the holder before turning the water on. Added benefit, for me at least, is that I can rinse all of the hair my hubby sheds to the drain before I get in because hairy walls and floor gross me out. This may not apply for you if Phil is not bear-like.

    TJ Reply:

    That’s actually the kind we have! The removability is what let’s him aim it right in my FACE.

  5. Jessi says:

    Classic! I, too, could medal in Using Sarcasm and Hyperbole to Completely Alienate the Person Whose Help You are Requesting. Unfortunately, Bob’s medal would come in Never Getting a Joke and Yelling About Things Like That’s Going to Help instead of Getting What Your Wife Wants and Complying Because that Makes Life Easier. Such a pity.