Temerity Jane
04. 11. 2009

There were tons of awesome comments and answers on the first day of the Becoming People Who Comment Challenge, which has given me a lot to think about. Much more, in fact, than I original thought would be involved in this project.

I did not sign on for this much thinking.

Anyway, in general, the Becoming People Who Comment Challenge posts will generally be made up of three parts, and rather than explain each part, I’m just going to go ahead and count on your intelligence to understand the structure, because you know what, Internet?

I believe in you.

Today’s Topic: “Me, too” comments

Something that kept coming up in the answers to the questions in the last post was the reluctance or refusal to leave comments that essentially amount to, “me, too.”

I can definitely understand the reasoning behind that. You don’t feel a need to say something already said. However, why do you feel that your affirmation of the topic at hand, or whatever the case may be, counts for less than the people who said it before you?

Something that I say a lot is that the Internet is a great tool for helping you realize that you’re not totally a freak. For example, yesterday I wrote on Twitter about how when I lay on my ear when I’m sleeping, and then try to lift my head, my ear hurts REALLY BADLY. Someone told me that it happens to them as well. And then another person. And another. And a whole bunch of people indicating that I wasn’t alone in my ear pain.

Earth shaking discovery? No. But it illustrates the point I’m trying to make. As a blogger, “me, too” answers lend support to one another. If a blogger is trying to gauge what people think, or feel, or do in certain situations, one answer isn’t enough to get a real feel. Your “me, too” counts.

I’m especially surprised at how many bloggers said that they don’t comment if they feel like they’ll just be saying, “me, too.” On your own blog, when you get comments that essentially boil down to “me, too,” do you somehow think of them as lesser comments? No, probably not.

Also, you don’t need to use the exact words “me, too” to say “me, too.” I have faith in you, Internet. You’re more creative than that.

So, tell me. Why do you feel like your “me, too” will matter less to the blogger than other comments?

Today’s Challenge: Show Yourself!

To be completed by: Friday, November 6th.

Challenge: We’re still keeping it easy here. Because I want to boost your confidence in the fact that you, too, can be a Person Who Comments, Internet. So here’s what we’re doing, by Friday.

1. Find the blog you have been reading the longest, without ever commenting. For some of you, that may be a new blog you discovered last week. For others, you’ve been hanging around for months or even years, without making a peep.
2a. If the situation calls for it, you have my express permission to allow yourself to say, “Me, too!,” though I encourage a little creativity in the wording.

That’s it! Go make yourself known to a blogger you’ve been following in silence! One blog, one comment. That is IT for this challenge. You can do that, can’t you, Internet?

When you’re finished, be sure to email me at PeopleWhoComment [at] gmail.com. Include a link to your favorite post that you’ve written recently, or favorite post that you’ve read recently if you don’t have a blog of your own. Links will be chosen at random for the Practice Section of the next post!

Commenting Practice

I’ve assigned a number to all of the emails sent to me after the first challenge and chosen three at random. If you feel like practicing your comments, go flex your muscles on some of your fellow Becoming People Who Comment Challenge participants!

For you WoW players, someone submitted this post from Too Many Annas for the hilarity of the phrase “pompous mage-off.” – Too Many Annas – In-game Costume Ideas.

The artistic and/or fans of the adorable will find this one easy to comment on: Tami Moore – Manatee with Balloon. MANATEE. With BALLOON.

And here is one from Emmanation, which is also conveniently designed to be extremely easy for beginner People Who Comment, go give a few guesses on this game: Emmanation – If it was a murder, how did they get him up there in the first place?

45 responses to “The Becoming People Who Comment Challenge, #2”

  1. Adlib says:

    That Manatee with Balloon was possibly the cutest thing ever! I’ve been practicing my commenting for a while so I’m trying to figure out which blog I haven’t commented on! What if we can’t find one? Just go practice more or find a new blog?

    TJ Reply:

    Hm. Since the challenge completion really just depends on the honor system, I think it’s appropriate to let you decide what’s best in that situation. So whatever you decide to do will be fine!

  2. Tracey says:

    Done! I have no idea who I’ve been following longest, and I’ve commented on barely any. But I picked a blog where one of her very earliest posts was memorable. Just a little hint that someone’s been enjoying her posts for a while, I guess. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Tami says:

    Peep(s) have been made!

    And I have made firm a decision to peep on the next five interesting blog posts by blogs I don’t normally (if ever) comment on, too.


  4. Ebby says:

    Interesting problem, as you are the only blogger I follow now since Ratshag and BRK have both thrown in the towel one way or another. (Well, I still pop in on BRK’s new blog now and then and haven’t commented there yet….so I guess I know my next destination!)

    As for your why don’t people go with ‘me too’ comments, well I think it has more to do with that. In the case of a popular blogger, you don’t want to bother them with your ‘insignificant presence’. So not only do they feel reluctant to essentially say ‘me too’, they feel reluctant to say anything at all! And then when they finally do get up the nerve to say something, it can be such a nerve wracking experience that they don’t say anything else for months. That’s how it tends to be in my case, anyway.

  5. Shin Ae says:

    I do “me too” comments all the time, although I try to word it differently. While I am commenting, I fear I am being very annoying but yet still make the comment. Compulsion and all.

    I’m happy to hear it’s (probably) not annoying.

    TJ Reply:

    Read Swistle’s comment below. It’s so not annoying!

  6. Pablo says:

    Just to be contrary I’m going to start commenting less.


    Guess that backfired didn’t it?

    TJ Reply:

    The point is to get people to comment on ALL the blogs they read. Mine doesn’t count anyway!

    Pablo Reply:

    Well, yours is really the only one I read, except for Daniel’s, but all he does is post pictures of his cat anymore.

    Middle aged and Crazy mentioned the possibility of following normal social graces in regards to commenting. I would guess that the opposite is usually true. The aninomity of the internet allows one to be more open than normal. I know I comment more here than I would in real life. Another factor to cinsdier is fear of your opinion being attacked by some troll if it somehow doesn’t measure up.

    “Best to remain silent and be thought dumb, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt” I would think that philosophy would keep a few people quietly lurking.

  7. Swistle says:

    My own mother tells me she didn’t comment on my blog “because there were so many comments already and I didn’t have anything new to say.” And yet I have NEVER ONCE thought, “Geez, would people stop COMMENTING already? They have NOTHING NEW TO ADD here.” I never get tired of reading comments because there are “so many” of them.

    TJ Reply:


    Imagine me wildly flailing my arms in the air as I say that, because that’s what I did, to express how dead on you are with the commentee perspective.

  8. Question: Do we actually not comment because we transfer our real life social graces to the internet as well? Point in case if you are caring on a conversation via what ever instant messaging program do you wait till the other person has replied to latest thought before you type in something else so as not to perceived as a chatter box? Could this same thing transfer to reply to blog posting? Could we just be sitting back because we feel as if we would be interrupting? I for one don’t know.

  9. Amanda says:

    I’ve never commented on any blogs, ever.

    Oh look.


    TJ Reply:

    Oh my gosh, really?


    Amanda Reply:

    really really.

    In fact, I think you were the first blog I ever followed. As soon as I figured out how to do it, lol.

  10. Mel says:

    My thing is if I don’t have anything new to add then I feel like why bother with my comment that will just interrupt the flow of discussion. Also when the blog/post is popular and gets a ton of comments then I feel like my comment will probably not be seen anyway because who has the time to read through all of them? And, I feel bad leaving a comment and not taking the time to read through every single other comment because I don’t have time.

    How do People Who Comment do it? If you’re following more than a small handful of blogs, how do you (meaning commenters in general) keep up on reading posts and commenting on them and keeping up on the discussions? My job is seriously getting in the way of my internet time, and I don’t like it!

    I also have a question for you, oh future Queen of People Who Comment, and your readers if they have the time :) Is it annoying/obnoxious/wrong for me to use my Twitter page as the website url on comment forms since I don’t have a blog started yet?

    Jasmine Reply:

    Wouldn’t bother me any.

    TJ Reply:

    Totally not obnoxious.

    And I don’t know how People Who Comment do it. I think they’re born commenters and the rest of us are kind of SOL. This who Challenge is kind of an experiment in whether commenters are made or born.

  11. Jasmine says:

    Done. I have a bit of a fear of being a “Me too!” commenter as well… But oh! Hey! Look! Me too! hahaha, well, there it is, i suppose.

    TJ Reply:

    A little me tooing never hurt anyone!

  12. Ellie says:

    “Well, yours is really the only one I read, except for Daniel’s, but all he does is post pictures of his cat anymore.”

    LOL that is so true. But I’ve commented on all the blogs I read. ALL 5 OF ‘EM.

    I think I’ve commented yours the most though. You aren’t intmidating like other bloggers? That may be the wrong word. But your blog is warm and fuzzy and interesting. It Pretty much says, “Hey, comment me!”

    Ellie Reply:

    I couldn’t figure out how to edit my post, but I commented on Daniel’s cat pictures, so I can say I commented something other than your blog today. :P

    TJ Reply:

    Haha, aw. That may be the first time on record anything associated with me has been called warm and fuzzy!

  13. Matt says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter. This feels liberating!

    TJ Reply:

    Commenting totally doesn’t kill.

  14. AJ says:

    Hey TJ. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while after i heard about you from Howell over at BRK before it shut down. (hopefully not too much longer) and your post made me decide to finally leave a comment. =D I enjoy reading about your day-to-day and what you do and what Phil does. (The dogs and cats are pretty interesting too) I’m at school at the moment so i can’t send the email you asked for but i’ll be sure to do it as soon as i get home.


    P.S.-Might wanna work on cleaning your mirror.

    TJ Reply:

    I’m glad you’ve finally come out to comment! See, it doesn’t hurt!

    AJ Reply:

    my first comment…and TJ replied to it. O.o OMG…i might have to post more often. LOL

    Adlib Reply:

    She’s indeed quite friendly as I have found out via Twitter!! :)

    One time I emailed a blogger and she actually turned my email into a blog post, and here I thought I was being all secretive by emailing her in the first place (before I was becoming more commenty).

    TJ Reply:

    Adlib is totally ruining my rep.

  15. I’ve already commented at least once on all the blogs I read… does that make me a “Person who comments” ?

    TJ Reply:

    I think it’s up to you to decide if you have reached your personal commenting goals!

  16. Kestrel says:

    Me too!

    I mean, I love reading comments, too, and NEVER have I complained about too many (except spam, but those don’t show up on the blog).

    Not only do I enjoy reading comments on my own blog, but I enjoy reading the conversations on other blogs–which is why I’m always disappointed when the blogger doesn’t employ some kind of comment subscription option.

    TJ Reply:

    Is that a hint!

    Kestrel Reply:

    Not to you; you have a nice checkbox below to “Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.” I’ve proselytized about that a bit, and convinced Tami to add such a plugin to her blogs (there may be others, as well).

    TJ Reply:

    Ha, I do? Awesome!

    (I comment from the back end since installing the threaded comments thinger.)

    Kestrel Reply:

    Thought you just implemented WordPress’s Threaded Comments option; are you using a plugin for it? If so, which one?

    TJ Reply:

    It appears to be called “WordPress Thread Comment”


    But then, it might not be working and I might be using the WordPress version.

    However, the “reply” link in my comments didn’t appear until I activated the plug in. I might be using the wordpress thing on the back end, though.

    Honestly? I have no idea what’s going on.

  17. Alex says:

    I usually only “me, too!” if I want to say “Me, too – and here’s my experience that is somewhat kind of the same as yours.” When I comment, which is not very often.

    But(!) I am actually getting better! I’ve already commented on up to 4 blogs since the PWC challenge! Go team!

  18. Kestrel says:

    Speaking of comments, I also like the way your theme incorporates nested comments. I do on my blog as well, but I like your styling much better.

  19. Vronak says:

    Me too!

  20. haleh says:

    Hi, I’m haleh, and I’m a lurker who actually completed challenge 2 of the Becoming People Who Comment Challenge. e-mail was even sent to TJ as instructed with all of the gorey details. I didn’t expect to be drawn from lurkerdom, so hats off to you. If there’s an award in the NaBlowPoMo thing for ‘creative call to action campaign,’ you totally get the award. Kudos to you!

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