Temerity Jane
02. 05. 2013

Something completely and totally unique about me – if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you’re aware that I find myself to be a unique and varying snowflake, different from everyone ever, a special case, an exception to all of the rules, don’t try to compare yourself, you’ll only annoy me, please, don’t embarass yourself looking for common ground between us – is that I am irritated by paying for things and not using them. You know, like when the fridge is crammed full of food, and you need to put new food in, so you start rearranging, and realize that a lot of the food is overflow from your husband’s CHEESE DRAWER and it’s got mold on it and why do we need an entire drawer of cheese if it’s not even possible for you to eat cheese in an amount measured by DRAWER before it goes bad? I don’t like purchasing cheese by the drawer if you cannot hold a drawer-sized amount of cheese before it’s a drawer-sized amount of mold. I don’t want to pay for mold. I want to pay for a reasonable amount of cheese. An edible amount of cheese. I want to pay for the exact amount of cheese that is going to be eaten in the exact pre-mold cheese window. And I am telling you from experience and experimenting – FAILED experimenting – it’s not a drawer-sized amount.

And the problem with a giant cheese drawer is that you’re never entirely sure what you have. I usually have two half full bags of shredded colby jack at any given time, because CHEESE DRAWER. Something’s always lost in the back of the drawer, causing me to repurchase the same things over and over again. And then you have two bags of moldy cheese.

I have a point. I have two points, actually, the first being that a family of three does not need a cheese drawer. Okay, special exception on your way to the comments, your family needs a cheese drawer. I concede. My family does not need the mold colony that is our cheese drawer. Read above. I’m a special case. My other point is that for a guy who likes cheese so much, Phil is really not pulling his cheese weight in this house. That wasn’t really my other point, but more of an organic cheese-based epiphany I just had. PHIL, ARE YOU READING THIS? I’M NOT SUPPORTING THIS CHEESE-FARCE ANY LONGER.

I like makeup. I think I’ve discussed that enough. I like wearing it, I like reading about it, I like knowing about new things that are coming out, I like having new things that have come out. I like buying it. But having a makeup drawer is a lot like having a cheese drawer. If you just keep buying things, a lot of it ends up in the back, and soon you’ve got two bags of the same cheese. Or, to separate the threads as I intended to do when I inserted a paragraph break with the purpose of leaving cheese behind, you find yourself buying the same color of lipstick over and over and over.

I’ve been on a bit of a buying streak lately. Not in any kind of obsessive or worrying way. I haven’t been running up the credit cards or selling plasma to fund my makeup problem. Hell, I haven’t even been selling my cloth diapers to fund it, and Penny has been out of them for a while now. When I mentioned to Phil that I was considering doing a “no buy” for a while, he was surprised, because like I said, there’s no specific financial issue. We both have our hobbies and we both spend on them responsibly. But then, how responsible is it, really, when I’m buying more than I’ve had the time, lately, to really put to much use? If I’m buying things and they’re just sitting there, it’s like CHEESE. In our CHEESE drawer. Just sitting there with no purpose. Is it even CHEESE if it’s not being eaten? Er, MAKEUP, if it’s not being WORN? It’s just piles of money. It’s owning it just to own it. I’ll start forgetting what I have, buying duplicates of things I already own, things will start going bad. I’m not spending irresponsibly right now, but if things start going to waste completely, then it doesn’t matter how much or how little I actually spent. A waste is a waste. And that just really chaps my ass.

So that’s what brought me to my no buy. Laura is doing one, too, and just posted her rules the other day. I’ve spent some time thinking about my rules, and they’re a little bit different. First, I’m only limiting myself to cosmetic products, because that’s really what I’ve been “collecting” kind of mindlessly. Second, I don’t have a specific time limit on mine, like for a month or two months. Here is the other issue. Another thing that I pay for and don’t use is this site. It really gives me the red ass to pay my hosting bill and then let the site sit here. Like some of Phil’s cheese. I am not concerned about lost audience, or lost revenue opportunities, or the – okay, stop me right here before I go off on a tangent about the false cries about blogging being dead and your inability to look outside your own dying circle does not translate to the actual medium being dead and holy shit, you do not own nor did you create the Internet and a whole new generation is coming behind you so just MOVE OVER if you can’t handle the new developments and STOP WHIN — it just irritates me to PAY for it and not DO anything with it, you know? And like last year, since PJs, I’ve been kind of loafing.

So I got this bucket, and I went over to the former snack door, now makeup door:


And I grabbed just about everything that I’ve purchased since PJs. I think. Pretty much everything. That covers the last few months.

Now, I am not a beauty blogger and I never intend to be. I don’t have any makeup application skills, I don’t take good pictures, and I honestly have zero interest in doing any videos. But I can tell you what I think. Some of this stuff I bought specifically intending to at least provide swatches of the colors – those little baggies on the left side of the picture are all samples from indie cosmetic companies, and I know a lot of people are interested in hearing about them. And some things in the picture, I mentioned buying them on Twitter and when asked, said, “Oh, I am totally going to do a post about that.” And then didn’t. Some of these things I’ve been using for a little bit now, and like them. Some of these things I’ve tried and am not sure about. Some of these things are unopened, waiting for me to get a chance to sit down and swatch the colors and take some pictures like I really did intend to. Some I just haven’t gotten around to at all.

And, okay, I admit that this isn’t everything. There’s another ten eye shadows coming from another indie company, along with some blush samples (lilac!), plus a Tarte brow mousse I ordered from HauteLook before I started my no buy, and my Allure beauty box should be arriving today – you can see Laura’s unboxing here for what-all is in it.

So my OWN No Buy, No No Blog rules – my personal no buy applies to all cosmetic products (excluding body wash and face wash, because when I run out of what I have, I’m buying more). On top of that, I also have to get around to writing about the indie companies that I intended to write about when I bought the samples. On top of that, any products that I also considered writing about when I bought them (one of those makeup brushes is actually a paint brush, for example). Also, any product that anyone comments on today’s post that they are interested in hearing about. Lastly, everything else in the picture has to be dealt with in one of three ways – mentioned here, used until it’s gone, or given/thrown away if it’s not for me. After all of those things are satisfied, I can buy stuff again.

ONE BIG NOTE: I don’t actually have any intention of turning this into a beauty blog, though. This isn’t a post saying, okay, until I get through all of this, all my posts are going to be makeup posts. Because I don’t actually have that much to say about makeup, contrary to these 1500 words, because let’s be fair, a lot of them were about cheese. The No Buy, No No Blog is only intended to spur me into opening the new post screen, and to hopefully tack on a couple of words about eyeliner as well.

Okay. Who else is doing a No Buy? Or a No No Blog? Or wants to know about something in the picture? I should have made the picture blurrier, in retrospect.

46 responses to “No Buy, No No Blog.”

  1. badger reader says:

    Thank you for conceding that it is okay for me to have a cheese drawer. I am a household of one and it is my favorite part of the refrigerator. I will concede that a cheese drawer is not for everyone, especially if mold is a regular occurrence. That would be annoying.
    I pay annually for a photo hosting website that I have not used in years. One of my resolutions was to make a decision on what to do about that and time is ticking before fee is due. Cancelling and moving photos sounds like way too much work (especially all the captioning and tagging), so I am thinking the alternative is to actually USE what I am paying for and bring it up to date. Sigh. Still a lot of work.
    I am excited to hear your thoughts on recent make-up purchases. I love your makeup comments and recommendations on twitter.

  2. Lindsay A says:

    Please, please do say some words about eyeliner at some point. Especially if you use a liquid type. My holy grail liquid liner (Jemma Kidd’s) was discontinued and I’m on a desperate hunt for a reasonable, lasting replacement. And sadly I don’t have the budget to buy-and-try repeatedly, so I’m “that girl” who keeps returning products to the store.

  3. badger reader says:

    make-up? makeup? clearly I couldn’t decide. Should have stuck with cosmetics.

  4. Amanda Gee says:

    I think of you more of a beauty twitter.I am always interested in what you say about makeup on there.

  5. Tric says:

    1) The mold that grows on cheese (and most breads) isn’t actually bad for people, its actually nutritious- lots of protein, low in calories. If Phil can’t keep his shit together cheese drawer-wise I think you should forcefully encourage him to eat his moldy cheese before buying new cheese.

    2) I am not a make-uped lady, but I am interested in becoming a make-uped lady. The only problem is where does one even start? Is there anyway you could work into your posts how to even begin said collection?

    TJ Reply:

    Hm. I will try to think about how to start a collection, but in the mean time, I think mascara is a good place to start. Mascara, for sure.

    hydrogeek Reply:

    I, also, am interested in figuring out how to start a good collection. I just started wearing makeup daily in 2010, and I’m not 16. Not even close. So…this? Pretty please?

  6. YAY, I just clicked on the pictures and they filled up my whole screen with makeup-y goodness. I am so excited for the indie makeup posts!

    I do have to warn you that the whole blogging about makeup as a non-beauty blogger thing is a slippery slope. I made many similar disclaimers when I first started doing it and now those are the posts that I most look forward to writing (to the point that it’s pretty much taken over the blog). Not that I was a prolific blogger or anything before that, but I’m just saying. Talking about makeup is fun.

    The no no blog thing is super exciting as well because I miss your regular ramblings, like during the butt rust era. I can only read twitter on my phone, so reading blog posts much more closely approximates the appearance of work-related activities.

    TJ Reply:

    If only I could spend three months laying in bed undisturbed so I could post twice a day again.

    But I did wear much less makeup then. Oddly, I showered a lot more, though.


  7. Melissa says:

    I see a sample of Benefit moisturizer in there, I think . I got a sampler pack of those from Ulta and I loved them. But it’s more expensive than the Philosophy I use now, so I don’t know if I’ll switch.

    I’m horrible at picking colors. I picked awful colors when Stila was on HauteLook a few weeks ago and that just ended up being a depressing piece of mail instead of an exciting one.

    I have good luck when I listen to someone else tell me EXACTLY what to buy, colors and all. If someone has pale skin and dark hair, I’m pretty much guaranteed to buy whatever they tell me to.

    TJ Reply:

    You know, I like the way Benefit moisturizers feel, but every time I wear one, I break out.

  8. Charleen says:

    Okay, this is sort of a general question, but… what products have you tried for lipstick/gloss/whatever? I can never find anything that actually lasts longer than like 20 minutes AND does not like harden into a shell on my lips. Or is hardening into a shell really the only way to get color to stay? Or, conversely, is there something out there that is so moisturizing and makes my lips feel so luxurious that I wouldn’t mind applying it a zillion times in a day?

    (I can also never find a color that actually looks good/natural, but if I could find a product I actually liked, I would then be willing to spend the money to buy ALL THE COLORS of that particular product in my search for the perfect color.)

    TJ Reply:

    I’ve tried ALL THE LIP PRODUCTS!

    But without going into detail about every single thing ever, you know you might want to try the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm stains. Then feel a little like a lip balm when you put them on (not exactly) and they’re not drying, and they’ll leave a little bit of a stain behind when they wear away, so they don’t vanish completely. They’re very popular right now, there’s two in that picture.

    Charleen Reply:

    Thanks, I’ll have to grab one the next time I’m at Ulta.

  9. Jess says:

    OK! I want to hear about the Fake Up. I am not historically a makeuppy person, but am now a woman of a certain age (34) who needs some daily maintenance makeup. I bought the Fake Up after you mentioned it and it sounded right up my alley. I just sent my goes to Sephora a lot sister to get it since I don’t live near one. So far I really like it and I want to hear what you think and how it compares to other undereye concealors.
    Also: what’s that pink spongey thing and what do you do with it?

    June Reply:

    Ditto on the Fake Up!

    TJ Reply:

    I actually went back and forth on Fake Up for a while, but I’m pleased at this point.

  10. Jesabes says:

    I definitely want to hear about this paint-brush-as-makeup-brush thing.

    PinkieBling Reply:

    Me too!

    TJ Reply:

    I’m irritated that I started my no buy before I bought more than one, so I can’t get really DEEP into it, but I can definitely tell you about the ONE that I have and direct you to some MORE. PLUS I also bought some really high quality but inexpensive brushes I really like recently and my application skills PLUS my enjoyment of doing makeup have BOTH improved when the quality of my brushes has gone up. So. Definitely worth talking about.

  11. Swistle says:

    A few favorite parts:

    1. “purchasing cheese by the drawer”

    2. “Okay, special exception on your way to the comments”

    3. “so just MOVE OVER if you can’t handle the new developments and STOP WHIN — it just irritates me to”

    4. “because let’s be fair, a lot of them were about cheese”

    5. pretty much all the post tags

    And also the whole parable of the cheese drawer, which I strongly relate to.

    I also have that Collecting impulse for a lot of things. I can feel myself getting into it sometimes. Like, I buy three in a line of something (pieces of clothing, bottles of nail polish, Webkinz animals) and now suddenly I kind of want to buy every single one Just To Own Them.

    My primary make-up interest is sheer lipsticks.

    TJ Reply:

    I HAVE SOME THINGS THAT ARE RELEVANT TO YOUR INTERESTS. AND? If by the end of my project it turns out that I DON’T actually have anything that was relevant to your interests? IT’S TIME TO BUY AGAIN, and I actually have a PURPOSE for buying things. I HAVE TO, SWISTLE NEEDS TO KNOW.

  12. Melissa says:

    God, I just got the no no blog part. I was reading the no no together and not understanding. I am smart.

    TJ Reply:

    Sometimes the things I say in my head don’t translate as well to the blog format as I might like them to.

  13. Marion says:

    I knew I was finally an adult in charge of my own home and own meal planning when I had a cheese drawer. It’s that big bottom part of the food pyramid in this house. Any and every problem can be solved with a block of cheese.

    TJ Reply:

    I’m trying to plan dinner tonight, and I’m wondering if cheesey chicken and cheesey potatoes together is okay, and then I realized that I’M the authority on deciding whether or not that’s okay. Like, if I were to take that question all the way to the top, I’d already be there. At the top. Because the top is me. And I say it’s okay.

    Marion Reply:

    Dinner was iffy? Put some cheese on it. That’ll probably fix the taste. It doesn’t fix it? Just eat the cheese. BAM PROBLEM SOLVED.

  14. Delicia says:

    I’ll be honest.. I look at that amount of makeup, and think OH MY GOD, how could ONE PERSON need that much makeup??! And.. that is why I am Fail at makeup and pretty much never wear any. I don’t even know where to start, and can’t afford to try a bunch, and am now OLD and have wrinkles that trap makeup and make me hate it when I do try it, probably because I’m using the wrong kind that is way old and something I found in the back of the drawer.

    TJ Reply:

    If you WANT to be in to makeup, the best thing to do is to go to a department store counter – like Clinique would be a good one – and ask them for advice on where to start.

    And it’s certainly not an issue of NEEDING. It’s clearly a wanting thing. Ha.

  15. H says:

    My husband has a cheese drawer too! He hoards blocks of cheese, shredded cheese, plain cream cheese, flavored tubs of cream cheese, whipped cream cheese, cheese wedges and cheese rounds. I’m definitely in the we-have-too-much-cheese camp. Sometimes I move a few cheeses to the freezer and then he forgets about those and buys more.

    I’m clueless about makeup. It is sad.

    TJ Reply:

    I need to start freezing. A cheese and freeze. But then you know what will happen? I’ll have a cheese drawer and a cheese freezer.

    Melissa Reply:

    We have a cheese drawer IN our freezer. The number of bags of shredded cheese is out of hand. I could hand them out at Halloween treats.

  16. shin ae says:

    I had to stop in the middle of reading this post to go get cheese.

    So, I’m pretty excited about your non-beauty blogging beauty blogging. I only wear lipstick or lip gloss, but I love everything about makeup (other than wearing it). I’m looking forward to your posts.

    TJ Reply:

    I wish you stopped by my house for some cheese, because I am going to start handing it out to everyone who stops by.

  17. Sky says:

    Worst kind of non-beauty-blogger beauty blogger: The kind that tells you about the Allure Beauty Box that you have never heard of and never tells you how the heck to get the next one. Because, I want it. But I have no idea how I will know when/how to get it. It’s super-secret Internet info isn’t it? Like an inside joke. I knew it. “I love inside jokes, I’d love to be part of one someday.” (-Michael Scott, The Office). Is there a list I can get on?

    TJ Reply:

    The next one is the Fall beauty box! It will be announced in an upcoming issue of Allure and I think it goes on sale in August? Laura is the best one to follow for this stuff. Her blog is http:://diniwilks.blogspot.com and her twitter name is Lauradiniwilk. I ALWAYS forget. This is the first time I’ve actually gotten the Allure box!

    OH and there’s a Sephora box coming up soon, too. Something about sunscreen products. She talks about that one on her blog, it should be REALLY soon.

  18. Sky says:

    I’m on the inside now! Hooray! I’ll try not to be totally awkward. THANK YOU! Following Laura immediately :) woot woot!

  19. NancyP says:

    Ahh the cheese drawer. We have a cheese cheese drawer and I have a needlepoint canvas cheese drawer.
    My makeup related question to you is this: what is your favorite line of makeup brushes?

  20. Jenny says:

    If you could please review anything you’ve gotten from Shiro Cosmetics, I’d be very eager to read it. In fact, if you could do an extremely step-by-step tutorial kind of thing, as far as how the heck one would get the stuff onto one’s eyelids, that would be greatly appreciated. I spent a good amount of time ogling their gorgeous colors last night and wondering what in the heck I would do with them. And whether I’m too old to wear glitter.

  21. Sarah Lena says:

    The Beauty Blender thingie. I don’t understand why it’s any different than a typical makeup wedge applicator. Also, it reminds me of the time I stumbled upon my mom’s Today Sponge birth control and no shit tried to bathe with it.

  22. Sarah Lena says:

    The Beauty Blender thingie. I don’t understand why it’s any different than a typical makeup wedge applicator. Also, it reminds me of the time I stumbled upon my mom’s Today Sponge birth control and no shit tried to bathe with it.

    Natalie Reply:


    TJ Reply:


    (Also, that one up there is a dupe of the actual BB and is more dense and a fraction of the cost, and some don’t like the knock offs as much, BUT what you do is you wet it and squeeze it out and use it to apply foundation when it’s damp and okay, I’m not good at explaining it and I actually had it tossed aside until recently, but it really does give QUITE a nice application once you’ve found a foundation you actually LIKE. Unless you really prefer a full coverage-type foundation. It’s not good for that. It’s better for a little bit more sheer of an application.)

  23. Sam says:

    I have been doing a No Buy on clothes (except underwear and socks) because my current “nursing a toddler” body is temporary. The hard part is I don’t have an end date. Someday he’ll stop and my boobs will deflate and I’ll buy clothes again.

  24. Leslie says:

    Oh god, make-up blah blah blah blah blah you lost me blah blah blah

  25. Kay says:

    I found your blog when I was aimlessly clicking on old vlogbrothers videos. Glad I did! Also glad I’m not the only one who tags her blog posts crazily.
    Oh, and happy mother’s day! I mean, having a two year old must suck, but at least you get a day dedicated to you now.