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You know what? I won’t ever again envy anyone’s vast expanses of counter space as long as I live.

Sure, it’s easy for me to say that now, considering that I have vast expanses of counter space.

But listen, there is no soulcrushing household crapmagnet like the vast expanse of counter space.

It’s just there. Being vast an expansive. Waiting for you to put your shit on it. And then put some shit next to the shit you already put on it. Just a pile of mail here, and the stuff from the grocery shopping that wasn’t groceries there. And the scissors and the tape — look, I don’t need to tell you how a horizontal surface, free of crap, becomes unfree of crap faster than you can say, “WHAT THE HELL IS ALL OF THIS CRAP?”

And as someone who used to not have much counter space, I can see how a huge amount of counter space is alluring. I was allured. I was allured right into this house with the giant CRAP MAGNET right in the middle, with the MINI CRAP MAGNET on the way to the big crap magnet, a kind of CRAP MAGNET WAY STATION, if you will. If you don’t have counter space, you think, “Ugh, if only I had space for all my CRAP, things wouldn’t look so CRAPPY around here.” Because that’s what you think. You think everything looks so cluttered and messy because you have to jam it on to a tiny counter.


Because then you move into a house with a GIANT SOULCRUSHING CRAPMAGNET RIGHT IN THE CENTER.


So now I have this counter, and I swear it’s bigger in real life, not just because that’s a picture, but because it just is, I can’t even wipe all the way across it without going around. “Oooh, so much COUNTER SPACE,” said past me. But you know what? Even past me knew. Past me saw that for what it was, because past me KNOWS ME. Knew me. Knew past me. And paster me. Not pastor me. I mean like, more past. Past me knew the me that came before the me that I’m talking about when I say past me NOW. ALL OF THE ITERATIONS OF ME TO THIS POINT ARE FAMILIAR WITH ME AS I HAVE EXISTED UP UNTIL THE POINT THAT THEY THEMSELVES EXISTED.

I don’t know how you clean. Maybe you just power through shit and get it all done. Maybe you do different things on different days. Like maybe Monday is laundry day and Tuesday is for floors and Wednesday is for, I don’t know, what else is there? I am really bad at housekeeping. Like, piss poor. And the problem can be traced back to the CRAPMAGNET.

You see that house in that picture right there? I could clean that house. I could keep that house clean. ANYONE could keep that house clean, right? But you know why I could? Because I can see all the horizontal surfaces. But once a horizontal surface becomes buried in crap – AS A CRAPMAGNET IS WONT TO DO – the house is just too far gone. It’s gone. We need to move. It will never be clean again. Ever. EVER. There is no point to do ANYTHING because how CAN I? Everything I NEED to clean is buried under CRAP. We’re ALL buried under crap. WE HAVE TOO MUCH CRAP. I’M GOING TO THROW AWAY ALL THIS CRAP. Or I WOULD if there wasn’t so MUCH. And some is probably IMPORTANT, which is why I set it on the CRAPMAGNET in the FIRST PLACE.

When a crapmagnet is THAT BIG, it pulls is ENORMOUS amounts of crap.

But I can’t just not do anything FOREVER. Eventually, not being able to see the giant horizontal surface right in the middle of the house becomes entirely too stressful and too much to bear, because THAT is what I perceive as a mess. If a giant horizontal surface is terribly cluttered and disorganized to the point that I can’t see it, EVERYTHING IS A HUGE MESS. A huge mess that CANNOT BE TACKLED.

And this is where Phil and I come in to a huge divide in our cleaning styles. He will see a thing that needs cleaning and he will clean it, often in a manner that I will perceive as passive-aggressive, because why didn’t I clean it? But then there’s me, and I cannot do anything – I can’t do a single thing – if I can’t see the crapmagnet. So we can end up in a cycle where every afternoon, I work myself in a circle around the kitchen, clearing off the surface of the crapmagnet and stand beaming at it proudly, while he comes home and starts putting away Penelope’s toys, the toys that are up to my ankles, with tone. AS IF HE CAN’T EVEN SEE THE SURFACE OF THE CRAPMAGNET.

And then I cook dinner and not all of the dishes/tools/ingredients get cleaned up and put away, and he leaves his tea and cereal boxes where he likes them on the counter in the morning, and the mail is on the crapmagnet, and this happens for a day or so, and two days later, I’m furiously making the same loop around the crapmagnet circle, all, “TAA DAAA!” and every item of Penelope’s clothing is all over her bedroom floor. Not to mention every item of my clothing being all over my bedroom floor.


If you are a specific type of person – which I am, and this is my blog – a giant expanse of counter space is a CRAPMAGNET. Everything that comes in to your home will first take up temporary residence on the crapmagnet. Any type of horizontal surface can (and WILL) become a crap magnet, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that a larger counter equals some space for kitchen stuff, some space for crap. It’s kitchen stuff with CRAP WEDGED IN ALL UP AMONGST IT.

And if you are a second specific type of person – which I am, and this is still my blog – the horizontal surfaces NEED TO STAY VISIBLE to motivate housekeeping in general. If I need to clean my house, my first task will ALWAYS be to find all the horizontal surfaces. If I can’t, THEN WHY BOTHER CLEANING, IT’S ALL GOING TO HELL ANYWAY. The longer it takes me to decrap a crap magnet, the more chance there is I’m just going to pat myself on the back and say, “there now, good for you, go and sit down” when I’m done.

ACTUALLY? I decrapped the crapmagnet yesterday, Phil walked into HOLY HELL in this house – I mean shredded mail in a trail all the way into the kitchen, toddler clothing strewn all over, a bike in the living room, a stock pot full of water right inside the front door, crayons broken on the carpet, the TV looping on some DVD menu – and when he got into the kitchen and saw the crapmagnet all free and clear of crap? He goes, “Hey, looks great!”

So, yeah, sometimes I sit down when I’m done.

I realize that you have to be two specific kinds of people combined to come to resent your giant crapmagnet of a counter, but maybe you actually only have to be one kind, and also have children. Or a husband. Actually, probably you just have to be the second kind because I’m pretty sure the Household Horizontal Crapmagnet Syndrome is universal, and maybe the whole needing visible surfaces to actually feel any cleaning progress is being made is a more specific thing. But it can’t be THAT specific, because I’m pretty sure it’s an actual cleaning TIP I read at one point. Clear a horizontal surface first. I think it was meant so that you’d have some work space, but in reality, it’s probably so your soul feels a little less crushed under the pull of your crapmagnet.

Please don’t give me helpful hints on how to clean my crapmagnet. The key isn’t in the crapmagnet cleaning. The key is in it not being a crapmagnet in the first place. If you can come over to my house and demagnetize that bitch, I’m totally up for hearing that. But I already know how not to leave a room with empty hands (I try not to leave a room without Penelope) and how to take 15 minutes at the end of the day to put things where they go (I usually allocate them for weeping in the shower lately, priorities) and how to use baskets to collect things to return to their homes (I’m out of homes, and I’m on my second basket).

It’s just… it’s a habit. I am convinced that Phil and I quit smoking more easily than we will stop being drawn in to the crapmagnet with our crapladen hands. Is there a Chantix for the crapmagnet habit? Because I will take a month’s worth of fucked up dreams about sawing the heads off of dogs, I will, I SWEAR, if only to be able to run straight from my front door and Dukes of Hazzard right the hell over my counter (in my head because one, there’s nothing on the other side to justify such a move. Two, have we met, because if we have, that will stand for two.)

Uh, anyway. So, maybe this also applies to you. Or not. Maybe your counters are free of crap and other life debris and neatly wiped down each night before you dim the kitchen lights and slide into the bed you make EVERY MORNING EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE JUST GETTING BACK IN. And you could probably Dukes of Hazzard a counter, too.


Anyway, the No Buy, No No Blog didn’t work out. It’s not that I bought anything. I didn’t. Even when I knew it wasn’t working out, I still didn’t buy anything. I’ve really stuck to it. I skipped sales. I’ve even sat on a gift card to Ulta for more than a month. I just haven’t felt like blogging. So I didn’t buy anything, even though I knew I wasn’t going to blog, because that’s how I said I was going to do it. I didn’t know how long I wasn’t going to blog, but I didn’t think it would be this long. It was a while. Sometimes, when you find some people might be a little more comfortable with your business than you’re comfortable with, it might be a good idea to just not have any business for a while.

I think I might start buying things again. I could have been buying things a while ago, probably. I have written some really emphatic blog posts in my head recently.

I recently discovered Vine and I’ve been using it to capture some of Penelope’s more camera-elusive talents.

Anyway, that’s all. If you want to come over, I’ll clear off the crapmagnet.*

*That’s not a real invitation.

Rage balls, Makeup Monday: Starting a Collection, and being in.

Maria has started doing Makeup Monday for the month of May, and you can look to this post on her blog for more explanation, but since I have makeup to talk about and a No Buy, No No Blog going on, it aligns nicely with my goals, so I decided to hop on board with one of the questions that came up a couple of times in the last post and sometimes on Twitter, or anywhere, really, when talk of a makeup collection gets going, and that question – we’re still in the same sentence, I think – that question is this: How does a person get started making (getting? building? having? gathering?) such a collection?

But first I have to say, I did not even think I would even get to do a post today at all, and I guess for most people I am not even really doing a post today at all, because I think the Internet is closed for most of the country at this point, or the people who have the good channels or DVR are watching all of that stuff, because it’s 7pm in Arizona, which is pretty much No One’s Here o’clock, Internet Standard Time. I’ve been laying in bed for the longest time because I’ve had terrible stomach cramps all day, and there’s maybe a two percent chance they’re related to the stomach cramps Phil had yesterday, considering we eat mostly the same food and go the same places, live in the same house and are exposed to all of the same things, but I’m 98% certain it’s a rage ball in my stomach, and if it is a rage ball, then I’m 100% certain it’s Penelope-related.

  •  Evidence One: Every morning, she snuggles up close to me, on the love seat, so that she’s practically up IN my love seat cushion, even though it’s clearly a two person sofa, and — actually, you know what?
  • Evidence Two: Once she’s snuggled up, she puts her left foot on me. And I subtly push her foot off of me. And she will be drinking her milk, or looking at the dogs, or watching television, or just otherwise occupied, and she just puts her foot right back where it was. Like it was comfortable there, and she’s just putting it back, no big. So I move it again. And she puts it back. So I move it. And she puts it back. Only by then, I can SEE HER SMILING. And she might hook her foot over my arm, or put her bare foot flat against my forearm, or whatever, anything. So I shove her, gently-ish, to her own cushion, as it should be, on a two cushion couch. And she will snake her left foot down the couch and TOUCH ME WITH HER FOOT. Until I am yelling, at a two year old, “GET YOUR FREAKING FOOT OFF OF ME. STOP IT. STOP TOUCHING ME WITH YOUR FOOT. STOOOPPPP IIIIIIIITTTTTTT!”
  • Evidence Three: Speaking of snakes (I did, up there, you can go back and check), she refused to eat her lunch today because it was snake, even though she knew FULL WELL it was steak. SHE KNEW. I knew she knew. SHE KNEW I KNEW SHE KNEW. She’s always snake-punking me. (There is a video here. You might not see it in whatever crappy substitute for Google Reader you’ve been forced into.)

  • Evidence Four: The numerous time outs today specifically for throwing things while yelling, “No THROWING!” as she heaved the item across the room.
  • Evidence Five and Six: These two potatoes she removed from the fridge, bit, and then left places.

    There’s a buttmunch loose in this house. I’ve got the evidence RIGHT HERE.

You: That’s how two year olds are!
I know I just told you.

You: Have you tried —
We are trying parenting and waiting for her to age. Those are the methods we are going with.

I just – I KNOW. I know other kids are like this. This isn’t the other kid blog, it’s my blog and my rage ball, and I’m telling you, just because other kids behave this way doesn’t make it any less of a justified rage ball. She touches me with her foot WITH MALICE AFORETHOUGHT. “All two year olds are crazy” does not make me feel any less like laying face down in the carpet come 2:30pm. She learned how to open the fridge and used her new found knowledge to bite my potatoes. Potatoes are my favorite. What did she think was going to be different about the second one? She didn’t think anything. She’s two. There isn’t any thinking. There’s a desire to bite a potato, and then there’s biting the potato. And then the potato adventure is through. No thought involved. No thought for Mama who has to have a pre-bitten potato for lunch.


I know all the sciencey stuff. Exploring her world! Checking shit out! Learning that this potato tastes just like that potato! Not learning that a decent human being RETURNS THE POTATOES WHEN DONE BITING THEM. I watched Mr. Rogers with her today, the one where he narrates while the film shows the crayon factory? That was always my favorite, I’m not unique in that, and holy shit, her mind was BLOWN. I know it’s a miraculous time and all of that, but so was pregnancy, and that was still a fucking shit show. I’m feeling all defensive because you get so many explanations. Oh, she’s two. Oh, terrible twos! Just learning about her world! This is an important time for them! No, no, I get it. I do. But if you are using those words like a sponge to wipe away at my frowny rage face I will just tell you now, there is a frownier, ragier face underneath, because one, gross, sponge. Two, foot. Three and four, my potatoes.

So anyway, my stomach hurts really bad. Two percent chance it’s what Phil had, 98% chance Penelope has put something in my food to destroy me from within. I just felt really blergh all day, so I didn’t think I’d get a chance to do my Makeup Monday post at all, but I didn’t want to miss out on helping Maria get this off the ground (seeing as how having it steaming along benefits my No Buy, No No Blog goals as well, after all), so since she expressed interest in seeing everyone’s collections and she went with lip stuff for her post, I gathered up all my lip stuff and posted this on Twitter with the Makeup Monday hashtag.

Penelope very much wanted her Lipsmacker included. She likes it applied directly to tongue.

That is, I believe, my entire current collection of lip products. Some are part of the No Buy, No No Blog project and some are just in my regular rotation. There are probably a couple of things that can be pruned out, but since I enjoy the researching/shopping/picking aspect of makeup as much as the having/using aspect of makeup like a lot of other kinds of hobbies, I don’t really end up with a whole lot that doesn’t work out for me. All of it is current, or at least most of it is, and should be still available for purchase or relatively easy to find, so names and swatches of anything you might be interested in seeing more of can be handled tomorrow. Which is today, probably, since the Internet is closed for most of you.

The question, though. Of how to start a makeup collection. Obviously I have one, but when people would ask that question, I would immediately think, “I don’t know, you’re going to have to ask someone else. I can’t help you, I have no idea.” Because, honestly, what do I know? I just buy things. But then, to anyone on the outside, who isn’t familiar with makeup at all, that probably sounds really daunting. That’s like me asking a knitter how to get started, and getting the answer, “Oh, I just knit.”

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’m fairly… enthusiastic… about the things I like. Doctor Who, makeup, Korean television dramas. If I like something, I want everyone to like it. I don’t see the value in liking something before everyone else does, or in being the first one there, or in being “in the know” while everyone else is still on the outside, because I don’t see the value in loving something alone. When I love something like those things I listed, I love it. I don’t want to love it alone, I want to share it. There’s no prize in exclusivity for me – the more, the more better. The more people who share my interests, the more people I can discuss them with. The wider my circles expand. The more ways I can relate to people who were already my friends. When I am excited about something, I don’t want to turn my back and hunch over it to hoard it. I want to turn around and yell for everyone to COME OVER HERE AND LOOK AT THIS. And I do. A lot. Which, again, if you follow me on Twitter, you are well aware of.

When there is something that looks cool and you want to get in on it, there are several ways to do it. You could check a book out of the library. You could search online. You could jump in and just start doing it. Or you could find a friend who is into whatever it is you want to be into and ask for help. Those are all valid ways to explore a new interest or hobby, right? And people who were interested in makeup but had no idea where to start – that’s what some people were doing. Asking me. Some people want to know how to start a makeup collection, they see that I have a makeup collection, so they asked me. And what have I done up til now? Throw up my hands, say, “Oh, I can’t help you, I just do it.” Like a knitter saying, “I just knit.” Or if you wanted to learn how to ski, and you asked someone who skis how to get started, and they said to you, “I don’t know, you just ski.” It doesn’t make any sense. There are ways to get started. So I thought of some.

Some Ways to Start a Makeup Collection When You Don’t Know How to Start a Makeup Collection at All so You Have to Start From Somewhere: a List by Temerity Jane

∞ If you have any skincare concerns at all (very dry skin, aging skin (I’M NOT BEING INSULTING, YOU JUDGE FOR YOURSELF), very oily skin), a goo idea might be to go to a department store counter like Clinique known for good skin care systems, especially at a time when they are running a gift with purchase special. The counter lady will help you select some skin care stuff, they will maybe help you pick some makeup if you like, and you’ll get usually a little makeup bag with some free with purchase makeup products in it – which ones will depend on the promotion.

∞ OR? You can just pick a department store counter and ask for a full makeover. You’ll have to commit to buying some products at the end, but you can ask them to show you how to do what they’re doing, you can tell them what kind of “look” you want, and you’ll have all the colors chosen for you so you won’t have to worry about picking something terrible on your own.

∞ A brand like e.l.f. (carried at Target or available online, their site is always running a sale) is great for figuring out what types of products you like. Like do you prefer powder eye shadows, or cream? Or do you like pencil eyeliner, or liquid? With almost every single product under $5, most under $3, you can cheaply figure out your preferences and then step up to better brands.

∞ Ok, you know where you should start if you don’t have anything at all? Mascara. If you want to just start with something to break the makeup ice, you should buy some mascara. If you want a one item makeup collection, it should be mascara. If you want to buy two things, it should maybe be mascara and blush. Or mascara and a tinted lip balm. Mascara, blush, and a nice tinted lip balm. That’s a good way to start a collection, with those three things.

Continuation of the above point: I will be more specific now, but you and I both know that everyone is different and someone may recommend three different options in the comments, and then you will have to go your own way (YOU CAN GO YOUR OWN WAAAAAY (go your own waaay)): Cover Girl’s Clump Crusher, a blush of your choosing (Physican’s Formula has some foolproof ones and CVS regularly does excellent sales), and Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain.

Lastly, you can follow me on Twitter, because I am on a No Buy, No No Blog, and all day long, I point out things I would like to buy, and things I think other people should buy, usually on sale, or on sites like HauteLook. If you buy all of the things I would like to be buying, you will certainly have a collection. Quite quickly. I don’t think this is the best option. I think you’d like it, though.

Anyway. That’s it. Those are some ways that I think you could build a makeup collection if you don’t have one, and don’t know where to start. I hope it was helpful. I’m sorry if I’ve seemed closed off to the question before. That was… closed off of me. It was probably my rage ball talking. In the future, I will remember that I appear to be just as enthusiastic about makeup as I am about Doctor Who, cloth diapers, and Korean dramas, and I shouldn’t be such a knob when people want to be in on it.

Seriously. When people want to be in on what you’re in on, let them in. It’s fun when we’re all in. Unless it’s a secret. If someone tells you a secret, don’t tell. Unless it’s your spouse. You’re allowed to tell them. Don’t tell me secrets and say, “But don’t tell Phil.” Because in my head I’m already telling Phil. Unless it’s about a surprise for Phil. You can tell me those things, that’s okay, I won’t tell Phil. This is so exciting, Phil won’t even know what hit him!

Any resemblance to any person living, dead, or ridiculous when the word “you” is used is a figment of your imagination and not the intent of Temerity Jane.

No Buy, No No Blog.

Something completely and totally unique about me – if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you’re aware that I find myself to be a unique and varying snowflake, different from everyone ever, a special case, an exception to all of the rules, don’t try to compare yourself, you’ll only annoy me, please, don’t embarass yourself looking for common ground between us – is that I am irritated by paying for things and not using them. You know, like when the fridge is crammed full of food, and you need to put new food in, so you start rearranging, and realize that a lot of the food is overflow from your husband’s CHEESE DRAWER and it’s got mold on it and why do we need an entire drawer of cheese if it’s not even possible for you to eat cheese in an amount measured by DRAWER before it goes bad? I don’t like purchasing cheese by the drawer if you cannot hold a drawer-sized amount of cheese before it’s a drawer-sized amount of mold. I don’t want to pay for mold. I want to pay for a reasonable amount of cheese. An edible amount of cheese. I want to pay for the exact amount of cheese that is going to be eaten in the exact pre-mold cheese window. And I am telling you from experience and experimenting – FAILED experimenting – it’s not a drawer-sized amount.

And the problem with a giant cheese drawer is that you’re never entirely sure what you have. I usually have two half full bags of shredded colby jack at any given time, because CHEESE DRAWER. Something’s always lost in the back of the drawer, causing me to repurchase the same things over and over again. And then you have two bags of moldy cheese.

I have a point. I have two points, actually, the first being that a family of three does not need a cheese drawer. Okay, special exception on your way to the comments, your family needs a cheese drawer. I concede. My family does not need the mold colony that is our cheese drawer. Read above. I’m a special case. My other point is that for a guy who likes cheese so much, Phil is really not pulling his cheese weight in this house. That wasn’t really my other point, but more of an organic cheese-based epiphany I just had. PHIL, ARE YOU READING THIS? I’M NOT SUPPORTING THIS CHEESE-FARCE ANY LONGER.

I like makeup. I think I’ve discussed that enough. I like wearing it, I like reading about it, I like knowing about new things that are coming out, I like having new things that have come out. I like buying it. But having a makeup drawer is a lot like having a cheese drawer. If you just keep buying things, a lot of it ends up in the back, and soon you’ve got two bags of the same cheese. Or, to separate the threads as I intended to do when I inserted a paragraph break with the purpose of leaving cheese behind, you find yourself buying the same color of lipstick over and over and over.

I’ve been on a bit of a buying streak lately. Not in any kind of obsessive or worrying way. I haven’t been running up the credit cards or selling plasma to fund my makeup problem. Hell, I haven’t even been selling my cloth diapers to fund it, and Penny has been out of them for a while now. When I mentioned to Phil that I was considering doing a “no buy” for a while, he was surprised, because like I said, there’s no specific financial issue. We both have our hobbies and we both spend on them responsibly. But then, how responsible is it, really, when I’m buying more than I’ve had the time, lately, to really put to much use? If I’m buying things and they’re just sitting there, it’s like CHEESE. In our CHEESE drawer. Just sitting there with no purpose. Is it even CHEESE if it’s not being eaten? Er, MAKEUP, if it’s not being WORN? It’s just piles of money. It’s owning it just to own it. I’ll start forgetting what I have, buying duplicates of things I already own, things will start going bad. I’m not spending irresponsibly right now, but if things start going to waste completely, then it doesn’t matter how much or how little I actually spent. A waste is a waste. And that just really chaps my ass.

So that’s what brought me to my no buy. Laura is doing one, too, and just posted her rules the other day. I’ve spent some time thinking about my rules, and they’re a little bit different. First, I’m only limiting myself to cosmetic products, because that’s really what I’ve been “collecting” kind of mindlessly. Second, I don’t have a specific time limit on mine, like for a month or two months. Here is the other issue. Another thing that I pay for and don’t use is this site. It really gives me the red ass to pay my hosting bill and then let the site sit here. Like some of Phil’s cheese. I am not concerned about lost audience, or lost revenue opportunities, or the – okay, stop me right here before I go off on a tangent about the false cries about blogging being dead and your inability to look outside your own dying circle does not translate to the actual medium being dead and holy shit, you do not own nor did you create the Internet and a whole new generation is coming behind you so just MOVE OVER if you can’t handle the new developments and STOP WHIN — it just irritates me to PAY for it and not DO anything with it, you know? And like last year, since PJs, I’ve been kind of loafing.

So I got this bucket, and I went over to the former snack door, now makeup door:


And I grabbed just about everything that I’ve purchased since PJs. I think. Pretty much everything. That covers the last few months.

Now, I am not a beauty blogger and I never intend to be. I don’t have any makeup application skills, I don’t take good pictures, and I honestly have zero interest in doing any videos. But I can tell you what I think. Some of this stuff I bought specifically intending to at least provide swatches of the colors – those little baggies on the left side of the picture are all samples from indie cosmetic companies, and I know a lot of people are interested in hearing about them. And some things in the picture, I mentioned buying them on Twitter and when asked, said, “Oh, I am totally going to do a post about that.” And then didn’t. Some of these things I’ve been using for a little bit now, and like them. Some of these things I’ve tried and am not sure about. Some of these things are unopened, waiting for me to get a chance to sit down and swatch the colors and take some pictures like I really did intend to. Some I just haven’t gotten around to at all.

And, okay, I admit that this isn’t everything. There’s another ten eye shadows coming from another indie company, along with some blush samples (lilac!), plus a Tarte brow mousse I ordered from HauteLook before I started my no buy, and my Allure beauty box should be arriving today – you can see Laura’s unboxing here for what-all is in it.

So my OWN No Buy, No No Blog rules – my personal no buy applies to all cosmetic products (excluding body wash and face wash, because when I run out of what I have, I’m buying more). On top of that, I also have to get around to writing about the indie companies that I intended to write about when I bought the samples. On top of that, any products that I also considered writing about when I bought them (one of those makeup brushes is actually a paint brush, for example). Also, any product that anyone comments on today’s post that they are interested in hearing about. Lastly, everything else in the picture has to be dealt with in one of three ways – mentioned here, used until it’s gone, or given/thrown away if it’s not for me. After all of those things are satisfied, I can buy stuff again.

ONE BIG NOTE: I don’t actually have any intention of turning this into a beauty blog, though. This isn’t a post saying, okay, until I get through all of this, all my posts are going to be makeup posts. Because I don’t actually have that much to say about makeup, contrary to these 1500 words, because let’s be fair, a lot of them were about cheese. The No Buy, No No Blog is only intended to spur me into opening the new post screen, and to hopefully tack on a couple of words about eyeliner as well.

Okay. Who else is doing a No Buy? Or a No No Blog? Or wants to know about something in the picture? I should have made the picture blurrier, in retrospect.