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It’s not as obscene as you assumed, Internet. You probably owe me an apology.

Not as bad as you thought, RIGHT?

Pretty reasonable, RIGHT?

There’s one in the wash (it has polka dots) and one on Penny’s butt (orange!), but that’s all.

Well, there’s a few¬†others, but I just SOLD them, so they’re not pictured, because I need to mail them. Just 5 pockets and a fitted.

And I do have a couple of stacks of prefolds, but we don’t really use them anymore, so they’re not pictured. You can just imagine those.

Oh, and also the covers. They’re at the other end of the drawer. No big, there’s like 3. Plus 4 I’m selling, but they’re newborn size. Don’t count.

The extra stuffings and liners and doublers are also down at the other end of the drawer, but accessories don’t count as actual diapers.

And I did get one in the mail today, but it was part of a mystery package with some other cool stuff, so I could hardly be expected to count that one yet.

I also kind of have four on the way, but did you see above? I JUST SOLD SIX.

YOU’RE the one who is unreasonable.