I’m doing that tilty hand motion to show I get that it’s iffy.

I was better today, in a small way. You know that space I talked about yesterday, the one that’s there, waiting for me to fill in, waiting for me to look at all of these areas where I can improve and just… go ahead and improve┬ásomething already?

Well, I did.


I typed a whole big justification for My Baby Is On A Leash And Here Is Why My Baby Is On A Leash Let’s Discuss Our Feelings About My Leashed Baby And Get It All Out In The Open┬áhere, but ah, fuck it. I’m not the bridge between the leashers and the leash… nots. You stay on your side of the line, I’ll stay on mine.

26 thoughts on “I’m doing that tilty hand motion to show I get that it’s iffy.

  1. Doing My Best

    My opinion on leashes: HOORAY! There’s a good way to keep the fast-moving toddler from darting into the street!

    I LOOOOOVE her face in that picture =).

  2. Shauna

    This is one thing that just blows my mind. Are we really arguing about this? Why is leash vs not leash even a THING?!I just feel like the same people who complain about the leashes are the same ones who complain about kids running around everywhere. Look, you are containing your child! She is safe! This is harmless! I guess I just don’t get the anti-leash argument!
    That picture is priceless, though! I feel like that is one she will certainly enjoy when she’s older and goes through the photo albums pointing out every questionable thing her mother has ever done to her, not that I did that recently or anything!

    Shauna Reply:

    I’m not sure if it’s clear or not, but by WE in my comment I mean, the world! As in, is the WORLD actually having this argument?!

  3. Melissa

    I remember being against toddler leashes….then I had a toddler. Those kids are small, slippery and FASTERthan I thought possible!

    I love the watermark on your picture so much!

  4. Elizabeth

    I didn’t have a leash for my first. I wasn’t opposed; she just didn’t need one. She was willing to hold my hand most of the time and never wandered off. My second? At 14 months she would run off from me at the zoo and not look back AT ALL EVER. She’s the kid that I’ve had to have the Target folks put out an APB for TWICE. So yeah, she got leashed until she was about 2.5. Honestly, I’ve had more rude comments about baby carriers than I ever got about the leash, although in France we did get a fair number of people laughing at it.

  5. Ashley

    I was against kid leashes right up until I had a kid who needed one. Ours was a monkey. (And I believe the proper name is *harness buddy*.)

  6. Cayt

    1) People who say that you shouldn’t put your kid on a leash because she’s not a dog should also be saying to people with babies in strollers ‘don’t put your kid in that fancy wheelbarrow! She is not a turnip!’

    2) Oh my god chubby sturdy little toddler legs are the cutest thing!

  7. Swistle

    What I found is that using a different word helps: it’s a “safety harness.” I think people say “leash” because they want to evoke the image of dogs/animals/inappropriateness. It would be like calling the crib “a kennel” or “a cage.”

  8. Paula

    I leashed my kids and that was back before the leashes were cute, with teddy bears. Ours was just … a leash.

    H Reply:

    Ours was too! It had Velcro wraps – one for the child’s wrist and one for the adult’s wrist – and they were connected by a curly rubbery old-telephone-cord-like extension.

    I bought it after my toddler son escaped and hid in the middle of a circular rack of hanging clothes. He was “hiding” so he didn’t answer when I called his name, and fortunately the store was not that busy. I saw his tiny legs poking out from under the clothing but I was in a panic until I found him.

    The Tutugirl Reply:

    My parents leashed me, and it was one of those plain ones. In fact, it was the same one my grandparents used with my mom, so it was even uglier than the dog’s leash.

    I lived. And given how much of a klutz I am, I’m pretty sure that would not have happened sans leash.

  9. jelourai

    I plan on getting one for my 15-month-old, who just perfected walking last month. I’d rather let him get some exercise, a little freedom, and explore, than keep him cooped up in a stroller or shopping cart.
    I want one with some attitude, though… one that says on the back… “Yeah, it’s a leash – COME AT ME, BRO!”.

  10. Laura Lou

    Leash or panicked screaming (you) then crying (her). I’ll take leash, thanks. I think it’s one of those things that you don’t get if your kid wasn’t the kind that needed one, and if your kid was, you already have one.

    Love the watermark!

  11. EP

    I don’t have kids yet, and I guess it’s safe to say that I was mildly opposed to “leashes” mostly because of how they’re ridiculed on tv, but I honestly hadn’t really ever given it much thought. Anyway, last year, I had a layover at the Delta terminal in Atlanta, on Saturday morning of Memorial Day Weekend. I have lived in both NYC and DC and have commuted daily by mass transit in both (and still do), and let me tell you, even I was intimidated by the sheer number of people and madness at that airport. I saw one family who had their toddler in one of those little fuzzy things, and instantly thought that those people were geniuses. They didn’t have to worry about their kid running off, getting lost, stolen or trampled! So yeah, if it allows you relax a bit while you’re out and about, I say go for it. And send any naysayers to ATL over a holiday weekend.

  12. LoofahLady

    Honestly I don’t get why leashing or not leashing kids is a big deal. Kids and dogs are pretty much the same mentally until the kid hits about 4 or 5 years old, so why the quibbling about leashing one but not the other? It’s stupid. Do what you need to do, in either case. I’ve never seen a kid negatively affected by being leashed before the age of 5, hell some even like it. The kids that people claim are messed up because their parents leashed them are usually messed up for some other very obvious reason nearly every time. Leash away! They can judge all they want while they cry over their lost/killed child and you’re busy trying to come up with the money for her high school graduation present.

  13. Carrie

    I’d rather have my kid on a leash than have my kid get hit by a car or lost in a store. She’ll start listening better in a few months. When I take my leashed kids to the airport everyone thinks I’m so smart, esp the older folks. When I take my leashed kid to the mall or wherever, young people with no children make horrible remarks. Someone needs to run them over.

  14. Lauren

    I firmly maintain that a kid on a “leash” has more freedom than a kid in a stroller. We don’t think anything of putting a kid in a stroller, so it really annoys me when people make nasty comments to parents who use a harness for their kid. And Penny certainly doesn’t seem to mind it!

  15. Erica

    Once when I was little, we were at the mall and my baby (toddler) brother took off sprinting and managed to climb up and INTO the giant mall fountain before my mom could catch him. We immediately went to a pet store, where she bought a red dog leash and attached it to him. This has never seemed weird to me.

    Erica Reply:

    I’m certain this could stand without clarification, but she attached it to his belt loop. Not, like…his person.

    thepsychobabble Reply:

    (I totally pictured a collar to go with it, lol)

  16. Christen

    I was once shamed for having my little brother (he’s waaaayyyy younger so it wasn’t like I was 4 and he was 2) on his kid leash at the ballpark once and I snapped around and told the lady that if SHE wanted to chase him around and deal with him crashing into people and gashing his face open on the concrete then I’d happily take it off of him and let her be in charge. She shut her mouth right-quick.

    Five minutes later a woman with two middle-school aged children asked me if it wasn’t the best thing ever. People are funny.

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