Settle this: Soda disposal – stealth or crealth?

February 14th, 2012 | by TJ |

Two things you need to understand:

1. This is not a TJ vs. Phil “Settle This,” just a me vs. me “Settle This.”

2. “Crealth” is a word I have just made up, and it means the opposite of stealth, in the way that you do something out in the open because there’s no real reason to be stealthy about it, because everyone does it and it’s no big thing.

Okay, wait, one more thing:

3. Those of you who keep clean cars will not be able to relate to this, and actually probably would also not be able to relate to me, because at any given moment, my car usually looks like I live in there.

ANYWAY. We’re talking about public soda disposal. Or, you know, coffee. Whatever. Don’t get hung up on the details.

So, you’re  me, or someone like me, and you’re about to go through the drive through for a big soda for the third time in a week. The third time, which means, of course, that your two cup holders are already full. Or, you’re walking out of Target with your recently purchased soda and get in the car, only to be confronted with your perpetually full-of-half-full-of-flat-soda-and-melted-ice-lidded-cups cup holders.

So what do you do? You can’t toss a full beverage to the floor of your car like you do with receipts and the mail and that big container of dog treats that I don’t remember – OH YEAH, Sheldon ran away and I had to drive around the block with a tub of treats to try to lure him home, that ass clown.

What you do is that you empty it out on the ground, right? In the Target parking lot or in the drive through or wherever you are. You open the door a crack and pour the soda out the side and THEN you can toss the cup on the floor of your car. Or you roll down your window in the drive through and do the dump.

The thing is, though, in all the years I have been doing this, because, come on – if you spot an empty cup holder in my car, you should take your skills to the wild to help locate a yeti or something – I have always felt that while I can convince myself that I am not hurting anything by dumping liquid on the ground, it isn’t something that anyone should see you doing, because it’s wrong. Or it’s littering? I’m not sure.

So you make sure there’s no one nearby when you empty out a cup between parked cars, or you go through the drive through with your new ice cold soda in your CROTCH so you can dump out an old can away from prying employee eyes, in case they spring through the window to CATCH YOU IN YOUR VANDALISTIC ACT, all, “I JUST MOPPED THAT DRIVEWAY.”

A beverage! On their asphalt!

But is this really something to be stealth about? I mean, really. Think about the alternatives – throwing the entire cup or can out the window. That is LITTERING for REAL, right? Or, I guess, cleaning out your car as you arrive home with each beverage, but that’s unrealistic. I have a baby. I don’t vulture people for close parking spots. I always put my cart away. I don’t huff at people who refuse to acknowledge my superior status and right to GO FIRST because can’t you see I have SPAWNED a portion of this planet’s FUTURE. But I cannot be bothered to carry both baby and trash into the house upon arriving home and don’t you even SAY “two trips” to me, because EVERYONE ON EARTH has hated the phrase “make two trips” since the third grade, so don’t be that guy.

So if you assume that someone dumping a soda on the ground is doing so to be able to throw it on the floor of his car, thus driving away with his trash, OR is emptying a refillable container in order to REFILL it, which is ANOTHER environmentally friendly act, isn’t it okay to be crealth? But it seems hard to be crealth when you’re DUMPING something on the GROUND.

Now, I’m not going to stop doing this, because I can pretty much promise you I will never be a prompt soda-taker-inner. But what I need to know is, do you think that a person should be stealth about such an act? What are you going to think when you see someone dumping out her car window? Would crealthness add a certain air of entitlement or assholery to the act? A brazenness, maybe? In that case, one should remain stealth. One being me, anyway. Because I’m going to do it, I just don’t want people to think something about it.

I think this is a lot like the soda refill question – what is the general attitude on stealth/crealth dumping? Much like refilling a soda at an open fountain, the public opinion (in my mind, anyway) is hazy, and I need this cleared up, because I am, by nature, much more crealthy than stealthy.

65 Responses to “Settle this: Soda disposal – stealth or crealth?”

  1. By thepsychobabble on Feb 14, 2012

    I struggled to be stealth for many years. But at this point, I’m all “Yep. I’m dumping LIQUID on the GROUND and I freakin’ DARE you to say something.”

    Melissa Reply:

    This, exactly. I have TRIED to be stealthy, but it just got too HARD. So now I just open the door and dump the damn soda out. Judgment be damned.

  2. By Larita on Feb 14, 2012

    Why don’t you just drink all the soda? You PAID for it. Or if you’re not going to drink it all, why don’t you buy a smaller size? I haven’t even gotten to the dumping of things on the ground, because I can’t wrap my head around not drinking all of something you PAID for.

    Melissa Reply:

    I drink all mine. It’s the melty ice later.

    Melissa Reply:

    Well, usually, some days I just don’t finish it before I get wherever I’m going.

    Larita Reply:

    Ah. Ice is one thing. I don’t actually drink soda, so didn’t think of this.

    Hannah Reply:

    Same here. It’s usually the melted ice (in which case I try to tell myself that it’s just water, so what’s it hurting?). Sometimes, though, my cupholders are laden with half-full reusable mugs because I didn’t bother to finish my morning coffee before purchasing a lunchtime soda… which leads back to the whole dumping conundrum. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is concerned that perhaps people are judging her as an a-hole for doing something that seems so silly.

  3. By Liz on Feb 14, 2012

    I have done this before, and my husband actually shaked his head at me. Seriously? It was liquid, which would be absorbed. If there are people around, I would pour the liquid from one cup to another, hence freeing one cup holder to use.

  4. By Emily in Chile on Feb 14, 2012

    I would just skip the whole debate and pour one of the leftover cups’ contents into the other leftover cup. Throw the empty cup on the floor of the car. And then throw allllll the cups away when I got home because I’m one of the people you were talking about in point 3.

  5. By badger reader on Feb 14, 2012

    I am a frequent car liquid pourer-outer. I can’t say I have ever thought about the public-ness of it all. Oops, Am I supposed to be ashamed of this? The liquid just evaporates, so I never thought of it as littering. I have never poured it out directly in a drive-thru (I would do the between the legs hold or try to combine old liquid into one cup), though I do it frequently in a parking lot. Typically I make the effort to get out of the car and pour it in a median or such thing and not directly on the pavement next to the car where someone else would have to step in it.

    Kate Reply:

    Ok, you had me at car liquid pourer-outer. Sounds like a Budweiser Real Men of Genius commercial XD

  6. By Mary K on Feb 14, 2012

    Opening the door to dump: fine, perfectly acceptable.
    Dumping out the window: not fine, it’s rude. That splatters. If you’re in a field, sure, but usually there are others cars or a building within splatter distance.

  7. By Therese on Feb 14, 2012

    I say dump it. I’ve done it, I’ve seen people do it, it’s totally a non-issue. Whenever I see someone dumping I alway assume they are clearing room in the cup holder.

  8. By PinkieBling on Feb 14, 2012

    I have full cup holders approximately 99% of the time, and the only reason my car is not an absolute hovel at the moment is because my boyfriend cleaned it for me so I could take it to the mechanic. Because it’s ok for me to drive around in a heap of detritus, but god forbid the MECHANIC should see it.

    Anyway, I always end up holding the new soda in my lap, and wearing at least a portion of it in my lap. I don’t think ground dumping and floor tossing has actually ever occurred to me.

    I think I would only dump if I were away from other cars in the parking lot, etc. As long as people weren’t super likely to step in it, I would think it’s ok.

  9. By Rosie on Feb 14, 2012

    If it’s something that is sticky, like pop (yes, POP! not soda), I don’t dump it where people may walk on it. I hate walking on sticky pavement (makes me almost as furious as stepping in gum). I’ll dump it in a bush or median. (I try not to dump it in a garbage can because then I imagine it leaking all over the poor employee that has to empty it.)

    But, if it’s just water or ice meltage, then I have no problem dumping it anywhere without stealth. Although there might be some residual defensive feeling that people think I AM dumping something sticky even though I’m not.

    I overthink things, obviously.

    Amy K Reply:

    I’m with Rosie. If it’s water, I dump it on the pavement without a second thought. If it’s something else, I find a median or bush because I just don’t like leaving sticky mystery fluid on the ground for other people to walk through. It’s like hawking a loogie on the sidewalk.

  10. By Jesabes on Feb 14, 2012

    If I’m in a drive-thru, I usually pull up to the trash can that’s often up past the window and throw the old cups in, liquid and all. Which will really suck for whomever has to empty that trash, but I’m not a fan of pouring it out. All those freaking forwards that are like “Coke is so caustic it can be used as a toilet cleaner!” make me feel like I’m dumping toilet cleaner on the ground.

  11. By Kara on Feb 14, 2012

    So not littering! Dirt or gravel would be my first choice to pour on, but hell, I’m not going out of my way to find a patch. If it happens to be a driveway or road, so be it.

    I live in my car. Last time I cleaned it out, there were 10 empty cans of Diet Coke, and three 32 oz Thirstbuster cups. It’s kind of a morning ritual to me to go to Circle K (hate that I can’t do the symbol of that- maybe (K)?) to grab a soda for the drive- all of 12 miles that is. When I get to work, I usually dump the bottom inch or so of liquid on the ground as I get out of the car.

  12. By Suzanne on Feb 14, 2012

    I avoid this problem now because I bought a minivan that has SIX CUP HOLDERS just for the two front seats. SIX. But I used to just dump the soda/water/coffee whatever on the ground, although I did at least try to do it somewhere people didn’t need to walk.

  13. By Swistle on Feb 14, 2012

    Oh, INTERESTING! And I am a little mind-blown by the comment-section idea of combining the two partially-full cups, which is the kind of idea I don’t think of until someone else points it out. All soda stays in its original-cup home! (Suddenly I am having deja vu. Did I have a dream where you suggested I combine soda in cups? Where am I? Is this September?)

    But anyway, that is not the question. And I don’t like when I open my car door and there’s a puddle of, say, creamered coffee to step around, but on the other hand, my “don’t like it” is BARELY a 1 on the annoyance scale. And if I saw someone pouring out a liquid, I don’t think it would register at all—like, I wouldn’t have any negative thought about it at all, it would be a neutral event. I think my answer is that I would use some stealth, but it would be because I was worried other people would find it wrong, even though I didn’t think it was wrong.

  14. By Kate on Feb 14, 2012

    I dump it out in the open, except the other day: I bought a milkshake from McDonalds and it has whipped cream on it, which I find gross, even though I generally like whipped cream, so I dumped the whipped cream on the ground. I was totally stealthy about it, because it was a little too FOOD like, even though it’s really kind of a beverage. And then I looked at it sitting on the asphalt, not really going away, and found some apple juice to pour on top of it.

    This makes me sound like my car is a trashcan, which it mostly isn’t.

  15. By squandra on Feb 14, 2012

    For me it’s all about Dumping Location and Soda Future.

    I do it crealthily, but in a place where it will wash away at some point and hopefully not get on anyone’s shoes, etc in the meantime. If you can swing it, the street is a good choice.

  16. By Life of a Doctor's Wife on Feb 14, 2012

    I suppose it says a lot about how infrequently I am in a car, but I can’t even REMEMBER what I would do in this situation. (Oh! Also! This probably has to do with my preference for soda in cans or bottles over soda from fountains. Which… I know you prefer fountain soda. So I will move quickly past this point.)

    But I think crealth is appropriate here. It’s NOT littering. And as long as you’re not pouring it on someone’s shoes or purse or dog, it’s REALLY no big deal.

  17. By Brooke on Feb 14, 2012

    I might still be in my post-PJs@TJ’s haze, but I feel lost. I think you’re asking if you can pour liquid on the ground. The answer is yes. That’s not litering, and I wouldn’t think twice about someone pouring liquid out their car door. Even if I’m not in a full cup holder situation (which is rare since my neat-freak hubs cleans my car on the regular (read: daily)), I don’t like to leave liquid in cups too long because I’m prone to spillage. If it can be spilled, I will find a way. So I’m a creathly dumper.

    Aunt Laurie Reply:

    Hah – you said “litering” ;-))))

  18. By Sandra on Feb 14, 2012

    I can expertly speak on the subject of littering because thanks to traffic school to clear a ticket (or two) I was taught what is and what isn’t littering.

    In Calif (can’t speak to AZ though) there are 2 things only that when tossed out your car aren’t littering. 1. Clear liquid as in water. Not vodka, gin, gasoline. Just clear WATER. 2. chicken feathers. apparently trucks taking chickens from point A to point B on local highways where the chickens were in the open back of truck caused the feathers to fly all over the place and sheriff’s were ticketing the drivers who are all what the hell are we supposed to do?! The chicken company filed a suit which caused a new law adding chicken feathers to the things ok to litter. heh.

    Capn John Reply:

    While stopped at a traffic light I had a friend throw a piece of paper from his truck into his friend’s convertible. The bike cop who had been sitting behind them pulled them over and ticketed the driver of the pick-up for littering, citing him for CVC 23112. The convertible pulled over, too, and tried to convince the cop to let him go but to no avail.

    My friend fought the ticket and got his friend & driver of the convertible to appear as a witness. His friend testified that they threw the paper from their truck into his convertible, and cop agreed that that was what he had witnessed.

    My friend reminded the judge that he had been cited for violating CVC 23112 “Throwing, Depositing, or Dumping Matter on Highway”, and that the officer had just attested that the “matter” thrown from his vehicle had not been thrown onto the highway.

    The judge dismissed his case.

  19. By Stephanie M on Feb 14, 2012

    I honestly thought that this post was going to be somehow about you disposing of leftover soda from this past weekend. Heh, as IF you would just dump it all out, right?

    Anyway, I HATE stepping out of the car and into liquid, since I’m shortish and my pants are usually touching the ground it means that my pants get wet. HATE. So if you dump it out in a parking lot in my view, I would probably judge — but it’s not something I dwell on, or would even think to list as a pet peeve. So just an annoyance?

    So I guess I’m ok with stealth, but also all for walking the few feet to dump it where someone won’t step in it.

    Linnea Reply:

    I, too, was under the mistaken impression that this had something to do with my inability to consume my allotted amount of soda this weekend, thus causing TJ to have to create some sort of schedule or scheme to drink it all before it got flat or gross.

    Elise Reply:

    Me, too! That was A LOT of soda. I wish I’d had more of it…

    And my thoughts? I’m a crealth dumper. I usually toss it up by my front tire, since people don’t really walk there. And no one will slip on it there if it freezes, which is likely here.

    BUT! I don’t do it in the drive-through under the windows. I’d never gave it any thought until my favorite drive-through coffee shop posted a sign that said it attracted flies that then get in the windows every time they opened them, which is pretty unsanitary for a food prep place. So I usually do it before I order or I hold the new cup between my knees until I’m in the parking lot.

  20. By Tamara on Feb 14, 2012

    I, like Pinkiebling, cannot abide a stranger seeing my hovel car, which is why it’s great I live in a town where parking is 80% valet and my work valet has a car wash 2 days a week that is too cheap to pass up. My car is ALWAYS clean now so I don’t have to worry about my cup holder situation. That said, when I did have to worry about it, I was an unabashed pourer outer and here’s what I do so that people like Swistle won’t have to step in my creamer puddle. I pour it out at the front of the car, so it’s not by anyone’s door. Sure, there are times when you walk through the parking lot in between cars at the front, but for the most part you don’t. This assumes you aren’t in a drive through lane, which, I feel like people are paid good money to power wash drive through lanes, so your pour is someone else’s paycheck! In this economy you should pat yourself on the back for CREATING jobs!

  21. By MegglesP on Feb 14, 2012

    I get yelled at all the time by my boyfriend because I pour out cups right in front of the drive-thru window while I’m waiting for NEW cups to put in my cup holders. I am annoying like that. I don’t think pouring out liquid is littering, like at all.

  22. By Rhy on Feb 14, 2012

    I have never been particularly shy about the dumping-liquid-out-the-door business. My only personal caveat is that it should not be dumped where someone else is likely to step in it. Drive-through? It’s not a walk-through. Dump away. Parking lot? I’d get out of the car and dump it by the front of the car (or the back,if I’d backed in) so the next person who pulls into that spot doesn’t step in my soda remnants five minutes after I leave. Grassy parking lot divider strips are also an acceptable dumping spot.

  23. By Carrie on Feb 14, 2012

    It would never, in a million years, occur to me to be stealthy about it. And I am totally paranoid about people thinking bad about me and stuff. I do try to dump it where people won’t step on it.

  24. By Lara on Feb 14, 2012

    I used to transfer the contents of Cup A into Cup B and throw Cup A on the floor of my car but two things have made me stop doing this:

    1 – I don’t drive much anymore so eventually the seams on Cup B would go and would the contents would leak through to my cupholder and then I’d have to clean it (no), and
    2 – sometimes I have a pop and sometimes it’s a coffee and I take cream in my coffee so things could get a little…gross. And then when I dumped it was kind of embarrassing.

    So now I just freely dump both. And oh man. I am THE messiest car person around. Pop bottles, cups, and dog smell. So bad.

    PinkieBling Reply:

    #1 is the straight-up WORST. Freaking leak-through cup bottoms, AAAARRRGGGHH.

  25. By A'Dell on Feb 14, 2012

    I see dudes flinging soda/coffee/DIP SPIT out their window at stoplights all the time and that makes me insane because usually it splashes on another car (MY CAR) and that’s just gross.

    Parking lot is fine by me. (It’s similar to rain!) But not like, while the vehicle is in MOTION or has another car four feet away.

    I view it as a necessity. The cups must be emptied. Just empty them in a solitary place where nobody will be bothered.

  26. By Josefina on Feb 14, 2012

    If I saw someone doing this using stealth, I’d think they were up to something. Doing it crealthily is perfectly normal and okay. However, Swistle brought up creamered coffee which does bring to mind the whole genre of creamy drinks. These should go into a grassy or gravelly area, not onto the pavement.

  27. By Tessa on Feb 14, 2012

    Girl, you live in AZ. You’re practically doing a public service pouring it out on the ground.

  28. By velocibadgergirl on Feb 14, 2012

    Soda dumping doesn’t bother me in general, but I feel like dumping it someplace where people are unlikely to step in it is the most polite procedure. Because if I park in your spot after you, step in your soda, and track it into my car it makes me really cranky. But if you dump it in the grass and it soaks into the dirt, who cares? Definitely not ACTUALLY littering.

    (And are we not supposed to refill our cups at out-in-the-open soda fountains? Because…I always do. Perhaps I am horribly uncouth and don’t know it!)

  29. By velocibadgergirl on Feb 14, 2012

    Oh, but I did see an old dude standing right next to his open car door and taking a piss in a parking lot once and THAT, my friends, is NEVER OKAY.

  30. By Elsha on Feb 14, 2012

    I pour it out and don’t worry about it. In fact, I would probably never have thought twice about that practice if I hadn’t just read this blog.

  31. By Elizabeth :: Bébé Suisse on Feb 14, 2012

    Totally stealthy. I think it’s okay to do, i.e. not littering, or else I wouldn’t do it, but I don’t want people to think I’m up to something bad.

    I try not to leave the wax-covered plastic cups in the car too long because once the leftover soda soaked through it. Perhaps due to a combination of the California heat and the more environmentally friendly composition of Chipotle packaging?

  32. By NBNickleby on Feb 15, 2012

    I am all about the crealth, especially because I live in a place where snow absorbs dumped liquids for roughly 40% of the year. But I also take it one step further. In cases where there is no preceding-the-pay-window outdoor trash can, I am not afraid to ask the drive-thru lady (politely, of course) if she could please throw this (this being an old cup) away for me. They never bat an eye. They usually respond with “Sure!” and I make a point to thank them. As long as its not a nasty, dirty, sticky-on-the-outside cup, I go ahead and ask.

    But what do I know? I live in an area rural enough that I don’t feel bad about tossing apple cores out the car window into the ditch on the side of the road because I know I just made some raven’s DAY.

    tortoiseshelly Reply:

    I do this all the time, and never get any assiness for asking.

    Otherwise, I feel crealth is the way to go, though generally not where someone would step in it.

    Kate Reply:

    I have tried to give my old empty cup to the drive-trhu person and I am always told “No, we can’t do that.”

  33. By Angie on Feb 15, 2012

    Wow…given I live on the downside of the world, I’m not sure if this is a cultural thing – or that I’m odd. But No. Dumping is dumping and you need to find a bin (trash can?)regardless of whether it is the cup itself or just the contents. Love the conversation, however, even if I am on the “wrong” side of it :)

  34. By cakeburnette on Feb 15, 2012

    It’s not toxic, so it is FINE to pour it out on the ground. I actually will throw out food from my car (but not in an urban-ish area, since there aren’t a lot of animals wandering around in urban areas, or at least I hope not) with the knowledge that some forest creature will enjoy my leftover sandwich/apple core/leftover pasta that somehow got left in my car. I only do that if I’m driving through a woodsy area, which thank goodness there is quite a lot of near where a live. I would not do this in an asphalt-y area.

    Lora Reply:

    my mom always told me that apple cores and bread crusts are gifts to nature. I still buy that. I live in a big city, so there isn’t much gifting going on these days, but I will always toss food into a wooded area.

    cakeburnette Reply:

    I love it! :)

  35. By Bryan on Feb 15, 2012

    Just dump it. Don’t worry about who might see you. Unless its is glowing green Mountain Dew, no one will be able to really tell what liquid you just poured out. I usually try to dump it on the grass, dirt, planter area vs the asphalt. I try to avoid splashing anyone else’s car or sidewalks.

    Now here is a twist to the dumping of liquids “issue”. I have two young boys (six and 3) (plus 3 older kids, but they don’t count for this story). There have been times, not proud of it, and there will be more times, when the two little guys can’t hold it anymore and “GOTTA GOTTA GO PEE”. If we can’t get to a proper restroom, we have been known to use an empty cup or pop bottle as a port-o-john. Once the little guy has done his business and no longer doing the “potty dance”, I’ll simply take the warm (that is the worse part, holding a pop bottle of warm pee) liquid and dump it in the grass next to the parking lot.

    Again, not proud of it, but I know its gonna happen again. I’m just sayin.

  36. By Debbie on Feb 15, 2012

    Being a child of the military, because we aren’t allowed to call ourselves Brats anymore by the media, I have learned how to juggle everything to get it into the house. I have a fanny pack for a purse. This is in self-defense because if it was any bigger I would be carrying around everyone’s junk and there would be no room for “purse gum” and heaven forbid if my two sons and husband come out of a restaurant and I don’t have “purse gum”, the boys have even gone so far as to train their female friends to always carry “purse gum.” So, having the fanny pack, I can squeeze the cup between my arm and my chest. hang grocery bags on my purse arm and have my keys ready to open the door. This all works if one doesn’t have a baby on the hip tho and I hear you about the “make-two-trips” mantra.

    But, my neighbor has figured out her own special work around to this dilemma. When she pulls up in her driveway she throws her half-filled soda cups and SODA BOTTLES on the ground by her fence. I’m guessing that this is not littering to her mind because it’s her property; right at the entrance of the neighborhood. It is an eyesore to the mind of the next-door neighbor, so when the litterer drives off, the next-door neighbor goes over and picks it all up. Folks run pools and keep score when they drive by each day as this amuses the whole neighborhood to no end. I tell ya, living among the natives is a hoot.

  37. By Marion on Feb 15, 2012

    TECHNICALLY it’s littering. But the only stealthy part I’d go to would be a glance to make sure I’m not pouring the coke in front of a cop. Or, hell, more like on a cop.

    cakeburnette Reply:

    But if it were just melted ice? How is pouring what-is-ostensibly-just-water on the ground LITTERING??

    Marion Reply:

    According to Littering can include “any solid or liquid material or product or combination of solid or liquid materials or products.” It is an intentional depositing, on either public or private property or waters, that creates either a “nuisance or health concern.”

    I don’t know. If a cop wanted to be INCREDIBLY OBNOXIOUS about it….?

    By the way, of all the things to be doing today, I didn’t think researching litter laws to include diet coke was going to be one of them.

    cakeburnette Reply:

    LOL…I bet you didn’t! ;) Thanks for the heads-up, though! Like you I would HOPE our fine police officers would have better things to do than hassle folks over dumping out watery soft drink liquids. :)

  38. By Lora on Feb 15, 2012

    I’m a total crealth dumper. I’ll dump that shiz anywhere I am. I don’t care.

    But I would NEVER litter. not even gum.

  39. By Linnea on Feb 15, 2012

    I’m a semi-stealth dumper. You’d think that having 3 cupholders in the front of my car would mean that this would happen less frequently, but no. It just means that I have 3 partially full cups to deal with.

    Anyway, I dump stealthily…ish. I mean, I don’t go behind a building or anything, but I do glance to see if anyone is walking by at the time. Even though I don’t think of Dallas as particularly hilly, it seems like there is no such thing as a flat parking lot, so things are always rolling away to unexpected places so it’s harder to judge what will or won’t be stepped in.

    I think if I saw someone crealthily dumping I’d be inclined to feel a sort of kinship with them. Like, “Good for you, fellow dumper! I wish I could dump so boldly!”

  40. By Renee from GA on Feb 15, 2012

    I accidentally stepped in someone’s frapuccino remnants the other day and I’m not sure my shoes or floormats will ever recover. Inflicting Sticky Shoe Syndrome on others is rude in my book – find a trash can. But, ice water? Or pouring out drinks in an area unlikely to be stepped on by others? Crealth away!

  41. By Sky on Feb 15, 2012

    I’m all for Crealth! And I’m about to move onwards and just start throwing it directly out of my sunroof because I am so tired of all the JUDGERS out there! (Says the new Mom of a 10-month old who was just REPRIMANDED for “how DARE I” give my baby a bottle full of “diet coke” in a restaurant. It was prune juice, but thank you for the advice! @&#^@^&%#@&^!!)

  42. By Sherry on Feb 15, 2012

    I dump it on the ground, but I try to lean out and dump it as far back as I can so the next person in that spot won’t step out of their car into it. I may “litter” my pop, but I’m thoughtful about it!

  43. By Nina Lavine on Feb 16, 2012

    First of all, I don’t do drive-thru sodas 3 times a week; for me, it’s three times a day…or more. Second, I try to go through drive-thrus that have trash cans so, when I pull away from the window, I just throw the whole cup (liquid and all) into the trash and drive off. While I was out of town, my spouse cleaned out my car and had it washed for me. What a love…so now I really need to go through and toss my cups into the trash. Guilt sucks!!!

  44. By Dr. Maureen on Feb 16, 2012

    I dump, but I try to dump into the dirt where it will be soaked up. Lacking dirt, I dump in the gutter or somewhere where someone won’t have to step in it. Unless it’s water; if it’s water I just pour it right out because it’s the same as rain. Cleaner, actually.

  45. By sister on Feb 16, 2012

    HA. This morning, after Jake was ON THE NEWS, we were leaving the grooming shop & getting into my car with my complimentary coffee, and both of my cup holders AND the middle compartment thingy had half-full cups of old coffees in them. So I DUMPED one. On the STREET. And then I looked up to see the owner of the grooming shop only feet away, walking one of the dogs, and waving to me. Not only was I caught dumping, but I wanted to explain to her “WAIT! NO! THIS ISN’T THE COMPLIMENTARY COFFEE YOU JUST GAVE ME! I’M MAKING ROOM FOR THAT ONE! THIS ONE IS AN OLD ONE! I’M JUST LAZY! NOT UNGRATEFUL! I SWEAR!” But all I could do was wave.

    Anyway, Jake was compared to a bear cub and a HONEY BADGER today by Ryan Leckey of NEWSWATCH 16. Ryan Leckey also made me take about ten pictures of he and Jake together on his camera phone. It was weird.

  46. By Tara on Feb 20, 2012

    I was going to say CREALTH all the way, but I don’t like stepping in stuff other people have poured out, so when I pour stuff out I attempt to pour it under my car instead of beside. Then I feel like people won’t step in it. So half-crealth?

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