From time to time, I have to password protect a post. It is not because I am hiding things from you, or because I don’t want you to read things. If something was so private I didn’t want anyone but a few specific people to hear it, well, that’s what the phone is for.

There are a lot of reasons why I may put a password on a post. One, maybe there is a specific person that I do not want to see the post for one reason or another. Two, and more likely, it is not something I want indexed by search engines or visible to just any old passer by. For example, maybe it is something I do not want a future employer to be able to see some day, or maybe it is something I don’t want my family stumbling across for whatever reason.

I’ve used a password in the past, and I think that once the post was read, it became immediately apparent why a password was necessary. Hopefully, any future passworded posts will make as much sense.

What you need to know about passworded posts though, is that you CAN have the password. I’ve come across passworded posts and blogs in the past and felt that as just an average reader, I probably wasn’t “close” enough to the blogger to dare ask for the password. Trust me, though – if the post is here on my site, and you’re locked out of it, all you have to do is ask me. The password is yours. YOU are NOT the reason the post is locked. And you are definitely someone I’d like to read the post, as posts that may require a password are the ones most likely to also require your thoughts an input.

Please go ahead and use any of the methods on the contact page to get in touch with me if you ever need a password for anything on the site. Obviously, the appearance of this page indicates that there will soon be some coming up. Hopefully you won’t find it too bothersome to drop me a quick note to let me know you’d like access.

Like I said, Internet – upon reading, the reasons for passwording will be clear. And you are not the reason. So don’t hesitate to ask me, because you, Internet, are exactly who I DO want to read it.

Your pal,