Yeah, but I went to the store myself.

Yesterday I answered questions no one actually cared about anymore, so today, in a tenuously connected fashion at best, here are a bunch of pictures of things I’ve bought recently, and then links to other people answering questions about them. Oh, geeze, I am so stinking clever at blogging, I can’t even stand it sometimes.

tarteThis is that full coverage foundation – Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation – I was talking about the other day, when I said I couldn’t go off on a tangent, but the whole thing actually was kind of a tangent, because I was really just going to talk about some really exciting hand soap – oh man, I’m going back to the mall tomorrow, and I’m not going to let myself check before I go what kind of sale Bath and Body Works might have going on, just to preserve the suspense and excitement that maybe it will be another GOLDEN SOAP DAY, not that I need any more soap or would even buy any more soap to make up for all the soap that Erica isn’t buying right now, but just to know that I COULD buy more soap if I wanted to – not just soap, but discounted soap – would probably put a little extra spring in my step and not make the fact that I was at the mall on a Saturday morning with some of the worst people in the whole entire world to return some defective pajamas really bring me down all that much. OH AND ALSO? When I was at the mall and I bought this? Before I went in, I was in my car, and across from me, these girls were parking in their enormous pickup truck, and the driver hit another parked car. Two of the girls got out, and another girl got in the driver’s seat, because they were up against the parked car and the original driver was panicked and didn’t want to make it worse. I stayed in my seat just in case they decided to all drive off or something, so I could leave a note or whatever, but they didn’t do that. The two girls who got out stayed there by the parked car, and just WRUNG THEIR HANDS and PACED and I could seriously FEEL THE STEAM OF PANIC SWEAT starting to radiate toward my car. They were LOSING IT. I cannot think of a time I have felt sharper empathy, ever. They were so, so scared. But I don’t know what they were scared of. The car owners actually came out mercifully quickly – not even 5 minutes had passed, which was great, and they nearly tearfully confessed, and were waiting for some kind of, it seemed to me, ACTUAL PUNISHMENT. And the male half of the car owning couple said, and I quote, “Oh, no!” and then proceeded to talk about exchanging information.

I don’t know. I guess you had to be there. I felt so OLD AND WISE, like, LADIES. CALM DOWN. THIS IS NOT A CRIME. You have not committed a crime! This was an accident! Hang in there! Tough it out! Everything is going to be JUST FINE. Except I totally did the EXACT SAME THING in the Insalaco’s parking lot when I was in high school, complete with the “I HIT YOUR CAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!” wail, so, you know. Who the hell am I to talk. Poor things.

Anyway, I got this foundation in Ivory. I’ve got very pale/fair/however you want to call very ghosty skin, and I also have cool undertones. Several of my favorite makeup brands have foundation shades that are light enough for me, but lean more warm or yellow. This can be really frustrating, especially with drug store brands that you can’t try until you get home, because sometimes you don’t see the undertones until you try to blend it into your skin. So I am telling you. This one is quite fair and quite pink. So if you are light and cool, this is a good bet. As for how it looks, here is a really great post from Robyn at Brightest Bulb in the Box, which is actually the very reason I walked right to the Tarte section when I decided that at the moment, my skin could use a little more hidery than I usually go with.

sephoraproairbrush55This is a brush from the Sephora Pro line of brushes. It’s the Pro Airbrush #55. When I got matched with the Tarte foundation (not with their little machine thingie, just with three different shades of the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour, because that’s pretty much what I was interested in and I had time and was pretty calm, because this was pre-soap), the store associate did a really light all over application of the foundation for me to take a look and see what I thought of the coverage. It went on so quickly, so easily, and so smoothly, I said, “I’ll take it. And what’s that brush? Give me that, too.” I have a bit of a brush problem, but it’s not really a problem. If you’re someone who is in to makeup, even a little – and by even a little, I mean if you wear a small amount to work every day, or if you like to wear it to go out, or you like to put some on for fun, or you’re interested in learning how to do it better – I really, really urge you to not use your fingers, not use the sponge applicators that come with your makeup, and buy some brushes. You don’t have to be a lunatic and buy a $34 brush to apply the $38 foundation you just bought. I don’t know what came over me. I think Bath and Body Works was pumping soap fumes into Sephora. But seriously. Better brushes will make a huge difference in how well your makeup applies and boost your skills without you having to actually get any better at doing makeup. And good brushes don’t have to cost $34 per brush. Just like good foundation doesn’t have to cost $38 a tube. There are some REALLY AWESOME lines of brushes called Real Techniques and EcoTools – I own lots of both and always pick up more on sales – that are really, really reasonably priced. AND easy to find. Both are available at Ulta. EcoTools are at Target, and I think WalMart, too. Real Techniques is starting to be sold in a lot of Kohls (along with some great makeup brands, too). And both are available on Amazon. Makeup is more fun with better tools. Better tools make inexpensive makeup apply like much more expensive makeup. Buy better tools before you buy better makeup, if you have a choice between the two. Better tools will help you develop better skills, which can make even crappy stuff look great. Not that you wear crappy makeup. You look fabulous. What is that? It smells nice. Nice smelling face.

This is a link to a video of a review of the Sephora Pro Airbrush #55, and she gets awesome results with it, but I feel like she makes it looks like it takes one million times longer than it actually needs to take. Maybe her face is fancier than mine. More likely, she’s just way better at makeup than me and has a higher standard for results than I do. Regardless – the results are good. The brush is good. I spent a lot of money on it. I know I spent a lot of money on it – make no mistake, I don’t think it wasn’t a lot of money. But I wanted it and I like it and I spent it on something I really like to do and I don’t know why I’m justifying it still, I feel like when my hobby or something I really like is something people consider frivolous, I need to say a lot of words about how I know so you don’t need to tell me. If I spent $34 in a book store or on clothes I certainly wouldn’t say so many words about it at all, and I’ll definitely use this as long as a book or as long as clothes, probably even more, since I’ll wash it more lovingly.

I was going to link a bunch more things, but actually, I haven’t bought a bunch more things recently. It feels like I have, because I’ve been ordering a lot of Christmas gifts and storing them away, trying to get that all sorted before the end of November so we can spend all of December actually doing things with Penelope, since she’s finally AWARE, being one of those midyear babies that took her time to getting to this point. We had some gifts stolen off the front porch already, so THINGS ARE GETTING FESTIVE.

Oh, also, I was going to write about that thing I talked about yesterday, that thing I said that a bunch of people would probably take personally, but then a bunch of people did THAT VERY THING today, so I have to wait a couple of days for the heat to die down. I mean, make no mistake, I’m going to do it anyway, and they’re all cool people, so they’ll totally get it and also get the extra IRONIC LAYER, but I don’t need other, not cool, easily het up for no reason other than the enjoyment of being het up and busting bloggers balls people to get all het up on their behalf.

Het het het.


16 thoughts on “Yeah, but I went to the store myself.

  1. Lynnette

    I need some brushes but EVERY TIME I am in a store that sells such things this need just falls right outta my head.

    Also I’m in your twitters. Bustin’ your balls. (And giving, like, less than zero actual fucks but enjoying VERY MUCH when you get het up.)

    TJ Reply:

    A lot of the Real Techniques brushes are add on items for Amazon shipping now. If that helps at all. I don’t really understand how the add on system works, but by the title, I assume if you’re making an order of some kind, maybe you can… add them on.

  2. Elsha

    I should buy some good makeup brushes. All I have are crappy ones. Or really, REALLY old ones. Sooooo, crappy because they’re worn out.

    TJ Reply:

    There are some really inexpensive sets from both the lines I mentioned. But really any brushes at all are better than the little spongey things that come in the kits.

  3. Allison

    I feel the same need to rationalize my spending a lot of money on brushes. When I think about it though, the make up goes on MY FACE, why wouldn’t I want to spend money on my face? I’m no model no one is really seeing my face but I do feel like my makeup covers better with brushes.

    TJ Reply:

    It’s just been much more pleasant and less of a fight to get the look I want when I’m working with better tools.

  4. Faith

    How would you rate this particular brush compared to that pink sponge everyone loves? I think I remember you talking about the sponge at some point. I recently picked one up and I’m really enjoying it, but I wouldn’t mind giving the fancy brush a go if it’s worth it…

    TJ Reply:

    I have several different face brushes AND the beauty blender sponge. I use different ones with different foundations or BB cream, and even different ones on different days depending on how my skin is that day. I used this brush the other day and it worked great. Used it this morning and my skin just flaked up like mad (NEED MORE WATER), so I took all the foundation off and started over (I don’t always have that kind of time) and used a lighter foundation and different brush. I use the sponge pretty regularly, too. I like to try different tools with every different kind of makeup I get.

  5. Life of a Doctor's Wife

    This is only semi-related to this post, because it is about makeup, but I am READING and want to contribute even if it’s like piping up, “I hate cucumbers!” when a group of people at another table are having a conversation about the best restaurants in the city, so:

    Every time I’ve gone to the mall since you posted about Gimme Brow – which has been about three times, once PURELY for the purpose of procuring Gimme Brow and FakeUp – Sephora has been sold out of Gimme Brow! So I still have to walk around life with my ordinary wonky too-light brows. Well, I wear a drugstore brand brow darkener. So really, I walk around with my ordinary wonky overly dark brows and also with some brow darkener on my forehead. But one day! Gimme Brow WILL be in stock and I can’t wait!

    TJ Reply:

    It was in stock in my Sephora today! When I got it, Macy’s (where my Brow Bar is) didn’t have it, the Sephora in the same mall didn’t have it, but the Sephora in Penney’s (IN THE SAME MALL!) did have it. So weird. Also weird to have so many makeup places in one mall. If you have Benefit in Macy’s and they’re out of stock, they’ll order it and have it sent to your house free. That’s what my eyebrow girl told me, but I was too impatient to wait. I heard also that when it first came out, there was a waiting list at Ulta 100s of people long. NUTS. I love it, though!

  6. Nicole B.

    I wear BB cream. I apply it with my fingers then brush a light powder over it to set it. Would the BB cream be better with a brush, or is it something that I NEED to smush in with my fingers to make the color appear?

    Also, the powder I have been using is the Wet ‘n’ Wild one you recommended and I really like it. It’s so SOFT on. Unfortunately, I think I might be…mildly allergic to it. I have been struggling with allergies this year anyway, but I get a subtle all over itch with it that I don’t get with my other powder. It makes me sad because otherwise, I’m a fan.

    Last thing, a little less straight makeuppy, but still about my face: do you have an eye cream you recommend? Stress and not enough sleep are causing a bit of a saggy baggy eye-lephant situation over here. Although I might have just destroyed any hope of a recommendation from you with that terrible pun.

    TJ Reply:

    I have used brushes to apply bb cream, but my most favored method of application is the wet beauty blender sponge (the pink one – most people love the real thing only, but I’ve also used dupes and like them fine for bb cream). I don’t know about using fingers, not because I’m against it – I know a lot of people prefer to, and since BB cream is in a tube, there’s no worry about dipping your fingers into your makeup and getting anything in it that might cause it to spoil (it can happen otherwise!), but I had SUCH bad acne at an early age that I’m really super overly conscious about putting my hands on my face. Like, pathologically so. Not about other people touching THEIR faces. Just ME keeping my hands off of MY face. If that makes sense. Like, I don’t see people touching their faces and think that they’re going to break out. I just have a HABIT of not touching mine. Or an anti-habit. I have a face force field.

    That only keeps out my hands.

    Not food.

    Never food.

    As for an eye cream, I don’t actually have one to rec. I’m TERRIBLE about skin care. I really intend to start researching some stuff soon. The fine lines are starting to creep for real. Washing and slapping on drug store moisturizer is not going to cut it forever. Especially since I mostly just let water hit my face in the shower to count as “washing.”

    Laura Lou Reply:

    I just got a sample of Philosophy’s Eye Hope and I am astonished at the difference. I’ve always been very skeptical of eye cream promises because, seriously, those huge black circles I’ve had since I was a teenager have not been helped by two non-sleeping children. But after three days I’ve gone from needing copious amounts of concealer to just a regular dab of foundation to look non-zombieish. And Eli’s hit another sleep regression, so it’s not like I finally caught up on sleep or anything.

    So maybe see if you can get a sample of that. I got it in the Philosophy free gift when you buy two face products from Ulta. I think that’s over, but I bet it will pop up again.

  7. Jessica

    I would just like to say that despite having 4 containers of foaming hand soap under the sink, after your last post I went to their online store and bought hand soap, mini-candles, and tiny hand sanitizers that I didn’t even need. I used a $10.00 off coupon code and bought a discounted gift card from cardpool, and shopped through ebates so theoretically I saved money.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m highly suggestible and now I want to buy makeup.

  8. Miranda

    So, tell me about how you lovingly care for your makeup brushes. I’m just starting to take the idea that you need to wash your tools seriously (GROSS, I KNOW) and am curious if you use a rinse or the baby soap method or….?

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