They’re here! They’re here!

June 6th, 2008 | by TJ |

I got up to run this morning and as I was stumbling down the stairs in the dark, I found a pile of mail for me on the stairs where my roommate usually drops it.

Credit card offer, bill, credit card offer, bill, letter from University of Maryland Alumni Association begging for mah moneys, and… and…

So a long time ago, last November or December, I spotted the MOST AWESOME STICKERS IN THE WORLD on The Bronze Kettle, run by Shelbi and Jon.

Ever since then, I have been asking Jon on a near daily basis when more stickers were going to be produced, trying such tactics as threats, offers of exorbitant amounts of money, possibly my first born child. I have been after them for a LONG. TIME.

TJ: Stickers?
Jon: Not yet.

Jon: We’re working on it.

TJ: Hey, I wrote a song!
Jon: Is it about stickers?
TJ: … yes.

Well, just about a week ago, maybe, I got an email from Shelbi asking if I was still interested.

I believe my response was something like… “SFJKGHRIKUGSFKJWGRK!!! FKJSFKJKGRB? SFJGHFKJBUR!!!! FIRST BORN CHILD?”

TJ: Well, I have learned something from this.
Jon: What’s that?
TJ: Relentless harassment always pays off in the end.
Jon: How do you think I got married?
TJ: You know I’m going to blog that, right?
Jon: I’m glad I didn’t say “How do you think I got laid?”

Shelbi sent me an invoice, which I had paid in about .5 seconds and this morning… here they are!


Shelbi also included the teeniest, tiniest little warlock charm that was so cute I almost ate it on the spot, but I did not get a good picture of it. However! If you are now as smitten with these things as I am, do check out her store on etsy and buy some!

After peeling myself off the floor and recovering from my glee-faint, I scampered outside to apply them to my car immediately… only to be faced with a dilemma.

Ever since I first fell in love with the teeny lock and voidwalker, lo, those many months ago, I had been sure, in my mind, of exactly where I would place them. But eyeing up my car this morning, I froze up. I bought this car less than 2 years ago and have not yet placed a single sticker on it, so I have nothing to work around, just vast (ok, my car is minature, so maybe not too vast) expanses to work with here.

And this is where you come in, Internet.

We’ve got options 1-3 here…

… and option 4 here.

So what do you think? Where is the proper home for these stickers? I can’t mess this up, I just can’t. I seriously do not know the last time anything held my attention so long as to obnoxiously pursue it for 6 straight months. I can’t allow such build up to be destroyed by ill advised car decoration placement.

63 Responses to “They’re here! They’re here!”

  1. By Asara on Jun 6, 2008

    I vote for #2.

  2. By Dechion on Jun 6, 2008

    If it were me I preference would be 1,4,2,3 in that order.

    But I am odd, I actually like stickers on windows better than on paint.

    And by the way those are sweet =)

    *scampers off to go shopping*

  3. By Dechion on Jun 6, 2008

    *my preference even =P

  4. By acedanger on Jun 6, 2008

    1 and 4. I agree with Dechion – stickers on glass and not paint IMO.

  5. By Clapus on Jun 6, 2008

    Why not put over the inspection sticker? If not, then 1.
    Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates.

  6. By Boffors on Jun 6, 2008

    Option 2, but you need to have the voidwalker attacking another sticker, like a Hello Kitty sticker.

  7. By Ratshag on Jun 6, 2008

    Me vote would be 1, then 3, 4, 2

    So, ya gonna have some sorta fancy algorithm fer to sort all the votes. Like one of them decision matrix thingies?

  8. By Flaime on Jun 6, 2008


  9. By grimmtooth on Jun 6, 2008

    Option 4 – that way you get the pleasure of viewing the sticker whenever you get in your car. And if you lock yourself out, it’ll give you and the locksmith something to talk about while you wait.

  10. By Christopher on Jun 6, 2008

    In order: 1, 4.

    I would never put stickers directly on my car’s chassis, personally. On glass, stickers can be removed if need be. On paint, it’s forever unless you plan to refinish that part of your car.

    And for the record — that sticker is nine kinds of awesome. If there was a huntard one, with a kitteh pet, my wife would get it for sure. Might get the paladin one, myself…

  11. By Lance on Jun 6, 2008

    1 if you do 4 you need another for the other side for as not to look lopsided its wierd I know but true.

  12. By vronak on Jun 6, 2008

    Silliness, you won’t be able to see any of them very well while you’re driving! Aren’t they for YOU to see?

    Lower inside corner of rearview mirror on driver’s side door.

    Option 4 might make for more interesting conversations with your car-stalker friend though…

    And what exactly is “squee”? Is this one of those “rad” or “dope” things?

  13. By Fikkle on Jun 6, 2008

    Think of it like a tatoo. Most people spend a lot of time planning what they’re going to get and where they’re going to put it. You’ve had the what sorted out for 6 months and now you’re plagued by the where…. hmmm.

    Go with a tatoo on the car’s butt! #3 ftw.

  14. By Bumwaller on Jun 6, 2008


  15. By Noobiewan on Jun 6, 2008

    I would say #1

  16. By luke on Jun 6, 2008

    i like #2, but #1 would work if you want it on glass. #3 is fine too. I just happen to like #2.

    i don’t like #4 because it isn’t as visible for other drivers on the road. if someone wants to tailgate you, they have to know that they may have an instant cast shadowbolt headed their way…

  17. By Bellwether on Jun 6, 2008


  18. By Dammerung on Jun 6, 2008

    I say #1!

  19. By JGP on Jun 6, 2008

    I’d say #1, just cause (IMO) stickers on the body or bumper (Butt) of the car seems tacky(!?) I’m an odd duck.

  20. By Andy C. on Jun 6, 2008

    I’m liking #1. I agree with Lance that if you went #4 you’d have to have one on the opposite side to balance out.

  21. By Kelly on Jun 6, 2008

    I think #4 is elegant, but #3 seems most natural (only because most of the stickers I’ve ever put on any of my cars have gone on the car butt).

  22. By BaldBilly on Jun 6, 2008

    #1 or #4

    Pink Wagon??

  23. By Kailen on Jun 6, 2008

    1 & 4 are my personal favorites. I always prefer stickers on glass rather than the body of the car. ( I like 4 more than 1. :3 )

  24. By AE on Jun 6, 2008

    Great find TJ! alas though no Hunter or Hunter pets stickers yet. =(

    Go with #1, they’ll be more protected there and last longer, the closer to the road you put them the chances of something nicking them or splashing on them increase.

  25. By shelbi on Jun 6, 2008

    my vote is for #4… i think that’s a wonderfully unique spot (and easier to remove if you decide to do so later)! thanks for the mention, and i’m glad you like them!!!

  26. By JEC on Jun 6, 2008

    I like window stickers, so 1 and 4 are the only options for me. If it were me, I would do 4, but that’s because I prefer to go a more subtle route. If you want it to be noticed though, go for 1.

  27. By Anna on Jun 6, 2008

    I like #1 or #2 – not as big a fan of #4 because someone that was behind you on the road wouldn’t see it.

    #3 has the potential to get covered up in goop if you have to drive through construction, and Goop on one’s warlock stickers is less than desirable.

  28. By Rampel on Jun 6, 2008

    You are crazy. In the cute way.

  29. By eustashius on Jun 6, 2008

    I vote for 2 or 3. the point is that the stickers get seen and the solid background of the paint coupled with the angle of the glass seem to me to indicate Car Butt is optimal place for others to see. Glass if you wanna scrape em off later, Car Butt if you want people to see them more easily. But which ever choice you make those stickers are epic win!
    - eust

  30. By sonvar on Jun 6, 2008

    Option 2

  31. By Moonsongdown on Jun 6, 2008

    Blueberry needs to go on the glass, since he’s blue it’ll make him easier to see.

    Lock should go on the paint since she’s not blue it should contrast well. Probably at #2 for balance and stuf.

  32. By Kirk on Jun 6, 2008

    How much do you want to see them, and how much do you want others to see them? For the former the better choices are (in order) 4 and 1. For the latter on that car style it’s (again in order) 1, 2, and 3.
    Personally, I’d go with 4 – but move it up to the side of the window next to the driver’s door so I could see it every time I opened the door (or looked in to see if I’d left my keys inside again).

  33. By Ailtia on Jun 6, 2008

    BLAH…I say stick them on your computer. Or where you game at. If you put them outside they will get wet and uggy. and fade.

    But if you must place them on the car…

    number 1.

  34. By Moomajick on Jun 6, 2008

    Right in the center of the windshield so you can gaze at it lovingly while you drive…

    But in all seriousness, I’d say #4.

  35. By Avaric on Jun 6, 2008

    I’d put them on the side of my computer case. Putting them on the car means they’ll get weathered and faded, but inside on the computer I could see them bright and clear forever.

  36. By Alevevia on Jun 6, 2008

    #1 for sure.
    Possibly #4, but definitely not #2 or #3.

  37. By TJ on Jun 6, 2008

    For those concerned, Shelbi has designed and tested these stickers for car use. They’re water, scratch, and UV resistant. I also just noticed her store on etsy that I linked to is about sold out! Good on you guys who jumped on the awesomeness quick. Who bought the set of stickers that match mine?

  38. By Valenna on Jun 6, 2008

    #1. I’ve had too many bumper accidents to waste the most awesome stickers in the world on a bumper that may eventually have to be replaced. =)

  39. By Taelon on Jun 6, 2008

    What about a 5th option? Top center of the rear window, above the arc of the rear window wiper.

  40. By Ravenstout on Jun 6, 2008

    Bowl me over wit a smack to me head… there be only one answer… #1. If’n ya put in #3, they be low and just not portant. #2 be OK, but that be on da paint… not so good. Then there be #4… who wants to jam the big blue thing into a corner? Me vote be #1!

  41. By Bobo & SgtPork on Jun 6, 2008


  42. By Macciatto on Jun 6, 2008

    Opt. 4. Glass. You can see it very easily each time you get out of the car regardless if you’re walking away in either direction whereas you would have to walk behind the car if you want to see it.

  43. By GHOSTKID on Jun 6, 2008

    I vote for #1 so you can see your stickers while you are driving.

  44. By Dezdemone on Jun 6, 2008

    I like #2 myself =)

  45. By Mikkel on Jun 6, 2008

    I put my foot down … Voidwalker and Warlock for Father’s Day!! But EEEEK! I have a Jeep – I only have windows in the winter!

  46. By Lynda on Jun 6, 2008

    Maybe you should stick them on magnets then stick them to your car.

  47. By Lynda on Jun 6, 2008

    I like #2 and #4 otherwise.

  48. By Moomajick on Jun 6, 2008

    I checked out the site and there’s no druids or rogues…. /cry. Looks like I’m gonna have to watch it and snatch up the stickers I like.

  49. By Elton on Jun 6, 2008

    I prefer #2

  50. By vronak on Jun 6, 2008


  51. By Trollin' on Jun 6, 2008

    #2 and then #1, I find I look most often on the right side of the bumper when I’m looking at other cars. I don’t know why.

  52. By Kelly on Jun 6, 2008

    If you’d like to reuse them over and over on windows, I read about this the other day…

    Course you’d have to wait on another package…

  53. By Cynra on Jun 6, 2008

    I’m ashamed to admit that my first thought upon seeing your car wasn’t which spot I thought was best. Y’see, as someone who drives on 695 on a daily basis, I always wondered if the sonnova monkey that cut me off was the infamous TJ (your dislike of 695 aside, of course).

    At least now I know if the person at whom I’m yelling “Up yours!” is the right one!

    Oh, and I’d go for 4 myself. I’m not much for stickers on my car, but that appears to be best!

  54. By ASH on Jun 6, 2008

    Blue car, blue voidwalker. Might not be that visible in option 2 and 3.

    My vote’s on #1, then #4.

  55. By HolyWarrior on Jun 6, 2008

    None. I’m not gonna read the 55 comments posted so far but I’m gonna throw in a googly for you!!

    (googly – cricket term for a strange bowl[not the type you put salad in, more of a baseball pitch] that catches the batsman out – or some such crap, I’m English but I don’t really follow cricket!!)


    I suggest directly below #4 and directly left of your petrol … sorry … gas cap.

  56. By Dulcea on Jun 6, 2008

    >.> I umm…bought the void walker set. And druids…*lusts for a Tree of Life chibified*

  57. By Kat on Jun 6, 2008


  58. By Xian on Jun 7, 2008

    There can be only one choice..


    You bought this for you..
    4 you will see every time you get in your car.
    1-3 not so much

  59. By Jagoex on Jun 7, 2008

    TJ, there is only one real solution to your sticky dilemma: buy more stickers!

    If you’re able to pick up another set, I’d go with spot #4 on each side of the car. If not, I’d put them in spot #1. The others just seem to far out of the way to be fully appreciated by everyone. :)

    Congrats! I’m so stickily jealous!

  60. By Euripedes on Jun 8, 2008

    #4! #4!

  61. By Jagerbombz on Jun 9, 2008

    It has to be #4 or #1. #4 for you to see wach time you get to your car. #1 for all the other wow players riding behind you that will get a kick out of your sticker.

    I personally would orcer a ton more stickers and cover the whole thing. May be have a whole group (Tank, DPS, Healz) in location #4.

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