My judging pants are in wear-rotation far more often than I’d like to admit.

I know that we’re supposed to pretend that we’re all live and let live, and that we don’t give a shit about what anyone else does or how they do it and to each their own and all of that, but I think we all know that that’s pretty much a pile of crap.

I try my hardest to not judge the way other people live their lives, or the way people raise their children, or the things that people wear, or the choices that other people tend to make. There are a couple of reasons I try to keep this judging behavior under control.

1. We’re not supposed to judge. You’re just not supposed to. Good people don’t judge, supposedly. They don’t even have those errant thoughts creep into their heads. SO THEY SAY.

1. It’s no fun to judge when you have to keep your judging to yourself. And most of the time, do have to keep it to yourself, because it takes months – maybe even YEARS – to feel out a new friend to know if they would be receptive to joining you in a ruthless judging session. If you’re not careful, you can accidentally let a snotty statement slip to someone who is going to give you one of those sanctimonious, “Well, how does it even affect you?” responses and then you’ll have to punch them in the face and there goes THAT friendship. At least you can be sure that they won’t judge you for punching, because they’re so totally above judging.

Anyway, you know how at the start of this post I said that I try hard not to judge? That was pretty much a lie. I just didn’t want you to judge me for how I make no effort to reign in my judging, but I figure that if you judge me for that, you’re going to hell with me, so who are you to even TALK?

Anyway, as I get older, I find myself being somewhat less judgmental anyway, even though I do not make any specific efforts to curb it. I just have become less and less interested in what anyone else is choosing to to do with their time or lives. It’s not that I’ve become a better person in that I accept the fact that everyone is going to do their own thing. It’s more that I can’t be bothered to work up even an eyebrow twitch at most things these days. It’s more lack of crap to give than lack of being a crappy person. I’ve gotten less crappy by accident, not by design.

But like even the least judgy people are going to have their issue that they just can’t grasp, I have those things as well. I’m not talking about the standard, super divisive hot button issues, like all those parenting things people like to get all het up about. Not like, circumcision and breast feeding and attachment parenting and I don’t know, all of that stuff. I mean the littler stuff, the stuff that really just doesn’t affect you at all, but makes you THINK THOUGHTS about other people in a non-flattering way.

An example. Shopping carts. If I see you (the general you) push your shopping cart into the parking lot, unload your groceries, and then move your cart just out of the way enough so that you can leave, letting the cart loose in the parking lot, or up against someone else’s car, ESPECIALLY if the cart return is RIGHT THERE, I am just blown away. I think bad things about you, I really do. I mean, what the hell is wrong with you? You might as well march through the parking lot screaming “I AM SELF-ABSORBED!” Now, I’m not saying that this is a pet peeve. I’m not saying that this annoys me. I’m saying that if you leave your cart running amok in a parking lot, I actually think bad things about your character.

Another one – not a pet peeve, not an annoyance, but something that makes me wonder what the hell kind of person someone is – outdoor dogs. I mean, outside of farms and ranches and other very special situations – people who leave their dogs outside, 24/7. I don’t get it. Why would someone even have a dog, just to leave it outside all of the time? ESPECIALLY here in Arizona. There’s a red husky here on base – just around the corner – who is ALWAYS OUTSIDE. Never goes in the house. Not EVER. It’s infuriating. I just can’t grasp it. I get difficult dogs, I really do. Sheldon has to be kenneled when we don’t have our eyes on him. He has to be staked in the backyard so he doesn’t jump the fence. Our lives would be much easier and involve much less floor urine if we left him in the yard. Our lives would also be much easier and pee-free without a dog, period. I can’t help it. If I see a dog that is outside ALL THE TIME, I’m not annoyed, I’m not rolling my eyes. I am thinking un-nice things about what kind of people the dog owners must be.

I have annoyances, and I have pet peeves. Cellphones ringing in a movie theater – that’s an annoyance. People forget to turn off their phones, they ring, they disturb people, it happens. Young children being a little chatty in a movie, that’s a pet peeve. But kids talk, you know? Blocking the aisle in the grocery store – pet peeve. People who assume that everyone in a given public area is going to find their child as adorable as they themselves find him – annoying. I don’t have anything to say about those little things, pet peeves and annoyances, other than rolling my eyes. I mean, everyone gets annoyed or does something annoying. No big deal.

It’s those other things, though – shopping cart amok-ers, dog leaver outsiders – those things, I can’t help making unflattering assumptions about a person as a whole, not just their momentary unflattering behavior. Is judging nice? No, probably not. Do we all do it anyway? Absolutely. I mean, I assume so. I figure either you do judge people for certain things, or you’re going to judge me for saying that I judge certain things, in which case, you’re a total hypocrite.

You know who else I judge? Hypocrites. Man, those guys. Am I right?

61 thoughts on “My judging pants are in wear-rotation far more often than I’d like to admit.

  1. kath

    I’ve been dealing with a Judgy Situation at my kids’ karate class, wherein I JUDGE and I CAN’T HELP IT, but! The kids, they are obnoxious and old enough to know better and WHEN they are obnoxious, their mother brays laughter like a donkey, like haw-haw-haw-HAW, and my eyebrows contract and I think Judgy Thoughts.

    TJ Reply:

    YES THAT. Parents who think that everyone enjoys the way their kids behind. Like when we were at the adoption event for Sheldon, this mom was letting her two kids – maybe 7 and 9? – follow the rescue woman around, bugging her with questions while she was trying to get set up, demanding to be allowed to help get the animals settled, riling up one of the dogs by trying to pet him after clearly being told that dog didn’t like kids, demanding to know why a dog would like CATS but not KIDS… and over the din, the mom just smiles at everyone, doing nothing, like, “I know, aren’t they cute!”


  2. Adlib

    I don’t even know where to start on the shopping-cart thing. I want to punch those people in the face, so I totally hear you. Related: people who drive the wrong way across the parking lot instead of using the lanes like normal people. A friend of mine out west (Washington) said it doesn’t happen out there like it does here. Is she right? Because I’ve honked at people for that.

    In fact, while we’re on the subject, unless you’re just a clueless out-of-towner, if you cut people off in traffic or use a lane that ends specifically to speed ahead and cut over, you are a bad person in my mind. To me, that also screams I AM MORE IMPORTANT THAN ALL OF YOU IDIOTS AT THE LIGHT. This is why I can have a fine day at work, come home, and be pissed off because I spent a horrible 40 minutes in traffic. Argh.

    TJ Reply:

    I think I could go on for a month and a half about the driving issues alone – especially those people who ride out a closing lane for so long. Someone TRULY BELIEVES they are that much more important? Or do they think they’re the only person to ever come up with that clever “get ahead” strategy? ARRRGH!

    Fyr Reply:

    I do this!

    I’ve commuted the same way home for years and I’d play the nice guy and use the regular lane instead of staying the right turn lane until the last minute.

    I’d get very frustrated with all the people who cut in front of me and I’d end up riding the bumper of the car in front, to be sure nobody cut in front of me.

    Then I actually thought about why I was doing it and couldn’t really see a valid reason. If people who have studied traffic management and then gone away and designed the intersection think the best thing to do there is encourage people to use ALL the lanes, then who am I to disagree?

    So I don’t try and impose my own imaginary rules on the road, people spend enormous sums to manage traffic patterns and I let them do their job.

    M.Amanda Reply:

    I read this in Google Reader and came here specifically to mention the people who fly up the lane that’s ending. I totally judge those people. In fact, one woman in my carpool does this EVERY SINGLE TIME she drives. Although she seems perfectly nice otherwise and we have stuff in common and could be friends, she will never be more than an acquaintance because that kind of driving says something about what kind of person you are. And that something is nothing nice.

  3. Lady Jess

    I’m completely with you on the dog thing, and I think the exact same things about people that do that. An extra WTF??? in your case though, I mean a HUSKY in Arizona?? Outside??? all the time! That’s just effing cruel! Shadow is a Malamute mix, and suffers horribly when it gets warmer than 75 in Washington state for pete’s sake!

    Pardon my excess punctuation, but I’m having rage.

    TJ Reply:

    I about lose my mind every time we drive by that house. Before we had Sheldon, I was looking at the pets section of craigslist and saw a red husky on Luke AFB listed as being given away because they were PCS’ing and couldn’t take the dog and the dog had been outside while the husband was overseas, but they still HAVE the dog, so we figure the husband found out and was all HELL no, you are not selling my dog and the wife has been keeping the dog outside the whole time he was gone. It’s making me INSAAAAANE.

  4. Emma

    I am judging someone at work SO HARD right now, you don’t even know. Well, two someones. Because they’re doing something that two someones that are technically married to two other someones shouldn’t be doing.
    I think that most people are with me, at least a little, on that judging, but still, I’m a judgymcjudgerson and it’s technically none of my business.

    TJ Reply:

    Yessssss. I SERIOUSLY pass hardcore internal judgment on married someones dealing with other married someones or unmarried someones knowingly having dealings with a married someone, you know. I hope that my judgment very clearly shoots through my eyeballs when I look at them. I don’t want to hear the reeeeasons or the justificaaaations. I just want to judge.

    Alias Mother Reply:

    Oh, yes to the yes to the yes on this one. If you have an affair, you are forever, FOREVER, tainted in my eyes. I don’t care if you are otherwise the saintliest, smartest, funniest person on the planet. Every time I look at you or hear your name I will think, “Cheating loser.” Every time.

  5. Natalie

    Ahhhh, TJ. I needed this. Thank you.

    I would totally agree with you, and also add people who litter. What do they think happens to their fast food wrappers when they toss them out the window? The problem is they DO NOT CARE. I literally cannot bring myself to throw trash on the ground.

    TJ Reply:

    It’s impossible to comprehend what goes through people’s minds when they do that. It’s totally judge-worthy, because it definitely takes a certain level of self-absorbed-ness to not even cast a thought to what is going to happen when you drop trash on the ground.

    Adlib Reply:

    The thought of even doing that horrifies me. I cannot even imagine doing that. I actually equate this with smokers who throw butts out the window. Those filters do not biodegrade! I’m sure there are smokers who actually do it the right way, but this is definitely a pet peeve of mine. (Just to be clear, I’m judging the litter, not smoking itself.)

  6. Melissa

    The dogs… Ugh. Where I’m from it’s SO common. I just don’t get it. I feel SO sorry for those dogs – they just want to be with their people. =( It would practically be animal cruelty to keep our dogs separated from us. One will bark if you’re upstairs too long because he thinks you forgot about him. The other spent the morning crammed between us in bed because she’s terrified of storms. How could anyone leave them outside on their own?

    TJ Reply:

    We could never separate Brinkley from people. We knew that if we kenneled him for the two weeks that we’ll be away for the wedding (thankfully, we won’t have to), he’d come back to us a different dog. He is MISERABLE away from people. I just don’t understand why you’d get one to leave it out there sad and lonely!

  7. Aunt Becky

    The older I get, the less judgey I am, but DAMN, it’s good to let loose sometimes. REALLY, it is.

    TJ Reply:

    I would pop if I didn’t cut myself a vent hole every now and again.

  8. Skraps

    As someone who is very active in their son’s Boy Scout unit. Other peoples kids drive me nuts. About 1/2 the Boy Scout parents are very involved and have great kids, the other half look at us as a weekly hour and a half baby sitting service, with a full weekend thrown in ever 3rd week.

    Example: two weekends ago, we took the group camping and on a 20 mile bike ride for the cycling merit badge. One mom dropped her son off, with a giant bag of candy. He ate the whole bag without sharing, and puked in his tent over night.

    That boy learned real quick that his mom wasn’t there to clean after him, when his 2 tent mates fled to sleep under the stars.

    TJ Reply:

    If I have one goal in this life, it is to NOT raise an asshole.

  9. Delicia

    I try not to judge, I really do. But we’re all human, and we do it. Period.

    Like.. when we went around with our realtor looking at houses to buy, he had CALLED AHEAD and the people knew we were coming, but we show up, and (granted these were renters) the house is a DISASTER.. they’re still in the house, 3 or 4 adults standing there smoking while we walk around, their dogs are running in and out and on our legs, all of their teenagers are in their rooms so we couldn’t even go in to look at them, bags of trash and clothes everywhere as they are sort of moving out and FILTHY floors. And I did judge them. My brain said, “Trailer Trash” and it stuck. Needless to say that house got marked off the list.

    Diane Reply:

    That totally sucks, too, because that’s such typical renters-bitter-that-the-owner-is-selling behavior. They do it PRECISELY so the owner will have a hard time selling the house, giving them more time there. Makes me crazy in the head, the way I’ve seen renters trash people’s houses.

    My point in all that is to agree and say you were absolutely right to judge them, because — ASSHOLES.

    Adlib Reply:

    Exactly right. My uncle has a house he rents out, and the horror stories just keep happening to him, it seems.

    TJ Reply:

    Awful. I wouldn’t be able to hold back the judgey thoughts in that situation either.

  10. Cobaltlantern

    I would completely judge the person who keeps any kind of husky outside all the time in such a sunny place!

    And you summed up my feelings towards people whose kids are annoying very well. The worst part is, you either get parents who are annoyed at the kids and apologize for it, when you feel a little bad, or you get the parents like you described who are oblivious to the concerns of others.

    TJ Reply:

    It’s not the ones that are oblivious that get me, it’s the ones that seem to genuinely believe that everyone else everywhere will find their kid as adorable as they do, smiling at you like you’re both enjoying their kid. UGH.

  11. Delicia

    I have to add that I get judgy towards people who’s *dogs* behave like some of the kids described in the comments. Ones that are either are trying to make puppies with your leg, are jumping all over you and trying to lick off your face, or are barking aggressively and right in your face; and the owners are over there cooing going, “ohh isn’t he a naughty boooy..” but doing NOTHING to try to control their dog.

    I understand puppies, and take that into account, but grown dogs??

    Natalie Reply:

    “make puppies with your leg”



    TJ Reply:

    I get SO EMBARRASSED when Brinkley jumps up or even gets too near our company. One on hand, he doesn’t steal food or get aggressive and he was here first so our guests should deal, but on the other, I KNOW that not everyone loves dogs and he can get right in your face and I apologize for him until I’m blue.

  12. Diane

    I’ve been wearing my judging pants a LOT lately. Makes me feel awful. But apparently not awful enough to stop the judging.

    TJ Reply:

    Same. I feel KIND OF shamed every time I put them on. But? So comfortable.

  13. Al_Pal

    Totally with you on the carts-amok: at least put the wheel over the curb so it can’t run away!

    Like another commenter said: litterers! I’m a fan of the “don’t let it hit the ground” philosophy.

    Also, people who ignore their pets like you mentioned, or let their animals or children misbehave while thinking it’s adorable. FFS!

    TJ Reply:

    I cannot NOT judge people who seem SO UNAWARE that the world goes on around them.

  14. Rayne of Terror

    This woman last week at the grocery store not only didn’t return her cart to the coral, she just gave it a hard push in the direction of the store. ALL WILY NILY. A youngish perfectly physically capable looking woman. WTF.

    TJ Reply:

    If I saw that, I would not be able to restrain myself from saying, “for the love of PETE!” at the top of my lungs and pointedly retrieving her cart for her.

    Adlib Reply:

    I do that sometimes if there’s a stray cart nearby I can wrangle in with mine.

    I just feel bad for the stockmen who have to retrieve those carts. I mean, that job sucks! In the heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, ice…you name it, they still have to wrangle those carts in. I try to do my part to help them out by putting my cart away.

    Willow Reply:

    I actually say, out loud to the person, “Are you really that lazy???” Unless they are, ya know, elderly or have obvious physical limitations.

  15. Tammy

    Oh, I hear you. I am pretty easy going for the most part, except when it comes to dog issues. Most of the time with parenting stuff, I give people the benefit of the doubt, because you just don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, but I have no tolerance for bad mannered dogs or people who leave dogs outside all the time. What is the point? If you aren’t going to love them and teach them (hopefully, in a gentle way) how to behave properly, then why bother? I could go on all day. *sigh*

    TJ Reply:

    I think the fact that I’m NOT a parent yet helps me be more “live and let live” with the hot button parenting issues and we’ll see how I feel when I DO have one, but I have like… ZERO tolerance about the dog stuff. I am a total asshole with how judgmental I am about the treatment of dogs as pets.

  16. Confused

    What i dislike is with other dog owners is people who do not to make an attempt to train thier dogs to be on a lead properly and spend thier time being jerked along by thier over excited doggie.
    Another one I almost slapped someone for was the other day in the city i was standing beside two ladies,one of which was pushing a pram, and She was saying ‘i don’t know why i can’t get him to sleep, its a mystery’, taking a peek at the little lad in question i see him sitting there in his pram sucking back a bottle of Coke. /inward Sigh move along.

    TJ Reply:

    I feel the same way about retractable leashes. I mean, they’re not the WORST thing in the world, but if your dog is leading YOU, you don’t have that much control – both for your dog’s safety and the safety of other people. Even if YOUR dog would NEVER bite, letting him run ahead of you like that doesn’t stop another dog from biting HIM. And he’ll be too far for you to do a DAMN thing.

    Alias Mother Reply:

    Now, see, I use a retractable when hiking so that my dog has a little more leeway and I don’t get pulled off a mountain. I retract her to normal leash length when we pass someone on the trail. Acceptable or no?

  17. Kaelynn

    Ugh the cart thing makes me fume, as do many things related to driving.

    Our apartment complex has 2 shopping carts to share for taking groceries, etc up the elevator. I absolutely despise the people who think that they can just leave the carts in some random hallway after they are done with them instead of returning them to where they belong, or just push the cart in the elevator expecting SOMEONE ELSE to put them back.

    I am a horribly judgmental person – just never say any of it out loud.

    TJ Reply:

    I have actually never seen an apartment complex that offers anything like that – probably because so many weirdly entitled/self-absorbed/oblivious people would abusive the privilege!

  18. Bre

    A couple of Christmas’ ago my whole family was getting pictures taken (I don’t ever recommending doing a large family picture during Christmas time, BTW!). Anyway there was an annoying kid running all over the place, yelling, throwing toys, everything..all while his parents completely ignored him. My husband couldn’t take it after about 20 minutes of this kid and turned to the dad and said “Could you please control you kid, I don’t appreciate him yelling in my ear and hitting me with toys.” Everyone was thinking it but he’s the only one ballsy enough to say it. Best moment ever!

    Bre Reply:

    Oh and on the dog thing – my dog is a holly terror. He absolutely loves people and wants to jump and lick and stare…and that is why he is crated when people come over until he calms down.

    And I always return my cart to the cart return coral or to the curb with the front wheels in the gravel so it doesn’t roll. :)

  19. ZombiePirate

    I hate it when I am out doing the weekly shopping and people just leave their trolleys in the middle of the isle. I don’t care how bad you want that pack of hot dogs, move your cart to the side like everybody else to let other people through, not all of us want to spend a couple hours in the store! This is then made even worse when there are already shopping carts parked on either side of the isle and these retards think the solution is just to park in the middle of them both rather than walk another 3ft where they can pull to the side and let other people through! This makes me shoot my judging lasers at them, take that “too-lazy-to-move-my-cart-another-12-inches-people”.

  20. Natalie

    Oh No TJ! I just heard on the radio that McDonald’s is recalling the Shrek glasses for toxic metal. They should be returned to McD’s for a refund. :(

    The first thing I thought was, I have to tell TJ! Ha.

  21. Jessi

    Okay, you’ve done it now. You’ve got me started on shopping carts.

    Like you, I am annoyed by people who just let their shopping carts free, like releasing a wild animal or something. However, I have other shopping cart judgment. First of all, if you only have one kid, you should NOT take a car cart. They are the only carts that are capable of carrying more than one child and we don’t want to be at the grocery with our kids, but we are, so it would be nice if we didn’t have to do it one kid perched on our hips because your kid has to have a freakin’ car. Secondly, if you see a mom in the parking lot in the rain or snow or blinding sun or whatever and she’s trying to get her groceries in her car and her kid strapped in and she looks around desperately realizing that she can’t leave her kid alone in the car and there is not a cart coral for approximately 7 miles, just grab her damn cart for her, don’t look at her daring her to leave it somewhere it shouldn’t be. I don’t expect people to help me just because I have kids, but I do expect people who are WALKING to the store to GET a CART to accept the one that I am offering in order to help me not get my kids napped. And finally, I cannot stand people who leave crap in the cart. I don’t want your discarded sales flier or your extra produce bag. I am uninterested in your expired coupons or the paper from your kid’s complimentary cookie. Since I have never found a cell phone or a purse in a shopping cart, I’m going to assume that it’s not forgetfulness, but people willfully look at the flotsam in the cart and think, “Oh, that’s just trash, someone ELSE can deal with that.” GAH!

    And end rant. Sorry about that.

    Natalie Reply:

    Totally agree on trash in the cart. Especially at stores that have samples – really? You had to leave the little cup and spoon that you LICKED in the cart? Or worse, remnants of a sample you didn’t like? Gross.

  22. Evie

    Oh no, TJ! They are recalling the shrek glasses!

    it’s on CNN!

    TJ Reply:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know! I’ve really been seriously and genuinely impressed by how many people have gone out of their way to let me know about the glass recall. I’m also totally bummed, of course.

  23. Alias Mother

    Sorry, this is a kid one but it’s my current big one. I cannot control my judginess when I see what people feed their kids sometimes. I’m not even talking the lunchables nonsense which, whatever. Pet peeve, but I won’t judge your character. But I knew a kid who was sent to school with potato chips and pixie sticks for lunch. THAT WAS HIS ENTIRE LUNCH. Not even the biggest non-nutrition-interested moron could assume that was an adequate lunch for a child. Or there is a girl in my daughter’s day care who is regularly fed breakfasts of Oreos. She’s three. Who feeds a three-year old Oreos for breakfast? Bad parents, that’s who. That’s right. I SAID IT.

    TJ Reply:

    Haaaa! I wonder about how many really, REALLY strong attitudes I will pick up once I have a kid. I guess in the same way that I am SUPER judgey about other dog owners, now that I have dogs, you know?

  24. Katie

    I have to say, my biggest issue is that I don’t take my judging pants off when I look in the mirror, and I judge peopel who do. There are certain things, sure, that are good for some people and not good for others. But I can’t stand people who rant about the shopping cart thing and then don’t bring the shopping cart back to the station–you just did the same thing the original amoker did! Either stop bitching about it, or fix it. If you honestly have no problem with people cutting you off using the right turn lane until the last minute, then don’t tail gate to keep those people out.

    What was that word, TJ? Hypocrisy? Yeah. That’s it. That’s what makes me wear my judgy pants. Now if you’ll excuse me, I may need to find a mirror, now that I’m wearing the pants.

    Katie Reply:

    *Correction: Last sentence, para. 1 should be “if you are one of the people using the right turn lane, then don’t tailgate to prevent a merge when someone does it to you.”

    TJ Reply:

    I try really hard to be realistic about what just annoys me personally, or what is just a pet peeve, keeping in mind that I do PLENTY of things that may annoy or peeve other people. The older I get, the less things there are that make me say, Ok, what the hell is WRONG with you, as a PERSON?

    With regard to the grocery carts, I have to say that when I return someone else’s cart, it’s not usually so that I don’t appear to be a hypocrite. The times that I’ve seen someone deliberately abandon their cart, I collect it with mine (if it’s close by), and make a HUGE POINT of it. I’d like to say it’s because I’m a good, cart-cleaning citizen, but it’s actually because I want the person to see me and feel like a shithead.

    And the right lane thing, oh my god, Phil and I are always in a battle about this. I let people in. I do. I mean, I’m annoyed, but what can you even do? But Phil, he will totally tailgate the car in front of us and it makes me SO NERVOUS when we’re side by side with someone who is DETERMINED to force their way into our lane and Phil is tailgating and OH MY GOD, I make Phil insane just demanding he give in and let the person in. I hate it, but I’d rather just let the person in than risk a game of chicken, you know?

    But if someone rides the closing lane all the way to the end, forces their way in and then DELIBERATELY does not let anyone else in front of them? Ok, then I’m mad.

    Katie Reply:

    Yeah, I can’t shut people out, either. I just. Can’t. And the cart thing wasn’t a shot–it’s just that my SO will grouse about the cart in his potential parking spot, and then not take either that cart OR his own cart over to the collection area. GAH!

  25. Ebby

    Oh, I about pop a vein every time I see a cart left in the parking lot. It’s just plain lazy to do that and they’re usually blocking parking spaces. I make a POINT to move those shopping carts. Some douchebag left them there, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna leave them there to let other possible innocents that put the damn things back, suffer.

    Also, parents with irritating children. Please, for the love of little green apples, do not breed unless you’ve got some idea what you ought to be doing and that NO, other people do NOT think your kid is cute. And don’t even get me started on people who drive as if they are more important than other motorists. Uuugh!

  26. Lynn

    Just heard the horrible news about McDonald’s recalling all the Shrek glasses! So sorry, please just use your entire set (that you were able to put together before anyone else)for display only!
    Love your blog!

  27. Willow

    I know this is a couple-of-days-old post but this just recently happened so:

    The man and I were out for Sunday breakfast. We found this awesome little hole-in-the-wall, New England-focused type place called “The Maple Tree.” Phenomenal, old farmhouse style food! We go there a lot now. I should probably tell you that we are not “kid” people…at all.

    There was a group of 4 +1 small child at the table next to ours. About 20 minutes into their time there the child began to fuss. The mother PUT THE CHILD DOWN TO RUN AROUND AND BOTHER ALL OF THER OTHER DINERS IN THE PLACE!!! I mean, she pretty much ignored the child after she put it down! I can not tell you how much I resent parents who use other diners (people unknown to them) to watch/entertain their kids while they eat!

    The child only approached our table a couple of times. Each time I glared at the child, shifted my glare to the father and/or mother, then turned back to my food. After the 2nd time, the child was placed back in it’s seat. Was I rude? Perhaps. Did I feel bad about it? Not even a little.

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