Even my text looks tired and apathetic.

I started a new medication recently, and when I am not sleeping, I am mostly thinking about sleeping. And if I am not sleeping or thinking about sleeping, I am clinging to the arms of my chair or to the wall or one time, to the floor, because dizzy spells are almost knocking me down on the regular. I care about very little other than sleep and trying to keep my eyeballs steady.

Other than that, I feel pretty good.


Penny is in a phase. This video was taken in the dark, so you will likely not see much, but you will quickly notice that the picture isn’t the point of this video anyway.

She also has been putting in a lot of serious time at The Office, as well.

That was also a video. If you are reading this and you see no videos, I’m not lying to you. You need to click through, or you need to just not see the videos.

Another phase that I have NOT videoed is the dreaded Four Month Wakeful.

It’s a thing, and it’s terrible.


We just bought our plane tickets to Pennsylvania for Christmas. When do we have to tell the airline people that we will have a lap baby?

I’m already overwhelmed about this trip. Those seats and rows are already so small, and now I will have to share my space with a baby as well. And I’ll have to carry a diaper bag with SO MANY DIAPERS. And bottles. And formula. And what if they try to put her through the scanner or what if they want to give the baby a pat down? I can’t let someone pat down my baby. Christmas would be totally ruined.

Taking cloth diapers on an extended trip that includes a cross country flight is going to be pretty interesting. Or gross. Probably gross. But I’m doing it. I know that you want to helpfully suggest that maybe we could use disposable at least while we are flying, but I’m really not interested in doing that. We might use disposable liners, though, to keep the amount of poop hauled to a minimum.


I thought about doing the accent vlog because a lot of people who are going to The Blathering have done it as a way to kind of get to know each other beforehand, but as you can see above, Penny is having a PHASE and Sheldon also talks (I don’t know if you knew that) and it’s just too loud in here.

Would have been boring, anyway, as I am an accentless individual.


I feel like I should tell you that once I have an adequate supply of cloth diapers that I am pleased with, I have no intention of stopping my purchasing of cloth diapers. I like them, and I will continue to buy them, and I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that I would have 100 or more by the time Penny potty trains (although, apparently, we say “potty LEARN” these days, which I don’t get so much).

Does the number of diapers I have matter to you at all? No. But I want to make sure that you know, if you’re considering cloth, that the way I choose to do it – with too many diapers of all different sorts – should not be considered at ALL an example of what you need to do to cloth diaper.

Cloth diapering can be – and really, IS – much more simple than I make it out to be with my collection of diapers and different diapers for different situations and fitteds and all in twos and separate wash routines for different kinds of diapers. The entry to cloth diapers is MUCH MORE SIMPLE than my example would lead you to believe. So you shouldn’t be intimidated away from cloth because of how I do things. You can email me any time with questions about much easier ways to do things.


Here are some things about television that I hate:

1. When talk show hosts talk over their guests or make them look like idiots for the sake of making a joke. I mean, I get your job is to make jokes and be entertaining, but these are your GUESTS. You should be POLITE. If Gordon Ramsey is trying to teach you how to cook something, just COOK IT.

2. The way that people in movies and on television take forever to answer the phone. If you’re going to answer, answer. I totally would have hung up by then.

3. They also take forever to answer the door! How long is some schmuck supposed to stand out there?


5. And sometimes two characters are having a conversation, and the scene changes to somewhere else, and they’re at the same point in the conversation. What, did you walk to this new location in silence?

6. I know it’s just PART of how things are, but apartments are unrealistically large for their location and the salary of the characters.


What shows should I be watching this fall? I’m all discombobulated on television. This is my first fall television season with a baby, and I don’t find myself sitting down to watch too often, except for How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory, because Phil and I watch those together.

I like to spend my evening hours in bed these days (I think I was tucked in before 7 last night), but I do have access to multiple DVRs and Hulu, and I am ready to give your recommendations a chance, unless they’re crappy.

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  1. Kayley M.

    I was just now able to watch these videos because I’m usually on my phone, but I wanted to tell you that I was watching the one of Penny “laughing,” and David said “What were you doing to my daughter?” because Ava laughs the same way! Too funny. Ok, that was my pointless comment of the day.

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