Two things today.

April 7th, 2008 | by TJ |

Two things:

1. I am a genius, obv. A while back Matticus did an interview with me in which he asked what one thing would I wish all bloggers knew. My answer, shortened a lot, was basically to stand out. If you can’t give new information, at least give it differently. Anyway, I am always interested in a WoW blogger who stands out. Especially in this crowded of a topic, it gets a little old having the same info repeated over and over. My GMs, Cay and Fio, were each writing a blog – priest and druid, respectively – and had both stalled out. Cay was considering a move to WordPress, and in talking about it with her I harassed… I mean… gently encouraged her to consider teaming up with Fio for a blog – they have a lot of gaming experience, they have tons of 70s between them, they’re co-GMs of a guild, and they’re married. That’s a lot of different subject areas to be able to pull from, and even a slightly different angle is a different angle, when it comes to WoW Blogs. Anyway, check out Married IRL, their new blog. Did I mention I’m a genius?

2. Do any of you listen to podcasts during the day? Coming into the final busy season stretch, there’s a lot of traffic through my office and a lot of noise I try to block out. Lately I’ve been listening to Kevin Smith’s podcast – Smodcast – but I’d like to hear any ideas that you guys have – not limited to gaming podcasts. Anything engaging is good, but obviously not so engaging I stop paying attention to my work. I listen to music a lot, but that’s more background noise – things like podcasts and audiobooks tend to make the day go by a bit faster, and considering I haven’t had one continuous 24 hour period away from this desk in over 2 weeks, and a little over a week to go before I DO get that solid 24 hours, I am all kinds of interested in making the time pass faster.

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  1. By sonvar on Apr 7, 2008

    The only podcast I get is for the Strong Bad E-mails but those are videos so just listening to them is not really enough.

    And glad you convinced them to blog together. I haven’t read it yet but I plan to here soon. I’m sure it will be quite enjoyable.

  2. By Hershey on Apr 7, 2008

    Not a big fan of podcasts in general. There’s too much to filter for my tastes. In fact, I’ve really only listened to one semi-regularly at, which is a gaming site that discusses new releases, old games and whatever floats their boat.

  3. By Dammerung on Apr 7, 2008

    The first podcast thingy I’ve ever listened to was about a week ago and was a WI one with BBB.

    Audio based things I generally avoid.

    At work doubly so.

  4. By Claz on Apr 7, 2008

    Blarmcast, hands-down, is one of the best podcasts out there.

  5. By Phil on Apr 7, 2008

    I listen to Penny Arcade

  6. By Bobo & SgtPork on Apr 7, 2008

    You could try this WoW one:

  7. By Hathorn on Apr 7, 2008

    See here for some of the podcasts I listen to:

  8. By teh Khol Abides on Apr 7, 2008

    When I can listen to things other than customers whinging on the phone, I prefer to listen to NPR…good way to keep up with the news and hardly biased in either directions (though there is a slight liberal bias when there is one at all) and Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me is hilarious.

  9. By Ratshag on Apr 7, 2008

    I’s always said you was quicker’n me, so I’s happy ta stipulate to the genius business. ‘Course, some would say most folks is quicker’n me, and some gerbils, and maybe a few brighter-than-average trees, but still. Marrie Dirl were a dang good idea of yers, eveen if I don’t understands the name.

    No headphones permitted fer me during the day, so I only gets ta listen to the computers in me closet. Podcasties would be more interesting.

  10. By lance on Apr 8, 2008

    check out 98 KUPD the local radio show from Phoenix they are available on Itunes really funny I miss listening to them in the morning.

  11. By dragonpearl on Apr 8, 2008

    Having a 90 minute commute gets in alot of ipod time. Here’s a few I listen to between books at

  12. By Canth on Apr 8, 2008

    I have no podcast to offer.. What I use is $15 a month gets me one audiobook each month. (Pretty much regardless of cover price)
    They have a decent selection of books, and once purchased you can download as often as you like. (supposedly even after you cancel your account. Though I have not come to that point yet to test it)
    It works with many mp3 players (including iPod).
    Definately worth it for me.

  13. By Fikkle on Apr 8, 2008

    Extra Life Radio is a pretty good podcast about all things geeky. They talk about movies, games, webcomics, etc.

  14. By Boffors on Apr 11, 2008

    I have stopped listening to the radio during my commute everyday, and only listen to podcasts. I like the following:
    Extralife radio
    The Instance
    Never not funny
    NPR: Wait, Wait … Don’t tell me
    The secret world chronicles
    Wow radio shows
    PodQuiz weekly trivia

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