The 2013 Top Blog Number 1 Best Comprehensive Super List Of Besty Bests Ever

Okay, it’s that time of year again, guys, when the Top Blog Number 1 Best Comprehensive Super List of Besty Bests Ever comes out for you to breathlessly scan, fingers crossed, hope-hope-hoping that this might finally be THE YEAR, ignoring the obvious fact that this is the first year, for the sake of the post.

The Top Blog Number 1 Best Comprehensive Super List of Besty Bests Ever! A list of blogs put together by a panel of who the fuck knows, based on a criteria of you don’t know what, but you have your suspicions! It comes out every year (go with it) and never seems to actually change or be based on anything that actually matters to the people it’s written for, but who cares! IT MEANS SOMETHING!

Well, THIS YEAR, The Top Blog Number 1 Best Comprehensive Super List of Besty Bests Ever is under new, transparent management. For the first time!  In fact, it’s like it’s a brand new thing, even!

So! Here we go! The 2013 Top Blog Number 1 Best Comprehensive Super List of Besty Bests Ever!

Are you ready?

Dry your hands on your pants a little!

This is it!

This is the list of the blogs!

The blogs that are doing it very right!

The blogs that are doing it exactly the way you wish you were doing it!

The blogs that make you think!

The blogs that make you go buy a thing!

The blogs that you always read FIRST!

The blogs that make you feel better about things!

The blogs that sound like an actual PERSON is in there!

The blogs that make you go, “OH MAN, ME, TOO!


The blogs that people who exist for real REALLY LIKE!



Because, come the hell ON, every “best of blogs,” or “best mommy bloggers,” or EVERY LIST OF BLOGS THAT WAS EVER WRITTEN EVER.


49 thoughts on “The 2013 Top Blog Number 1 Best Comprehensive Super List Of Besty Bests Ever

  1. Carmen

    HELL YES. I love Swistle. I wish I could BE Swistle. I wish everyone approached life with such a well-reasoned, thoughful, gentle manner. So often I feel like I should bookmark her posts so that I can read them verbatim to my children later in life. She knows JUST what to say and how to say it. I love her.

  2. cakeburnette

    I cannot wait for Swistle to see this post!! :) I keep checking her page to see if she has mentioned it, because I know she is going to be so thrilled. I love you both and check daily for posts. Not that I think you need to post daily; your lives are too full of family for that, and that’s as it should be (not to mention, fodder for your blogs, hahahah!). But I sure don’t want to miss anything new that you two share!

  3. Swistle

    Oh, stop. Pshh. Go ‘wan. Awkward mouth noise. YOU’RE the best. Etc.

    (Also, how can this be a real award if I didn’t have to make everyone vote for me every 24 hours?)

  4. phancymama

    I currently have Swistle’s Tomatoes in August, Bad News These are the Best Years, Postpartum, and The facts for some people posts open on my laptop and refer to them every other day or so. And the other night I made my husband sit through a reading of all of them so he MIGHT understand how I am feeling.
    In summation: Yes. Swistle rocks.

  5. Melissa

    LOVE this, you nailed it. I can’t remember if I found Swistle through you, or I found you through Swistle, but I smile when I see either of you in my blog reader. Thank you!

  6. Jenn

    For serious. I’m always excited to see new posts by her for exactly the reason that Carmen mentioned–they’re well-reasoned and thoughtful. Very charming. Now I’m thinking that I will go through my feed and delete blogs that don’t measure up to her. (This one will obviously stay!)

  7. KeraLinnea

    YES. I always check Swistle last, because I am saving the best for last, and because I will be disappointed if she doesn’t have a new post. So, the later I check for a new post, the more likely it is that there will be one, and I will not have to shed bitter tears.

  8. Lawyerish

    Well, YEAH.

    The thing is — and this is going to come out all shades of wrong, but bear with me — there is a small part of me that is glad that Swistle is…well, she’s OURS and not…THEIRS. Do you know what I mean? Not that I think that Swistle would become some kind of sell-out if she were FINALLY widely recognized for being the bestest best of the best bloggers, because she is too wonderful of a person and too thoughtful of a writer to be like that, but…well, I don’t know. I am kind of possessive about people I love, and I don’t want to share her with weird, corporate-y “best of blogging” list-makers. If that makes any sense.

    But of course at the same time, paradoxically, I wish that she would get the accolades she deserves, because she’s a friend and a great writer, and she is also an important resource for all of us. SHE IS THE BEES KNEES AND I LOVE HER. Some of her posts have SAVED me, and the rest just keep me sane and entertained on a daily basis.

    susie Reply:

    YESSSSS to you, Meredith, and yes to Kelly, and YES TO SWISTLE!

  9. Leafynell

    INSTGRAM dat, yo. Oh, SNAP. Or whatever all the cool kids are saying these days – this post is TRUTH. (And I agree with Lawyerish too.)

  10. Donna

    Love Swistle. Love you, too, TJ. Love Penelope, Phil, Sheldon, etc.

    Part of what makes you and Swistle so irresistible is the inherent truth in your posts. You are unafraid, honest, and so very, very funny.

    And you have the cutest baby ever spawned.

  11. nakedjen

    Thank you so much for every bit of it. The truth is you both are besty bests of the Internet where I live.

  12. Jess

    Yes, Yes. Swistle os my favorite and whenever I’m in Target I think I’m going to run into her. (although it very unlikely that we live in the same town)

  13. Jenny

    Indeed. I would nominate both you and Swistle for an OMMT (Oh Man, Me Too) trophy. Which would be a furry, friendly creature, something Tolkien-esque, mayhap. That’s what “ommt” conjures up in my head, anyway.

    cakeburnette Reply:

    I need a “like” button for this comment.

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