You’d think it wouldn’t matter but it does.

March 7th, 2008 | by TJ |

I liked this post at Resto4Life today, about order of resurrections after a wipe.

My favorite part: “You may have to yell out over voice chat at any Fury Warriors as they tend to have the attention span of a gnat.

3 Responses to “You’d think it wouldn’t matter but it does.”

  1. By Kelly on Mar 7, 2008

    While I don’t play WoW, my SO is completely addicted, so I tend to pick things up through osmosis. And this is FUNNY even to a non-player!

  2. By Teh Khol Abides on Mar 8, 2008

    That bit applies to most of us rogues, too…

  3. By Xeln on Mar 8, 2008

    That doesn’t apply to most rogues, it applies to ALL OF THEM!!! Either way, its still kinda an insult to the gnat. Everything has a higher attention span than rogues, even fury warriors. The only difference is that rogues take just a little longer to get to the thing thats going to kill them, but take less time to die.

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